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Super Luigi Odyssey! – Cute Mario Bros.

Super Luigi Odyssey! – Cute Mario Bros.

Oh man, I love playing Mario Odyssey! It’s like the best game since like Hotel Mario! [Luigi hums] Oh hi guys! What’s the problem? Whatcha playing? [gasps] Is that Mario Odyssey!? No, we’re playing like Donkey Kong Tropical Cruise. [stammers] What are you talking about?
Of course I’m playing Mario Odyssey. Wait, I thought this was Mythbusters. [Luigi groans]
[Roblox Death Sound] Well, uh, can I play for a bit? No, Luigi, of course you can’t. This is “Mario” Odyssey. Not “Luigi” Odyssey. Well, you must unlock Luigi once
you beat the game or something. Luigi’s not even in the game. He’s kind of a crappy character. But, wait, I will show you can do though, Luigi. You can play as Mario dressed as Luigi! See? [stammers] What!? [stammers more] That makes no sense! Why would Nintendo do that? This is an absolute disgrace! What kind of a Mario game is this
if you can’t even play as Luigi? [grumbles] I’ll show you! I’ll show Nintendo! I’ll show everybody! I’m gonna make my own Luigi Odyssey,
and prove you all wrong! [crying] [off-camera laughter] All right, move over guys. It’s my turn to play. [angelic music] [door slams open] Stupid Nintendo. Stupid Mario! I’ll show them! [dramatic music plays] It’s time. [whispers] Let’s see how Mario likes me now. [Luigi] Oh Mario! Oh? Check this out— Check this out!
♫ Here we go ♫ [song changes from high pitch to low pitch]
♫ Off the rails ♫ [song changes from high pitch to low pitch]
♫ Don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails? ♫ ♫ It’s freedom like you never knew ♫ ♫ Don’t need bags or a pass ♫ ♫ Say the word, I’ll be there in a flash ♫ ♫ You could say my— ♫ [crashes] See now why Nintendo didn’t want you in the game? [grunts] AUGH! Oh! You’re just like my Uncle Jeff on poker night! I thought it was pretty cool. [crying] It’s not fair. Why can’t I just have a good game to myself? Without any catching ghosts
or any events at least [indistinct]. Sometimes, I feel the only
one who understands me is you, hat. Oh. But you’re just a hat. You’re not really alive. [sighs] I guess I’ll just… go to bed early. [unintelligible noises] [snoring] [brief off-camera laughter] [groans] Oh man… What a beautiful day! I bet the sun is shining, the birds are chirp— Wait… Where’s my hat? Mario! [grunting] [Mario mumbles inaudibly] [grumbles] Ohh, Mario! Wake up you son of an ostrich! Ohh…what do you want, Luigi? It’s like 1 in the afternoon… It’s so early. You took my hat, Mario. I want to know where you put it. Your hat? Ugh. Why would I touch that? Who knows where it’s been. I know you did it. It all adds up the way
you were making fun of me the other day? I don’t know. Maybe it was Jack again. Remember that one time, I don’t know,
he took your hat or something? [sighs] I guess that’s true. He does have a history. C’mon, Mario. [toilet flushing] Oh, hello you two! You know what they say.
The early bird gets the worm. Where’s my hat Jack? It’s gone missing again. Oh, I didn’t take it. Abraham Lincoln can’t lie. You’re the only person would have taken it, Jack. Unless… This isn’t some kind of a prank, is it? Luigi. I told you once, I’ll tell you again. I didn’t take your hat, and I’m sure Jack didn’t either. Oh, what am I gonna do? You don’t
expect me to walk around like this. I know it disturbs you, Mario. Well, you’re right. Let’s go find
you a replacement hat for now. [hums] Ah, yeah. Oh, customers! Come in, come in. Hello there, Mr. Hat Shop Man!
Do you think you could help us? Oh yeah. Depends on what you’re looking for. Well, you see my stupid brother, Luigi lost his hat
and, uh, now we kind of need a replacement. Oh yeah. I can see why. Oh yeah! And I’ll have a number three with extra fries! We have lots of hats, you can count on that! We have top hats, bucket hats, ten-gallon hats,
what kind of hat do you need? Well, I dunno, maybe something
that actually’ll fit on my head? Oh yeah, oh yeah, let me see what I can do for you. [crashing] I’ve got these two right here. We’ve got this, uh, dunce cap over here, and we’ve got this nice, uh, Mario hat over here. Oh! Well, uh, I really like this one, Luigi! You know, like, uh, I think it would
really compliment your brother! Oh, I like this one! Oh hey, Jack, come on! I was gonna wear that one. I don’t know, you’re looking, like,
a lot more attractive in that hat! Well, you know, not as attractive
as me, but, you’re getting there. [sighs] Are you sure you don’t have anything else? No. [sighs again] Here. [smack] Keep the change. All right, Luigi. Let’s start looking for your hat. Alright you guys check in here, and I’ll go and check— OH MY GOSH! The hell was that? [gasps] Oh no! [whistles] Come here boy! [whistles] Well, ah. It’s gonna be one
of those episodes, eh? [inhales] Come on. There he is. I think he’s hiding under here. How are we gonna get it out from under there? Well, uh, we could hose him out. That’s what
you guys do to me when I misbehave. Or we can, like, close off all the exits and
