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Supermoto stunt meet with curious girls | BLDH

Supermoto stunt meet with curious girls | BLDH

…Looked like some sort of police car… Woop! Superretards Epic Meet! Are you OK? It just died… What? Oh right.. Gas tank switch… HAHAHA HAH NOOO!! Damn it! I got it on tape too… F*CK!! I don’t like this… no.. No.. this isn’t good stuff.. @RJstunts Wow… uhm.. thank you? He is excited! Here we have Rodde exposed! YOOOOO!!! Where is the duct tape?!?! YO!!! It ripped off the paint.. Everything was just a PR-stunt! JUST A PR-STUNT!!! I have cool friends who help me when i need help! That is the key! That’s a cool bike! “/&”%&/#&/(%.” (?) Yeah! No? What? SumoUnit! Yeah I know. You’re awesome! Thank you Yeah I follow you! Like “SumoUnit” You are the best dude! Where’s the other guys? In Germany! hehe.. Obviously yeah.. Cool.. Hello! Yooo! I just met some guys from Germany! … and then he did a burnout in front of me but I need to find the guy who has the keys to our car.. Why do you flirt with the 19 year old girls? How old are you? Try to sit on it then.. The thing is.. How you typically stand with this one isn’t with two feet on the ground.. Instead you have one foot.. yeah! That’s how you typically stand! I can’t even stand like that. I get cramps. SELFIEE!!! Selfie Time.. You traveled from Lappland? What? You traveled from Lappland!? We? Yeah? No.. övik.. Yeah? Lappland? But it was a nice graphics kit.. Matches my outfit.. not… although I think you have too much stuff in the back.. but it’s all my sponsors.. XD Which ones?? This is how you do it when you buy a bike You sit on them.. Yeah.. I need to find a low fucker so i can reach down The thing is that you can lower these ones.. yeah but i dont know how.. No, you hand it to a dealer and tell them to lower it You can lower cars, you can lower bikes too.. Haven’t you heard #hemåsänk ? i have.. So.. @sumostockholm.. It’s soft!! My bum is soft! I think our colors match pretty well! Yeah.. It’s good for the visibility.. It is so! What did you say? It’s good for the visibility! this color.. the thing is… To have a brightly colored helmet or a neon helmet is better than a black helmet Yes totally! You have to be seen on the road! mm! The thing with this shirt is that people think you are a cop! But I’m not… No? You could be a undercover cop… This is our bike club BMW? Ahaa!.. 🙂 BMW motorcycle club Cool! *fails doing a wheelie* AAAAAHHHHH!!!! XD AAAAHHH! EY Niklas!! (NTK) Hello hehe.. I’m filming you filming me filming you.. Here we got NTK exposed! we need to film some wheelies together!

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  1. what no one noticed is, he never showed the subtitles when his friend said -why are you flirting with 14year olds.

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