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Taken | #MPGIS S5 | Episode 11

Taken | #MPGIS S5 | Episode 11

Alright, Brittnay’s not answering her fucking
phone, so we’re gonna need to all split up and go search Paris to find her. Dibs on the nude beach! What? Why would she be at the nude beach? Uh, because it’s fun as shit, and I called dibs. Which is the law! You have to obey dibs! No backsides on dibs! Ok fine, you can go to the nude beach. Yesss! I’ll go with you, buddy. Alright buddy! The three of us can check out the hotel. I’ll go to the cafe. We’ll go check the training center. Alright, I’ll stay here in case she shows up. The final competition starts in six hours,
so if you find Brittnay, call me immediately, and meet back at the training center. We still have to teach Brittnay how to fucking walk. Alright, everybody, hands in, “Find Brittnay”
on three, one- We don’t have time for that shit, Matthew! Everybody get the fuck out of here! Alright, sorry geez, just trying to build
some team morale. C’mon guys. Goddamit Brittnay, where are you? I DON’T WANT ANY MORE FUCKING CORN DOGS! I’ll have hers. You guys got any relish over there? No, no. You’ve had enough. Wait, what? I thought you guys were Hansel and Greteling us? We are Hansel and Greteling them. You, however, have some sort of resistance. Or a tapeworm, am I right?! So what, you guys are gonna just starve me
to death? No, no. Because you have displayed such an impressive appetite, for you, we have prepared something… special. Oooh, I am intrigued. Do your worst. Chloe, Zoe, show our guest what we have prepared for her. A kale salad! With no dressing. YOU MOTHERFUCKERS LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW! YOU’RE MONSTERS! YOU’RE THE MOST DEVILISH DEVILS I’VE EVER
PLEASE PLEASE NO PLEASE NOOOOOOO! Mackenzie! What the fuck do you want, Saison? I’m kind of in the middle of an emergency
here. It’s Brittnay! What about her? Brittnay and Deandra are in trouble! What? What do you mean? Hurry, you must come with me! I’ll tell you how I won the bet! You see, the trick is you deflate the beach
ball first. Then it fits right in. Haha, Than, you’re ridiculous. Hey man, five bucks is five bucks. Thanks buddy, you know, I really needed a laugh today. Yeah no problem, man. Look, I get it, you know. I know you’re just getting over Tristan
and all, and y’know, I’m here for you. And you know, maybe somewhere down the road,
you and I could go out on a date or something. Hm, yeah you know what, why not Than? Let’s go on a date. Whoa, what? Yeah, it’s just a date. I mean, we’ve already had sex. Haha, yeah…What? I mean, whatever. We’ve already fucked. Might as well take each other out for dinner,
right?! Yeah, right, no uh yeah. Hey, when you say we fucked, you’re referring to… The other night, when we got all super drunk
and you and me had sex. Uh Tanner, we didn’t have sex that night. I think I would’ve remembered the greatest
night of my life. Than, what the fuck are you talking about? I woke up in your bed without any pants on. Uh yeah, because you peed your pants that night. What?! Yeah, you locked yourself out of your room
and you pissed yourself in the hallway. So I let you stay in my room, and we sent
your pants off for dry cleaning. Whoa, whoa, what! Wait a minute. You’re telling me that the secret that we’re
keeping between us was- That you soaked your shorts like a little
preschooler. Not that we fucked! Dude, you were so shitfaced that night, you
couldn’t have given consent. C’mon man, I’m a pervert, not a fucking
monster. Oh my god, oh my god Than! That means I didn’t cheat on Tristan! I can get him back! Than, oh thank you, Than! Thank you so much! You really are a good friend! [Kisses Than] Thank you! thank you! Thank you! I’ll see you later! Yeah, no, it’s…no problem buddy! Goddamit Than, why you always gotta be such
a fucking gentleman?! Holy fuck! It was the French models! I saw them go through a secret passage here
in the corner. Excuse me, I’m looking for my daughter. Have you seen her? No dude, no one’s seen your daughter. We have our own missing friends we’re dealing with. No, sorry. Thank you. Alright, Saison. How do we get inside? Oh, I do not know. I did not see how they opened the door. Fuck. Ok, wait, I know how to do this… We’re never gonna figure this out! Eh, Mackenzie, what are you doing? That’s usually how you find a secret passage. You just give up and then you lean on something,
and it usually opens… “We’re never gonna figure this out!” C’mon Saison, fucking help! Oh ok, we’re never going to figure it out! We’re never going to figure this out. We are never going to figure it out. We’re never going to figure it out. I give up eh…. We’re never going to figure it out. We’re never going to figure it out. We’re never gonna figure it out. Aw fuck yeah! Works every time. C’mon Saison! Ok Deandra, it’s time for your second course. Oh no, please no! I can’t. Don’t worry, it’s one of your favorites. An entire pizza. Oh well, ok, seems like you guys came to your senses. Yes, a gluten free pizza. Made with a vegan cheese called “Notzarella.” No! You cunts! No! I won’t do it! I won’t eat it! Oh yes you will! Oh no she won’t! Mackenzie! Oh thank god! Saison?! What are you doing here? Saison was the one who told me you were here. Yes! We are here to how you say, “rescue you!” Oh well isn’t that a nice thing to do? That really sounds like the behavior of someone
