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Students Working for Hershey Exploited

Students Working for Hershey Exploited

foreign students working at the hershey
factory in pennsylvania are walking out of their job because they feel that
they’ve been exploited that’s because they were massively exploited guest now these are
students who came from eastern europe uh… eighteen countries and they came
here because they wanted to travel the united states and i also want to have
the opportunity of working united states so they spend between three ten six
thousand dollars for j one visa so they can come here and work and uh… the
four hundred of them were employed addy hershey factory in pennsylvania after they paid for the housing and that
was provided by the recipient domain they only made about forty to one
hundred forty thousand dollars a week no forty two hundred forty dollars on-site essay about what you have forty
two hundred forty in and they have almost nothing left why they come here in the first place
one of the kids i saw it it that was interviewed said all i looked up
personal look like it was a huge american company and obviously we all think that our
english me about every come that we thought it was a really great work
opportunity when we come to find out that were work at a factory and every two seconds if the figure was
incredibly heavy box and doesn’t matter to grow avoid how web you know that you
are a small you are you pick it up every two sides that’s all you do need come home and you got no money left
because they may be paypal only here in which is basically bunks et cetera and
then they said they had a day here’s forty bucks and that should be excluded experience
in america right exactly now we actually have a afew videos for you guys where
the students are talking about their personal experiences of their version
factory so let’s watch that let’s look at the end
of the one they talk about that working conditions and how much money they make
these four hundred workers he and peace four thousand dollars compared to the pants about three
thousand five hundred they found themselves working intron with everything struggling square you know no no no no no-no refers to roman the for blasts and dot indeed trusts you also along does all this pros realists live on the assumption hands
missions standing fan is an ongoing so fast that someone else
and you’ve all been in central mentioned and now telus so they and all that
scholarship instead of the well why you guys still in this commodities hire
people from pennsylvania with a factory as a setter well the interns and refuses was indeed
the average was an error they sell in this is an incredible story because
everyone is trying to place the blame on everyone else now at when hershey’s was questioned by
reporters they said well that’s not really the hershey’s factory that’s
where they do the distribution of food to get the packaging uh… you have to
go talk to excel eight they’re in charge of our distribution solo and reporters
went excelling can ask them to the level of we’re not in charge of hiring people
who are not in charge of payroll dept maybe you should go in as jazz staffing solutions those of the people
that employed is hershey factory packaging center right up until then we
must live as rates go up right now some of what is good for that and it turns out girl we have nothing to do with this
uh… you should go talk to uh… the council for educational travel
u_s_ it well influenza finally those other guys
who do the jury one-b_ says any of the kids this summer now listing about why they want s cheaper labor is humanly possible why they’re corporation
they have to maximize profits this is a personal day don’t hate the kids from
russia or wherever they come from a razor they just think i gotta lower my cost as
much as possible about her she doesn’t want to get stuck with the bag if you
will right uh… so he could be the think well if
we get in trouble for we want to be able to say was a nice they go to four layers of bureaucracy
trying to make sure that they don’t get stuck with it and by the way they pay all those levels is election day walkers almost four different companies behind
the fact that this court in the works any schedule as they get here they’re
threatened dead they’re saying okay well you know as you heard that you did
deport eager to go back in and uh… the money to your family sometimes
borrowed which is a ton of money for those families well are you today back in case i would get back to work out
those heavy box

100 thoughts on “Students Working for Hershey Exploited”

  1. Normally I post, "God Bless America!" when there's a clip disparaging the United States, but this just makes me sad.

    Fuck you, America.

