100 thoughts on “Sources: Ferrari Driver Injured In Dallas Crash Is DeSoto Boxer Errol Spence Jr.”

  1. Dude got threw from the vehicle had high speeds… he will be lucky If he makes it let’s be honest. They’re saying he is expected to make it but at what cost??? Get well soon tho my boi

  2. I think he would’ve died if he wasn’t thrown out of the car. Miracle he’s alive just like me when I got in a motorcycle accident 6 months ago – still recovering. ?

  3. Not so sure he would have survived had he not been thrown from the vehicle. Angles pulled him from that car. Prayers with the family and a full recovery

  4. When my husband showed me a picture of him last year and asked me what I saw on him, I told him that I see a humble man of God. The Lord has told me that he should live and not die to declare the works of the Lord. I see him like a son and a warrior in Christ. My family and I are praying that as he rest, the Lord has a hedge of protection around him and he is being visited by Jesus so that instructions will be made for his future in God. His life will never be the same because this is the beginning of his new beginning and he will obey God and do His Will that will continue to add blessing to him and his family’s life. God bless you Errol. Brother we love you and we are praying for you. To the parents: you raised him well. You brought him up in the Lord. You taught him to acknowledge God in all things. Now trust the process. The Lord’s Will is perfect and He never fails. You will see the hands of God like never before upon his life. It’s not that he is a bad person because he is not… it’s just time for the next level in God. He is separating him so that he will walk in perfection in God. God bless you all. Amen!!!

  5. First of all if he was drinking and driving who the fuck let him drive like that. Prayers for spence tho god bless you bro

  6. Whats wrong with our people who get into these high performance cars and dont wear seatbelts? A Ferrari? Stick with a regular car ?!!!……oh dont forget to buckle up and drive safe…..and fear the most high and keep his commandments!!!…the real seatbelts you should be wearing!!!

  7. Pray for him but I think everyone is with me on this.. no seat beat, speeding, early hours, Drunk?? I mean it's beyond stupid even without the Drunk which we don't know yet

  8. Have a few too-many (check), get behind the wheel (check), drive faster than the speed limit (check), lose control of your car (check), not wear your seat belt (check).

  9. We talk alot of shit about these boxers, and about each other, we can argue all day and I'll tell you I think Pacman and canelo would whip some Spence ass any day of the week, with that being said, I dont for a moment wish any thing bad on spence or his family, if something happens and Spence loses his life or loses a piece of himself, that's a big loss to us boxing fans, and that's a big loss to Spence's family. I wish Spence nothing but a speedy recovery, and if he does recover, maybe some lifestyle changes. But I would be lying if I said I don't want to see Spence back in the ring defending those belts. Everyone hating, we just need to show a little more compassion and not be negative at times like this.

  10. My prayers go out to Errol Spence and his family. And I wouldn't rule out his career as a boxer just yet. Remember that Danny Jacobs fought through cancer and returned to the ring, new and improved. Boxers are built for adversity. Even if the worse scenario does transpire, and he can't box anymore, he'll keep on to next. Bless you.

  11. just another black man at the end of the day driving way to fast after drinking way to much and not wearing the life saving seat belt oops speeding ticket points on your licence hopefully god will talk to you and then you will want to buy a ford focus if you survive

  12. Driving Ferrari and not wearing a seatbelt? c'mon! he still lucky he is still alive after that crash incident wishing your fast recovery

  13. I love EJ however ""DAMN"" Nichole the reporter is SO DAMN FINE!!! ?❤?❤? SEXY BLACK QUEEN!!! EJ STOP DRINKING BRO!!! BE A KING!!!

  14. Life lessson: always wear your seatbelt properly. Dont treat it as boxing belt where you just strapped it over your shoulder..??? hoping for your speedy recovery.

  15. Damnnn Spence im glad you are ok but wear a damn seat belt thats one of my mane pet peeves if you get in my car buckle up. And you were in a Ferrari you especially have to have a seatbelt on. Prayers to you??

  16. When he recovers, he will be driving a preyus ??? these fast cars are for people who understand them if you don’t you’ll roll it!!

  17. The champ definitely had his guardian angel watching his back.
    An individual not as well conditioned as Errol might not have survived and if they did, maybe come out of something like this with permanent damage and many years of rehabilitation.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Errol with my hope that he has a full and speedy recovery.


  19. Is it Errol Spence or not?. How could Dallas PD not be able to identify him. So he was driving without a license too. Don’t sound right?

  20. It’s horrible to hear it really is and you feel gutted for him but, what if he killed someone else? He was no doubt speeding, and at that time of night/morning obviously coming from a club.

  21. Flipping a Ferrari in the ghetto. Come on man. Get a designated driver and have fun without putting yourself and others at risk. ??‍♂️

  22. Hope this is are learning point for all the rich sportsmen remember money could buy anything but bring life back, hope all is well with you Spence may the good lord bless you Errol stay safe God bless champ

  23. Shows fame and all that’s not enough, when their sin in our lives we never no when our last day. He needs thank god he not dead

  24. Errol died in surgery and they are cloning him…….that's why no one has seen him . His coach or his manager or anyone.

  25. Video of shoe upon the road:

    I don't get Errol Spence

    He appears to be a follower

    Someone who wants to be the 'bad-guy', but I just don't buy it

    With practice, anyone can become a professional champion boxer, but, that shouldn't completely define you

    With Errol, it's like, without boxing he doesn't have a real personality

    Stop buying expensive cars, unless you're willing to learn how to drive them

    And for God's sake, find your own identity

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