who really deserves a whole lot of trust, don’t you think Brittnay? Wait, who the fuck are all of these fat people? Those are the original Team USA models. Sacre bleu! Really? Enough! While I admire your chivalry, it will be of
no use. For the two of you are quite outnumbered. You know what, I think you’re right. How about we even up the odds? Oh fuck yeah! Well, looks like the numbers are a little
more even now. Dammit Saison! Oh yeah really sounds like the behavior of
someone who deserves a whole lot of trust, don’t you think Brittnay? Whatever, we don’t need her to kick the
shit out of these Guy Fieri wannabe motherfuckers! Let’s dance, frogs! [Fight sounds] You done fucked up now bitch. [Fight sounds] Feeling good now motherfuckers! Get Brittnay! She is the one competing in the finals! Oooooohhhh! [Bones breaking] Ahhhhh! Oh fuck, my leg! Brittnay! Oh shit! They broke my fucking leg, you crazy bitches! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You bitches are dead! Or you know, how about we call it even? I am done playing games. Goodbye Team USA. [gunshot] [gasps] [gunshots] Holy shit! It’s that guy who’s missing his daughter! Please don’t shoot us. Daddy?! Kim! I’ve been looking for you ever since you
went missing. [Kim crying] Oooooohhhh! Brittnay! You’re ok! Saison, you came back! Yes, I recognized that model as the missing girl. And then I went to get her father to help us. Oh my god, Saison, you saved our lives! Ho ho ho sounds like somebody who should be deserving of a whole lot of trust, wouldn’t you say, Brittnay?! Ok, Deandra. I get it. Saison… I think I owe you an apology. I know you’re French, and I’m sorry for
always giving you such a hard time about it. Oh, really?! Thank you, Brittnay! Apology accepted. I knew you’d how do you say, come around. Yeah, yeah, Saison, that’s how you say it. Uh, hey guys, this is a really sweet moment
and all, but I think we should get the fuck out of here before the cops show up and start asking about why we’re in a basement with four dead girls. Yeah, Deandra’s probably right. Let’s go. I hope they’re okay. Oh my god, Brittnay! What happened? Those fucking French cunts broke my leg. What? That’s ridiculous! They should be disqualified immediately! Trust me, they’ve been disqualified. Yeah, disqualified from life. Wait, does that mean we win?! No, Team Brazil is still in the finals, and
they still have a model that’s gonna walk against us. We need another model if we’re gonna win. Hiiiiiii! Oh hey Brittnay, what happened? Did you break your leg sucking a dick? Yeah Cameron, I broke my leg sucking a dick. Wait, really? You’re fucking gross. Hey Mackenzie, I brought Shay like you asked. Yeah, what the fuck do you guys want? Oh hey Brittnay, what happened? You break your leg sucking a dick? God, this fucking family. Shay…we need your help. Brittnay can’t compete so we need you to
join Team USA and walk in the finale to help us win the competition. Well, well, well! Took a little longer than I thought, but here
we finally are, Mackenzie Zales. Ugh, fuck me. Once again, you need Shay Van Buren to swoop
in on her white horse and save the day. How does it feel, Mackenzie? How does it feel to always need my help? Alright Shay, you want me to say it? Fine. You’re right. We need you. We cannot win this without you. So what do you say, one more time, we put
aside our differences and win this thing? Then we can all become models Shay, you included. Well, when you put it like that… NO!!! What?! What the fuck? You heard me. No. You guys spend all week shitting on me, then
at the last minute you beg me for forgiveness so I can help you win. And then let me guess, we win, and then all
of a sudden it’s back to shitting on Shay, calling me a dog, leaving Beggin’ Strips
in my hotel room…Cameron! Hey in my defense, I was under the impression
that Shays don’t know it’s not bacon. Fuck you Cameron! And fuck the rest of you! For once, nobody’s gonna save the day! Instead, I’m gonna watch all of you fucking
crash and burn. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go get
a good seat. Byeeeee! Fuck. I did not see that coming. Well what the fuck are we gonna do? There’s nothing we can do. There’s literally nobody left in the entire
country that can compete for us. Actually, there is! Who? Uh…um, me. [Everyone laughs] Aw, man thanks Rach. I really needed that laugh. No, no c’mon guys. I’m serious. I mean what other option do you have? There has to be some other option. Trust me, there’s not. C’mon you guys! Think about it! With your help, Rachel can win this thing! Cameron, you always have such great makeup. I bet you could work your magic on Rach and
make her real beautiful. Well, it is gonna take a lot of concealer. And Mackenzie! Nobody knows more about fashion than you. There’s no doubt Rachel could use a new outfit. I’m sure you could pick out the right one. Well, I guess we’re making another trip
to Chez Pepe’s. And Brittnay! Everybody knows you’re the queen of hair! I do have my ways! So what do you guys say? Let’s make Rachel a model! Oh my god, I can’t believe this. We’re gonna give Rachel Tice a makeover.