  2. @thirtyoneuniform first there not immigrants they are foreign students on visa once the visa is expired they are forced out of the country. Second Hershey can deport them a visa has mandatory requirements to remain valid losing a job could vary well make them loose there visa and hence be deported. finally they are complaining because they are not a union meaning they have no negotiating power and as such either have to work for less then min wage or be deported so sue them for being pissed

  3. @ravishethwala you realize the people in the video are foreign exchange students not from America and with no intention of working manual labor as one even states she wants to become a surgeon not a fudge packer they are here to go to university not work as slaves

  4. @thirtyoneuniform Was that post sarcasm? The hershey company can revoke the sponsorship of their visas, call INS, and, bam, right back to Eastern Europe. Also, workers don't deserve to be exploited no matter where they're from. Are americans the only people to be treated a humanely in the U.S.? Perhaps you could use some racism to go with that fervent nationalism of yours, and complete the package.

  5. Why does Hershey need indentured servants (slaves) to save 8%?

    Who helped them do this?

    What's the difference in this case and working for script paper from a coal company in the 1800s?

  6. If they complained about the fact that they only got $40 a day or that they were jipped out of an "experience" I would have been totally on their side but their main issue with thise whole thing is that they had to work! OMG heaven forbid!!! I've worked at factories before, yes this is how it is, it sucks but I didn't bitch. I got an education so I wouldnt have to do that again.

  7. @ravishethwala even still you should realize more than anyone how wrong the situation is the struggles bad yes but it shouldn't be as bad as it is if these where unionized employees they would go on strike and get an increase in wage or better working conditions but because they are student on j1 visas they need not worry because they cant strike or they get sent home that is the problem is that they don't treat them like humans but more like slaves

  8. @thirtyoneuniform That a working visa for the young, no job, no visa… No visa, why are you staying in america again? To work? You lost your job, you have no visa, GTFO you soon to be illegal… But, as long as you keep the job, or stay within some bureaucratic condition, you are more than welcome.

    Lot of contries have that kind of visa, but… Only in America does it mean slavery!

  9. @pgthinker007 It's cultural… America is a religious conservative country with liberal tendencies which was based on liberal principle… So, you are sometime expected to pay for the use of a room in the house of your girlfriend and company (well, that does happen, but this is a case of douchebagism). They just did not accepted multi-multiculturalism (you are expect to melt with the population and become quit like them, but they don't really let you because you are not exactly like them).

  10. @amcent2 1. Why does they get a job if they are not needed? XD That's call, in economy, the lump of labor fallacy. Jobs is not a zero sum game. A student working in USA for a decent labor and spending part of his money create job (if you demand for shit, someone will produce shit for you).

  11. @412b3d And so does the air you bread since 1961… If you bread air since 1961, it is a little bit more radioactive than it was before.

  12. @thirtyoneuniform Well, you can't look for another job… Why? Do you know the amount of paper work needed for that piece of paper? It take 3 to 5 month to apply. Now, you want to find another jobs? You are not in J1, you don't have 30 days to look for a jobs.

    This, when you been promised some cultural exchange with the moon and a sunday! That the employers signed for a certain level of cultural exchange in I-765, working as a fudge packer? That's a severe breach of contract right there 😉

  13. This is cry baby bullshit. Back in the day all immigrants had to do the shittiest labor. My father came from Jamaica doing the worst jobs that could've sliced up his hands, but he did it and went to medical school.

  14. Henry Ford:

    “There is one rule for industrialists and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible”

  15. This is the AMERICAN WAY. I work all day at a job I hate to make 20 bucks spending money after housing arrangements. I wish I had 40 extra bucks to spend a day. In reality their stories are the definition of the american dream. You work that hard at a job you hate so our kids can have a better living. Every Laboror in the country has to work fast and comes home sore are you kidding me. IF this is exploitation America itself is going to shut down.

  16. @thirtyoneuniform Yes, there is, it's call the form DS-7002 or equivalent… And, from the moment Hershey or whoever sign that, that corporation is know as the sponsor to these student. To put it in comprehensible term, Hershey might have screw the tax payers of several countries by doing that – hey, that kind of program are sometime partly financed by IGO like the unesco… Like go in France for 3 month to learn some French, some culture and make a few buck for americans 😉

  17. @thirtyoneuniform Except for how the DS-7002 explicitly "… whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the [] branch(es) of the Government [], knowingly and willfully falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact; makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation" -> Talking about "Dream&cultural exchange" when it's fudge packing, that seem like false representation required in DS-7002.

