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St. Vincent Interview | Austin City Limits

St. Vincent Interview | Austin City Limits

This record is really So close to my heart and so emotional But as far as it being the gloomiest record I Think I’ve written some pretty depressing records before this one I think strange mercy might be take the cake on gloom But um, but with this record, I really just wanted to write songs that spoke to the heart you know spoke to my heart and Made me feel something Jack Antonoff was someone who was in my peripheral vision for a long time And I always had this sense that he was like a really nice guy. He had a great, you know reputation But I never really knew him until we sat down and Had dinner and talked about this album and more than that. We just kind of talked about Everything that was going wrong in each other’s lives at that time. We just like bonded in such a heavy way very quickly and I just knew that he was the right person to work with because he was so you know thoughtful and energetic and sympathetic and the ultimate cheerleader, I think the great thing about music is that you can put something out it can mean one specific thing to you and then other people hear it and They look at it With it in a totally different light and put all of their life experience and all of their emotional states and you know baggage or all all the things and they put it on to the song if the song resonates with them and so The great thing about is a song is that it really ceases to be about the writer of the song after it’s in the world and It’s about every other person’s experience with the music so I write from a place of I don’t I don’t think you can write things you don’t Know but they but it doesn’t have to be literal You can know something emotionally and a lot of times in songs You find out what you think or how you feel about something just in the process of Following this thread, you know Over a number of months you you follow it and then you look back and go. Oh That’s how I feel. That’s that’s where I was. Wow, you know, I didn’t realize it at the time exactly. I Think for a long time because my primary instrument was guitar. It was the first it’s my first love as a musician. I Think that I was in some ways just trying to Figure out. Okay. What’s the lane that hasn’t quite been explored because I don’t I don’t want to do what would be natural to me as You know an early guitar player which was you know as a guitar player you learn all these scales and kind of everybody can kind of play like a half-bad blues, you know and I just didn’t I I was trying to find something that Would excite me and and wouldn’t make me feel like oh, I’m just doing something super cliche And so the the genesis of kind of exploring was was a desire not to Play bad blues, but the it just kind of bloomed into this other lots of different kinds of sounds and now I I mean, I love the sound of a guitar like, you know, It’s just very different so yeah, I luckily because of technology and you know if you’re techie or Pedal nerd you know, you can make a guitar really sound like anything my mom used to have a Used to sing as a song those like we girls can do anything and I think of us to the tune of Barbie the Barbie theme song it was his a a wonderful subversion, but And you know I have just strong was surrounded by strong women and Again it would It was it was a funny. It was a funny kind of thing you know being raised a certain way with a certain set of like obviously girls could do anything boys can do and Then kind of going out into the world and then being that confronted with how people think I don’t think differently then that they’re crazy cuz We’re gonna get some shit done, you know the fact that I had people in my life. Who were Very close and who were doing the thing that I wanted to do just made it? It made me go. Oh, this is possible. I didn’t come from a family. That was that said like you want to be a musician No way get back to accounting school or or whatever it was I I was lucky enough to to be supported in that because you know, my uncle’s a genius guitar player and he’s made his whole life playing music and so they they showed me what it was kind of really like on the road and they Really taught me how to work and they taught me that I need to be able to In some ways do everything Need to know the technical stuff. I need to know, you know be as excellent as possible the musical stuff and I need to Have this or they baked into me this sort of extreme Reverence for music as like that. It’s just this transformative and transcendent Holy Force my friend and I have a saying and just it’s like Creators create, you know, I was at a museum once in Lausanne Switzerland and and there was a woman who had been sent to the insane asylum and her final her dream in life was that she wanted to get married and so She created an entire wedding dress out of Toilet paper and spit and it was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen so Creators create if people have an irresistible urge to make something no matter where they are. They’re gonna find a way To build it, you know make it and and and that’s really the thing that drives me The most is a desire to just make things just want to make things and and and hopefully make great things and and You know play shows that people May like or dislike, but they won’t forget. I Love Texas, I love, Texas and I love Texans and There was a period where you know I kind of I felt like I needed to get out of here in my youth you know when I was 18 I left and went to the East Coast and and it’s sort of like I always think of the metaphor like, you know, when kids grow up and they’re So excited about Halloween and the next thing you know They’re like teenagers and they’re like hallowee– and that was so stupid and they were but they were just doing Halloween the year you know a year ago and then they get a little bit older and they feel no longer threatened by the idea of Who they were they’re just like hey, it’s Halloween We’re dressing up and having fun again that was sort of the trajectory of me in Texas. Like I left kind of go cool I’m gonna do it it’s this and that it uh and as I’ve gotten older and spent more time away from it and then had texts and friends all over the world and and You know have a really strong relationship with my family. I’m just like I Love this place. Well the essence of performance to me Is that people are coming? To see you play, right? They’re not if they wanted to just listen to you they would stay home with the record, but they’re coming because they want to have an experience and they want to get taken to another place for an hour and a half and they want to suspend their disbelief That’s what I want when I go see a show And so I spend a lot of time. Just trying to make a show that that does all those things that is okay, but everybody let’s gather around this campfire and then just like teleport into another dimension for as long as we have together and then you know Come back to Earth in a different state than we left it

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  1. she is so innocent..but why her music is very odd .. there's something about her that is very odd….

    -gma cavite

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