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Get the Mr Paws Plush! Now available at! My daughters name is Samantha. We call her Sam for short. She was a really sweet girl (Hi!~) growing up, But now she became really spoiled. *Sighs* We’re at the salon today so she can get her hair done. Like she does. EVERY. WEEK. I think I want my hair CURLED today. I like expensive things. My mom just NEVER understands me! Anything for my little princess! Mom! Stop looking at me! O-oh right. I’ll go wait in the waiting room. Its so annoying! Sometimes I wish I can buy a new mom! Mom! Look! Look at my hair! Huh. I love it! Looks great huh? Awww yeah! Should we go home now? No! Mom, I want to get my makeup done today. No, no! You know I told you about wearing makeup at 13! You’re too young! I don’t mind bringing Sam to the salon, but she wants to get her makeup done at 13!? No way!! Ugh! You never understand! Trust me, you’re too young. Maybe when your a little bit older I’ll take you over here an- No! Ugh! Sam! *Sigh* I’m a princess. I deserve everything I want! Sam? Sam! come here! What for? You’re never gonna understand! I’m your mom! I know what’s best for you.! But a lot of girls in my school already wear makeup! Its not even fair! I know but makeup can ruin your skin while your young. Don’t you want to grow up beautiful???? Well duh! That’s why I want to get my makeup done! *Sigh* Baby girl! Come on! No mom! I’m so sick of you. It would be better if I just run away! *Sigh* Wait!!! Look, I’ll let you get your makeup done. Really? Yeah. You’re the best mom ever! *Sigh* Samantha convinced me to get her makeup done today. I guess we will see how this goes. Come on out here Samantha! Coming mom! Alright now uh….. Let me see your makeup. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Samantha! That is WAY to much makeup! That is way too much makeup! No daughter of mine is EVER going out like that! Ever. But mom this is how all the girls at school wear there makeup! You look ridiculous! TAKE THAT OFF! Umm…..No! Samantha! I like my makeup! If you don’t wipe that off right now, you are not going to have a sweet 16 party! Ugh! How could you do this!? I hate you mom! Ughhh! She made me clean off my makeup. But I’m going to come here again next week to get even more makeup done! *Giggles* AHHHHHH (to be continued) Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more content like this! Subtitles by vRistmy RBLX ( Video edit / Gamer ) Arigato for watching!

100 thoughts on “SPOILED RICH KIDS IN ROBLOX! | Roblox Reality Show!”

  1. Bruh I'm xxxtentacion but I changed my acc so I put it Kevin Kubota I have a lot of sub
    This is how many sub I got 142million

  2. My mom don't let me put make up because your skin gets ugly and your eyelashes get ugly and your hair if you die it or yeah

  3. Mom:😠 🔫 samantha:AHHHHHHHHH
    mom:BYE BITXH
    Samantha:MOM IM SORRY
    🙅🔫💣🔪 😠😡😠😡😠😡😤

  4. She is too young she only should wear makeup for halloween like if you agree ps you don't need to like if you agree

  5. Oh wow I always see kids like that in the mall

    They always cry and say "BUY ME NOW! BUY ME NOW!!"

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