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Sony SRS-XB | How to setup ‘Party Booster’ function

Sony SRS-XB | How to setup ‘Party Booster’ function

Using Party Booster Function When the Party Booster function is on, tap the speaker to have a sound effect for the music flowing. The lighting of the speaker will also be turned on to boost the atmosphere. With power on, press the (-) volume button and the (+) volume button of the speaker at the same time for more than three seconds. If the Party Booster function is turned on, the power light will blink three times The number of LED blinks may be different if the battery is low. Tap twice the left bottom of the cap in the back of the speaker. Tap the speaker twice fast and strongly with the palm. Run the [Music Center] app in the smartphone. If the app is opened, choose the speaker to set. Select in the order of Setting, Party Booster and Tap Setting. Press Off and then choose the mode in the Party Booster function. Choose the desired mode. You can set a desired sound by choosing Custom. If setting is completed, use the Party Booster function by tapping the upper side, front side, both sides or bottom of the speaker.

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