  18. @thirtyoneuniform Also, consider that the DS-7002 is, within itself, a contract. It's a triparty legally enforceable agreement. Also consider that the part you are showing simply say that this contract do not enter in function until proof of the insurance required under 22 CFR 62.14, or, in other word: don't do shit before there is all the kid have medical insurance, otherwise if he get sick… Also note that the medical insurance file is on the sponsor – which is another contract.

  19. @thirtyoneuniform So, the student were not working, they were voluntaring to be fudge packers? So, how come they were winning $40 buck a day? They should have gain nothing listening to what you said.

    And anyway, in DS-7002, what is that big series in letters in cap, bolt, underline, boxed "CONTRACT AGREEMENT" – it's 7 lines over the note you told me… It look like a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties because it is! One of them being the gov't…

  20. so they pay for their housing but they don't know who they are and how they were hired? yeah, ok! If Pennsylvanians believe that, they have been smelling cow shit chemicals too long!!!!!!!!

  21. @amcent2 And that does not matter. Why, 2 thing: 1. You are sending guy oversee with the same kind of program, does it mean you took their jobs in the first place? 2. The number of job in an economy is not fix, it's somewhat dynamic (block by block) and subject to variation. 3. Let say you got a position teacher of physical education in a private high school, paid 55000 dollars a years. You will use your money to pay your girlfriend a dinner, use public transport&what not 😉 Jobs create jobs.

  22. @amcent2 No, you don't get it – you serve me microeconomic when it is a macroeconomic problems. It's not microeconomic demand&supply, but an aggregate demand&supply that create wage and labors. And, quit frankly, if it was really flooded, why will a bunch of kid come to that part of USA and how will they find jobs? They will go elsewhere, they will go to Australia or in Alberta.

    The news is: your requirement for jobs are so bad that even East-European want to stick your jobs up ass…

  23. most factories are like this, throughout the world are like this, the american dream is paved on the broken bodies of immigrants when will people realize this

  24. @amcent2 Well, what I'm telling you is that there is no flood on the labor market because job are consumption driven… If you have a billion more people, tomorrow, in USA, they want to buy more house, food and stuff so you will create job in medium run… Don't give me the microeconomic market laws on a macroeconomic problem, it's asking a problem of chemistry and using law of physic to answer it – it's not bad, but it not really the right type of framework to think about it…

  25. @amcent2 Well, you got to take a course on modern macroeconomic theory because you are being fooled by – it's simple math. AE=C+G+I+X+(b(1-t)-i)y. Immigrant are not sitting on their ass – they buy shit, to open bank account, they work – in short, they increase C and a part of B. That's economical and empirical fact. However, it's truth that immigration mean that lower income will get less money for their work, but get an education – no reason to work as a fudge packer for all your life.

  26. @amcent2 I'm not arguing with, I'm telling you. I could point out several reference for that. Cohen and Howe, Macroeconmics for life, P.136 and after, P.337 and after. Ragan&Lipsey, Macroeconomic, P.518 to P.670, paper from Romer in 1996 or Brezis and Krugman in 1996. This does not mean it would be a smart choice to accept a billion immigrant – cultural cost and stability of wages, but it will certainly create a number of jobs.
    Now, if you get insulted by how economic live, keep dreaming mofo.

  27. @amcent2 I did not advocate a billion (obvious hyperbole), I say that it will be creating job but it was a trade off – worse wage, more inflation, higher interest rate, cultural cost.
    And it's not just "some economic book", there is a consensus on what I was saying since it been seen before – how many job per years were created from 1850 to 1930, and from 1931 to now? What was the proportion of immigrant in the population? With the actual level, the problem is not immigration, it's "Washington"

  28. Why anyone want go to American? You dont watch RT and TYT? don't you have see what Americans are doing with Americans? why you think with you will be different? So yes now you will give a bit of valor for you own country. The money that you spend 60,000 would be more than enough to invest in your own country but you choose give for uncle San. so be happy

  29. @412b3d I was referring to the AN602 – it was strong enough to notice an increase in nuclear radiation in the atmosphere afterward, nothing major if you are in USA, still enough to make some instrument move… And, still, when we have weapon to take off the map a country like Luxembourg or even a country of the size of France, it's time to do something… That's not just national security or international security, it kind of get out of the zone of conflict with that kind of thing by a lot.

