1. fun bacne and chest acne tip: i use the biore baking soda and blue agave cleanser on my chest and back and now i have no more chest and back acne! good times

  2. Hey babe, I know you didnt ask, but just an fyi.. too much caffeine can truly ruin your skin (especially with added sugar and dairy). I used to drink way too much and it helped to only have a cup a day. Hope it helps ya xo

  3. Should you happen to see this girl- I just want you to know you have an old soul.
    I see it in your videos and eyes!
    I actually hate social media but for some reason just binged watched you.

    Word of random wisdom you will see if you are suppose to:
    an old soul comes pain.

    World ability to understand comes with the internal loneliness of it all bc it feels empty.

    Boredom ensues post that high… bc what more than? Is this it?

    I know bc I’ve been there.

    The answer is like…. within. So cliche? but so complex and true.

    Been thru it.

    Keep doing you… old souls seem to find their way back home.
    Not in the way/ timing they think. But it’s a thing that happens.

    This post is totally weird… I don’t even know why I’m doing it.

  4. i got backny too (idk how to write it lol) and i got it for almost 3 yrs now and i got rid of it just by schwimming and laying in the sun after it with the back towards the sun so they get dry and fall off.

  5. i had bacne for some time but i stg get the orange neutrogena body wash its bomb also if u get acne like vitamins / supplements thatll help lol im such a hero.

  6. i had SO much fucking bacne before i went on vacation and the saltiness of the sea kinda ate them ig? i still have them but not that much.

  7. Bacne doesn't always come from hygiene it can come from ur clothes like clothing made of polyester bc its impersonating cotton and heats up in the sun and makes ur back sweat there for it creates bacne
    (Hope this makes sense )

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