Stepping back in Karate.Ki-Karate.Tanja Mayer

when you think about blocking then the backfeet is the important one he is the one that protects me in the case of a following attack when the attack is coming and a second follows and I fix only in my frontside, then I loose my protection from my backside/feed when attack is coming and my backside is stabil, then it works better when I loose my backside then I am lost because we got our eyes in the front and we see only in front of our body, the backside is missing so often in the techniques here its important to fix the backside the power is bigger, because of the power from behind you just have to dare in doing it and in that case of being successful, you can reproduce it which is crucial in the case of the backside but remember the backfeet/backside should be flexible so it is stabil but can be moved quickly in another position this is the next step of training

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