  30. @pgthinker007 "Sure they destroy jobs" – Really? Name 1 service/product that is no longer available today simply because the job that provides it was 'destroyed' or admit that "distroy jobs" is political rhetoric.

    "Read your country's history" – Not American but I know most know most of world economic history. In detail.

    " You think company's always make money" – Show me where I make that claim?

    "Get basic education in economic, finance, and accounting" – project less, make sense more.

  31. @CmdrTobs
    I am sure you know the world history:-) Of course, the most people post comments have no idea what they are talking about. Union have distroyed Bethlehem Steel, and the most current is GM. They distoyed a company before they got bailout from the Obama administration. Many Americans did not realize what makes company to leave the USA. Highest Corp. Fed. and State Taxes, and unions distroying businesses in the US. If you know basic accounting, check companies accounting statements.

  32. @pgthinker007 if unions destroy buisnesses then how come the most succesful countries in the world are sweden, norway, germany, france…… places that are nigh socialist, have mandatory unions and much higher taxes?

  33. @Lpoolboy You think its okay to pay $4,000 to work in a factory. a deadend job. Im so glad to see people standing up for their rights. I wish more americans would speak out if they work at deadend jobs.

  34. @millitantatheist1 In terms of corporate taxes, US and Japan are higiest. In terms of income tax, European taxes are highest. I do not know what you mean successful countries. Those countries have their own problems too, because of a bunch of social and welfare programs. When you live in those countries, you will see. As the matter of fact, many businesses leaving their own countries for imerging markets. Not just only for cheaper labor, but also for cheaper corporate tax, and no unions.

  35. @pgthinker007 welfare and scoial programs are not a problem in and of themselves, they are a benefit to the citizens.

    the entire arguement that corporations will leave is ridiculous, think of it this way: i agree to give you 1 billion dollars(at a tax rate of 50%…… you can A) do business and make this money, or B) leave and get nothing.

    what would you do?

  36. @millitantatheist1 Sure welfare programs benefits you, but where this money come from? You are another unproductive citizen. Go get education and skills, and get a job. People like you distoying America.

  37. @pgthinker007 And morons like you that can't even keep up with an argument and go off on bumper sticker slogan tangents are helping America?

    (very rhetorical question)

  38. @xyzoneon
    I can't sit all day at the computer and teach and explain illiterate kids like you.
    Go to college, get a proper education, and job.
    A bunch of unproductive Americans, do not know how to live.

  39. @pgthinker007 in those countries they have a balanced budget.

    did you ever stop to think maybe people cant get a good education because it costs upwards of $40,000, that they cant pay this because (low education jobs) dont even pay a living wage, nonetheless ones you can save money on.

    you see the vicious cycle, if your parents did not have money to put you thru college, then your screwed forever.

  40. @pgthinker007 GM was destroyed because they're a bad company. They make/made pieces of shit. As soon as the rest of the world rebuilt after WW2 and the American consumer snapped out of it's marketing induced trance and realized 4 ton cars with underpowered V8's aren't that clever they sank. LIKE ALL U.S CARS.

    GM died because there highly paid upper echelons were bullshit for causing the aforementioned. The Average Citeron/fiat/VAG worker received similar benefits. Yet they do better.

  41. @pgthinker007 " leaving their own countries for emerging markets. Not just only for cheaper labor, but also for cheaper corporate tax, and no unions." So? You say that likes it's a problem. Guess what if a country allowed child labor they would move there too…. Those things aren't problems at all.

