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Hey fellow tubers this is Kieran and welcome
to this week’s combo tutorial please leave a like comment, share and subscribe
if you like this video but let’s go into the move step 1
what you’re gonna do, is you’re gonna start with your foot at the bottom of
the ball using the inside push the ball diagonally across your body and allow
the foot to glide up the ball once the soles on top of the ball bring it
back and perform a V type turn step 2 as you’re about to complete the drag V
Use the sole of the foot drag the ball back behind you and skip forward
with your front foot, sorry with your weak foot then using the toes, flick the ball
diagonally down the side of the weak foot as the ball passes by bring the week for
sole across the ball and down wedging it on the floor step 3
as you complete the roll wedge perform a short step over with your strong foot as
soon as the foot plants, hop back across the ball gliding the sole of the
foot across the top of the ball and down again in a wedge type motion this is all
performed from a jump step four perform the same hop again but
this time over the front of the ball as soon as you land lift the toes of the
strong foot under the ball pushing it up and away from your body and then flick
the ball forward to complete the akka takes time to practice this move thank
you for watching please leave a like comment share and subscribe

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