maybe get him when he starves to death? Mario, that’s horrible. I know, why don’t we just, like, go leave a little bit of
cheese out here like a— like he’s a little mouse? Oh, can I have the leftovers? Mario’s been starving me for days. Okay, I’ll go get the cheese, you guys get like
a net or a box or something we can put him in. Ah, there we go. All right when he comes out, we’ll drop the box on him! [Tyler laughs] All right, let’s get ’em! Oh, we got him! We got him! Jack, would you like to do the honors? And they said I couldn’t catch a pumpkin! [Luigi] Oh, Jack! Are you okay?
[Mario] Are you okay? This is not Jack… This is…Luigi’s hat… Oh my gosh, Mario! Jack got possessed by my hat! Hey, he’s kinda like Cappy from
Mario Odyssey, except not as good. He’s kinda crappy. Oh! This body is lanky! What do you want from us, Crappy? From you, nothing. For me?
I wish to have a body of my own. Well, you can’t have Jack. He’s one
of everyone’s favorite characters. Yee, and he’s kind of our friend. Your friend? Oh, well, you have
pretty poor taste in… to taste… Has this guy been eating poo? Probably. [vomits] Ohh… you win this round. I’m off to find a new host. There it goes Luigi! Come on! Oh! What just happened? Oh well, time to go back to eating poo. All right, we gotta be very careful. If this is anything like Mario Odyssey,
he could be disguised as anything. Alright. Let’s go. Maybe he went in here. [gasps] Mario! [whispers] Maybe he’s disguised as my donut pillow! Oh, Mario, I’m scared… Alright. When I give the signal, we jump ‘im. Okay. GO! [screaming] AUGH! YOU STUPID BAGEL! OHH!!! [gasps] Mario! Was it my hat? I “donut” think so. [footsteps, door creaks open and closes] Where else could he be? Mario, maybe… maybe he possessed
this copy of Mrs. Doubtfire on VHS. [under breath] Oh no… Oh wait, didn’t you borrow this from
Jack, like, a few years ago? I was gonna give it back. We gotta think outside the box Mario.
Maybe he’s like switching from thing to thing. [Both] Hmm. Hey, hey wait a second. Was that
bottle of Tide always there? I think we’re close. Hey, did that light just turn off? Uh, Mario? [growling] [stomp] [roaring] Run. Of all the things he could’ve chosen,
he had to choose a dragon! I know. That was like the scariest boss in the game! Okay, let’s finish this quick, Luigi. We
don’t want this to “dragon” for too long. Oh no! Here he comes! Come on, let’s get some water
so that we can splash him with! Okay! [roaring] Take this! [splash] [low-pitched laughter] [explosion] Oh, we did it! Oh no, there he goes! Quick, let’s go get him! Where is he? [Bob-Omb noises] Oh. [explosion] [both groan] What’s that noise? [robot sounds] Oh… Oh crap… [lasers firing] [Mario and Luigi scream] Mario: [inaudible speech] I have an idea! Luigi? Oh! Follow me! [Mario] Okay! Oh, hey Crappy! Bet you can’t hit us up here! Quick, dodge! Oh! I’ll get him! Oh! [gasps] Oh no, Mario! Mario… Speak to me! I am not Mario… I am…your crappy hat… You! You give me back my brother! Or else! You wouldn’t hit your brother, would you? This is for throwing out my cactus last week. [smack] Not…costume box! [crash] Oh… Oh… Oh my… gosh! [grunting] Oh my! Oh I say! [grunting] Whoa… Oh… Finally… I have a body of my own! I…I’ve never seen anyone like you. You’re…you’re…you’re… You’re beautiful… [smacks head] Oh! It feels good! Maybe I was wrong all along. You shouldn’t hold people back from being
what they wanna be or… who they want to be. Sometimes you should just step
back and let them find themselves. You’re free to go hat. Thank you for all
the good times that we’ve hat— I mean had. Thank you for all your help, Luigi. I’ll never forget you. Good-bye… [off-camera laughter] Oh, thanks for finally letting
me play Mario Odyssey, Mario! Even though Luigi’s not in the game. Oh, yee I thought it would cheer
you up after losing your hat and all, but, uh, you can only play for five minutes, okay? [phone vibrates] Oh! Nintendo just posted an update! And my new copy of Miss Doubtfire just got shipped! Oh, well let’s get the laptop
and watch it on the big screen! Oh, man. I can’t wait. Let’s play it! [music playing] [Video] A free update is
coming to Super Mario Odyssey! After downloading the update and beating the main
story a new online activity called Balloon World… Oh, it’s Luigi! [Video] Just talk to Luigi… Luigi’s in the game! [Video] …one of the two competitive modes… [Luigi] I told you, Mario! Oh wow, would you look at that.
Luigi’s finally in the game. Doing balloon stuff. I knew it from the beginning. It was
destiny. It was always meant to be! Uh, could you take that hat off now?
It’s making me kind of uncomfortable. You gotta find a replacement or something. Don’t worry Mario. I always think ahead. I always carry at least one spare with me at all times. A SPARE!!

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  1. 4:48

    Jack: Oh yeah can have a number 3 with Extra fries?

    Me: This isnt Mcdonalds. ._.

  2. I still say Mario Odyssey would have been better if you could unlock Luigi or if the multiplayer wasn’t crap lmao

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