    No, I don't agree with your absurd race to bottom theory.

  42. @CmdrTobs I don't understand what you are saying. What child labor are you talking about? This is your choice if you do not agree with my "absurd theory", but that's reality. I hate to tell you this, but I am very suprised that many Americans are poorly informed and educated.

  43. @CmdrTobs
    No, this is what you believe. Look how come BMW, VW or Nissan do not need bailout?
    First of all, the problem is union – money, money, money. GM hourly labor makes twice more than VW labor.
    The bottom line is that good managed company has to be ready for recession.

  44. @CmdrTobs You are confused because you misunderstood. They did not leave their own countries. They are visitors J-1 visa status. It is a temporary visa status. They are only for the summer season before colleges starts in September. Like Americans come to my country. They work, studying, touching local culture and learning languages. But, we do not treat Americans like that. They sleep, eat with us. We help American students not because they are Americans, but because we like to help people.

  45. @millitantatheist1
    I studied in America. I got loan and I paid off. I learned one thing in America. DO NOT TAKE PROGRAM THAT DOES NOT PAY OFF. In other words, subjects like history, ethnic studies, political science, arts, literature, etc. does not pay off. Companies do not need them. The best profession – medical industry, engeneering, accounting, chemistry, computer science and business administration. Believe me… if you graduate from those programs you will be fine.

  46. @unabomberman The US economy is the strongest economy in the history of the UNIVERSE. We are currently flushing out the atheists, queers and illegal immigrants from our workforce so they can return to France or Mexico.

    American education is the best in the world. Nothing else even comes close.

    The United States is #1 in all categories conceivable. If you don't agree you are an anti-American, pro-Hitler Islamofascist.

  47. @ooMONKEYoo
    What a nice comment I got from you. We are not talking about we like VW or not. The company management is doing good job. While GM went bankrupt and got taxpayers money, VW was a profitable company. It expended plant, a
    nd hired more workers.

  48. @pgthinker007 VWs don't use as much labor costs because they're horrible cars. Look at some worst cars on the road lists. at least 1 VW is on the list.

  49. @ooMONKEYoo
    You are right, VW labor does not cost as much as GM, but company is profitable. Maybe they are worst cars for somebody, but for some people VW is good/economy car. But this is not only VW. How about BMW, Nissan, Honda, or Mercedez Benz. Their CEOs did not need run to Obama for financial help. This is what I am trying to say that they are well run companies.

  50. @pgthinker007 Nissan also makes shitty cars.

    People buy shit all the time.

    It has nothing to do with the item or how much it costs to make; it has to do with the marketing. You can have horrible business sense, and if you have someone in marketing who knows what there doing, you can sell an old pillowcase full of shit to people…for $100 no less

    Most of the companies you mention's stock is in the toilet. They're barely making ends meet. I wouldn't turn to any car company for business advise.

  51. @ooMONKEYoo I am not Forest Gump or Bubba. I know everything is marketing, but disicions management makes, they do well. Read my comments carefully. Whatever cars GM makes unions destroyed it. Money, money, money… and money does not come if you can’t market:-) In addition to this. GM got a bunch of cars in inventory. You remember cash of clunkers. You have to understand that you like it or not VW, Nissan, Honda managed to survive without taxpayers money.

  52. @pgthinker007 You'd have to be retarded to think that unions destroyed anything. GM made no money because the only cars they offered where huge with shitty gas mileage. They would have been able to pay their bills if they sold a product people wanted. All the Asian and European car companies did "okay" because they had somewhat affordable cars with halfway decent gas mileage.

  53. @ooMONKE You are too young to understand business, and economic cirlce. When you go to college, and learn the things then you understand the things.
    It was nice corresponding with you.
    Good night.

  54. @pgthinker007 I don't understand business? Say that to my paid off million dollar home, my BMW, and my GT convertible.

