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STM Cheerleading Camp

STM Cheerleading Camp

all right thank you Dave well good friends from STM we have Claire dill I know the family I’ve gotten to harass your dad and mom many times and Corrine Lafleur ladies thanks for being with us so st. Thomas More I would imagine this means your cheerleaders I’d imagine this means you have an event coming up we have our summer cheer clinic for younger kids and basically it’s boys and girls and we come and we teach them dances and cheers and kind of give them a look and what it’s like to be an SDM cheerleader all right now Corinne what how old me what are we talking about entering Korean how’s the family mom and dad good cuz you guys used to live right around the corner from the breast so what happens at this clinic kids show up and then what happens well it’s July 24 to the 27th and it starts at 9 a.m. and basically we teach the different information we teach from a band dance and different cheers then we separate and by age group and we just have fun and it’s a really good time talented award-winning group from st. Thomas More now Ken kids from all over whoever sees us can show up and come can sign up for this do that how do they sign up how do they do is there something on line we need to do is a hundred dollars and that ends on July 19th and then you can do walking registration which is 110 dollars and that is on the first day of camp Tuesday July 24th from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. from the 24th of the 27th at same time is more sign up now now the reason they had to stand here instead of in those chairs as I’m being told that you’re going to attempt to teach this young man a cheer so look away if you’d like except for the ladies except for the folks that I’m watching you know these two fine folks okay all right what’s the basics you want to keep type motions they say big doughnuts which means like the circles right these and like to keep them facing forward yeah alright I didn’t follow any of that so let’s try let’s try it okay yeah I think you guys should go first okay okay okay just the first time blue and white let’s fight one more time blue and white let’s fight all right I really like that way really we should do that one more time we’re gonna tell select all right blue and white let’s fight and now my friends at that other school across town will give me a hard time thank you very much yes this LeFleur one more time the big event July 24th of the 27th yes and sign up online yes all right miss dill Miss Lafleur st. Thomas More cheerleaders and an embarrassed Scot president we are taking a break they did fine say what

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