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  1. i think violator being on an air freshener is a way of spying, i mean, we know he can shape-shift, so is that really a bad thing?

  2. To be honest, the clown’s face on the air freshener, and that stuffed toy, maybe is like a subtle way of spying on Simmons and his friends and family

  3. Why does the devil look like a leftover from 123 Slaughter Me Street? And on that matter, why didn't Critic use that joke? Was this review before the game came out, or was it just so obscure that he's never even heard of it?

  4. I am now convinced that this was a reworked sequel to the Mask. I am also convinced that Son of the Mask was a reworked sequel to this.

  5. Wait honest trailer guy voice start. In theaters September 21st Spawn starring Doug Walker yes he's white but who gives a shit

  6. Doug may not know it, but The Violator acts exactly the same as in the comics, he did make all these porn and fart jokes

  7. Even with how bad this movie is, it’s really obvious how little Nostalgia Critic understands the comic

  8. 11:48 “Red Skull?” “No, that’s a different comic company. I’m Bacon Skull!” XD

    18:46 Funnily enough, the same guy who did the special effects of the Mask also did the special effects in this movie as well.

    Rewatching this review after Spawn’s confirmed for Mortal Kombat 11.

  9. Where does that quote he uses that ends with you sir are not the devil actually come from? Ik I’ve heard it in film before

  10. That’s no Satan, it’s Malbolgia… and he speaks through telepathy so that’s why the lips don’t move … but yes, the effects are lame lol

  11. In the comic, if I remember it is explained that Violator, and Malebolgia(the one you call the devil) speak telepathically, so having Malebolgia's mouth not moving makes sense. But that is pretty much all they got right. John Leguisamo's portrayal as Clown/Violator is pretty good too. I am still waiting patiently for the new Spawn movie.

  12. I actually liked this movie. Some of the special effects are bad, but Spawn looks cool, and there are some good special effects. Perhaps one day we will get the cgi Directors cut and they can replace the devil with some decent CGI.

  13. That has to be one of the worst Kermit puppets I've ever seen. Linkara has a perfect replica of Tom Servo. You couldn't get one of Kermit? And the voice would be passable if I could hear it over the vocal distortions. Whatever effect you're going for is failed.

  14. The HBO Spawn series was way better than this movie, but White was the perfect actor to play spawn.

  15. You shall be satins weapon yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy. So the villain is crusty the ugly evil Luigi buthead and Beeves. I’m speaking in an evil creepy voice.

  16. Violator is my favorite comic book movie character lol. They had a good cast, bad direction, and bad story, thats all…

  17. 4:27 I never knew about that.

    15:58 Yeah, like how they did Scorpion after he pulled his mask off.

    17:38 Awesome

    20:44 Right! I said that too when I was little.

  18. Drones or UAVs, were near exclusively used by the military decades before this film came out. Plus Simmons is using a laser guided missile system, obviously made in the private sectorwith the funds from Jason Wyn ( Win? lol) . Just dont shite on Clown much, that was the best portrayal. JOHN LEGUIZAMO ROCKED IT!! ^,;,^

  19. just feel obliged to point out that the ruler of hell, in hell…probably don't need to move his mouth to address you. Nevermind the whole 'what you see is your interpretation of reality, what your brain can comprehend' thing. so yeah. carry on. 🙂

  20. I actually liked this movie when it came out. I know the majority hated it, but I still thought it was pretty cool

  21. I swear to god this looks awesome in the comics…and also makes a lot more sense. As far as I remember Hellspawn are send to earth with a limited amount of energy, they go wild, which is like a training camp, and are also supposed to do small jobs for the devil…also embrace evil and stuff…than if they run out of energy they been send to hell where they go to hell and are effective and already eviled up tools for the devil waiting to fight in his final war against god, so he has a bunch of pissed of Spawn…most of the story is about Spawn doing his thing without helping the devil and also not using too much of his powers because that would bring him closer to hell…to be fair…after he did that he escapes hell with relatively little consequences…but thats anohther story.

  22. I don't know if you still read these comments, but please do a NC episode on the 1994 Comic Book movie 'The Shadow', the ORIGINAL Superhero

  23. i knew about spawn pre movie, i knew about its adult style, i seen this movie in theaters, the toys, the magazines etc, i always felt it was an lightened up for kids i remember i was sad it wasnt as violent as the books, i always hoped 2 would be spawn vs bolgiadude(?)

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