  55. @tmmy773 I have a novel idea that is 100% effective in ensuring this kind of "exploitation" of foreign workers never, ever happens again: international students that don't want to lift heavy boxes in a chocolate warehouse for $8.10 an hour in exchange for J1 visas should not sign contracts in which they explicitly agree to lift heavy boxes in a chocolate warehouse for $8.10 an hour in exchange for J1 visas (as every one of these students did; look it up online). Sound like a good idea?

  56. I did work exchange in Uni&have worked in other countries plus a number of manual labor temp jobs in the States and I've not had that kind of terrible work conditions esp with overseas. The exchange program should focus about developing international exchange and spreading goodwill not exploiting people.

  57. @tmmy773 navygolf is a shameless shill for the J-1 program who has no problem with students paying a lot of money than working a shitty a factory job for low pay and bad conditions. It doesn't sink into his shill-minded head that students didn't come over to be cheap labor for a factory that won't hire full time american workers.

  58. The conservative trolls are coming out to show their typical brand of ignorant narrowminded sensitivity to the issue. Probably most of them have never worked under these conditions but far be it for that to stop them from posting. They can't see how and why this story is so bad on so many levels internationally and domestically.

  59. @tmmy773 Here's what Lenka Vevrova, one of the J1 students at the Hershey plant, had to say about those who walked out: "I disagree with the actions of these students because all the work, accommodation and all have been hand signed. We knew everything before hand. The job offer and description were clearly written and it was clear that this is not a program for making money. Every job we have chosen no one told us that you have to go to. Everyone we have the right to choose a job." Amen Lenka!

  60. @RoninDave Funny-I think if you had actually done your homework and knew the facts about the J1 program you would be a "shill" for it too. Contrary to what you think you know about me, I'm no "conservative" at all and am actually a pretty active Democrat. If my wife or I thought there was any sort of exploitation happening here we would be the very first to hold those people accountable. But there wasn't any exploitation here, other than by the union that put these kids up to this.

  61. @navygolf98 I don't care if you're the head of the Democrate Party, you just don't get it, do you? This wasn't a few kids but over 400. Shill all you want for J-1 and Hershey, the rest of us want want justice for both these students and American workers who are being screwed over in this situation

  62. @RoninDave Maybe you are right; maybe I don't "get it" as you say. But it isn't possible that "over 400" kids walked out, because there were only 385 in the program at Hershey and of those, only 150-200 walked out. If those who walked out truly were "screwed over" as you claim, how do you explain comments like the one from Lenka Vevrova below? But the point is this: if I want to go to Australia and work for minimum wage in exchange for a visa, shouldn't I be able to sign a contract to do that?

  63. whats special about this ??

    this is how everyone below middle class work everyday at our jobs…..they said they wanted to experience America and an American job they got their wish as the saying goes "be careful what you wish for" this what we Americans do for a living that are below middle class because lets keep it real upper middle class don't worry about shit.

  64. @stupidcantbefixed i work usually 50 hours but most of the the time its 40-50 hours per weeek sometimes i never even notice i just get up like a robot do my duty and get paid after im brainwashed by reality of things

  65. So ironic, in 8th grade we learn about the immigration to America in the early 1900s. I can't help but think of that when I hear this story. Backwards, the directions Hershey's heading.

  66. they have this all wrong on this video, i use to work there. 1 hershey owns the disturbtion center and exel runs it. 2 they been doing this for years and never heard 1 complain until the union came in and talk to them in which they been trying to get in there and havent yet. is the work hard yeah alittle but u are sore in any job u work and no u not lifting boxes for 8 hours they switch u every 2 hours plus u get breaks too.

  67. I think though they weren't expecting to do hard labor, they probably imagines doing work in an office like working as an intern for marketing or finance.

  68. 40 bucks a day? are you kidding? You are lucky if you win half that in my country. People would kill for a job like that. Why cant they do it?: How the hell do I get there? where do I stay?
    Unless the company lied about the amounts they were going to be paying, i dont see a problem here. Just workers complaining. We all do that shit. We just complain and blame some govmnt.

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