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Summer Infant Pop N Sit Booster Seat Review

Summer Infant Pop N Sit Booster Seat Review

are you looking for a convenient baby
seat to use when you’re out or at home well in this video our friends Dave and
Julie will review and show you how to use the summer infant pop and sit
booster seat they’ll go over the pros and the cons which will help make your
decision if this is what’s best for your child so make sure you stick with us to
the end hi I’m Amanda and welcome to parent
pacifier on this channel we help new and soon-to-be parents with tip videos and
product reviews just like this one so if you’re new here consider subscribing and
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but first quick question for you what is your biggest struggle with taking your
baby out let us know in the comments below and now onto the review hi
everybody I’m Dave’s is my wife Julie we have a two-year-old daughter Johanna and
we want to just share with you a great product that we use all the time and
that is the the summer Pop n Sit you can see it comes in a nice easy to carry
a compact carrying case and it sets up really easily as one of the great things
about it so just show quickly how just simply slide it out of the bag it comes
with a tray and the end the chair come out and very similar to an adult camping
chair just pop it open there and there you have it so it sets up really easily
you see its kind of low to the ground there very compact and it’s a it’s great
for your infant to sit on at all types of events and I’ll let my wife get into
those uses that we have in a few moments but again the exceed sets up nicely and
it’s the same way as we’ve set it up it compacts really easily just kind of push
it back together compacts and slides right back into the baby we used this
thing and frequently the reason why I actually first started researching a
seat like this was because we took a trip to the beach for the first time
with our 9 month-old daughter and I had to pack a large feat that didn’t
collapse that had a it was kind of a place saucers see how to trade that had
some toys around the front and I put it in a large tote bag and that’s what we
kind of hauled to the beach we were only going to eat a picnic dinner at the
beaches her first time going and we thought well she has to sit somewhere to
be contained and also kind of eat while we’re eating so there we were with a
really large seat and then Sam got all in that seat and we had to try and wipe
it out and everything so I started surely there’s a seat out there and sure
enough there is and I haven’t really seen anything else similar that
collapses like it so it’s really great as we just showed easy to set up it does
have a tray we use it also that we’ve taken it to the beach just let you know
it’s recommended children six months up to 37 pounds
our daughter is still under that weight so we can still put her in this seat
she’s two and a half so that’s really great the size is great but they do want
to make sure that it only has a three-point seat harness so it’s not for
children who can’t really sit upright on their own yet it doesn’t have a
five-point harness and because the seat is a little more flexible not as sturdy
it needs to be a child that has enough strength and everything to sit in the
seat without falling over so I’m you just want to make sure that
your child is definitely able to sit and it’s stable but we also use it my
husband’s a wrestling coach I take it to wrestling matches as you saw it
collapsed a smaller bag it has a strap on it I can go carry then or hang it on
a stroller a lot of high school gymnasiums the strollers are really hard
to get to a good spot where you’re sitting so I normally would sit this set
it on the floor right next to me and she was able to sit and be contained and not
be running around and I could even feed her dinner I’m like I said he put the
tray on I could feed her dinner give her snacks she can have toys on it
so it’s really great seat for on-the-go so if you think about if you go camping
if you go to a picnic if you go to the beach the other part about great that’s
great about the seat is that it does act as a booster seat so not only is it
stable on the ground as a chair it has straps that come with it that you can
attach to the frame and it can act as a travel booster seat so if you’re going
to a grandparents house or a friend’s house that maybe they don’t have seats
or you don’t obviously haul your large high chair and
this can snap on to the seat and you could even push them up to the table it
has the straps to go through the bottom of the chair and then through the back
of the chair so that’s really great features so big pros for the poppin sit
is that it’s very travel friendly has the tray multiple uses you can get
out of it compact a couple of cons it does have the straps this is like the
original model they have redone it where the mesh pocket is slightly different on
the back just pocket it has a small pocket on the back the pocket is
slightly different it comes in new colors too and they have changed the
straps slightly but still for our daughter even when she was younger this
strap is sewn pretty far back onto the seat so depending on their with the legs
with diapers and all that things with clothes if they have like sweatpants in
the wintertime or something on it’s a pretty shallow buckle to try and get so
even extended it can kind of pull too far so it can make it a little bit
difficult because there’s so much seat room so it’s kind of sewn back far so
that’s really the tray is a little bit shallow as far as if you’re putting a
meal on it but because it’s it’s it fits so well in the container you don’t want
to trade too large but other than that it’s an excellent seat we’ve been so
happy with it you can tell it’s it’s traveled well with this so like I said
it’s a great seat for on-the-go we take this with us everywhere we go and I
can’t tell you how many times it’s been so convenient for us to just sit it down
here let her eat her snack even if she has smaller toys you can play with it on
the tray and then the best part is it’s just easy to carry around we backed it
up we keep it in the farm everywhere we go
so we definitely recommend this product and hope you get as much use out of it
as we do so if you’re interested to watch another video just like this one
try one of these by parent pacifier thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you in the next one you

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