100 thoughts on “Taken | #MPGIS S5 | Episode 11”

  1. I love the little nod to the Taken series. XD I love that so much. Brittnay's fight alongside Mac and Deandra was very well made. I love the action!

  2. Why did Than say that about consent if he practically raped (?) The Oisin last season? (This is kinda fucked up) Or did not he? I'm confused…

  3. WAIT WHAT HOLY FUCK WAIT WHAT??? WHAT??? WHAT?!?!?!?! THANK THE FUCKING BARBIE GODS TRISTAN AND TANNER WILL BE OKAY THANK YOUUUUU. God… I was really fucking concerned about this Barbie relationship.

  4. This season is so fucking good! And this episode??? God DAMN! The fight scene?!?!?! Holy FUCKKKK!!!!! (Also the "we're never gonna figure this out!" scene was pretty fucking great. And I'm super glad that Than and Tanner didn't actually fuck and that Tristan and Tanner will probably be okay.)

  5. Honestly, the whole episode is fucking killer! But I just feel like I have to say that the fight scene was absolutely masterfully done! The fluidity of each fight and perfect interaction between the characters during their fights was absolutely stunning! It honestly reminded me of the great fight scenes of rooster teeth's late Monty's. Absolutely amazing work!

  6. THAT FIGHT SCENE!!! 😍😍😍😍IM IN LOVE!! THIS IS TOO GOOD!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  7. i just watched an ad of a dog almost dying and i swear tears were falling down my fACE-

    then i watched this

    you made my day


  8. I wish the fight scene could have been a little bit longer. I felt like it ended a little too soon because I was really enjoying the music and the action. But great ep!

  9. Adding on! Saison gets revealed to the other characters that she’s Canadian, but only because she’s under cover from someone who’s more sinister than any antagonist they’ve faced before….

    Rachel’s parents

  10. Kudos to the writers honestly. As raunchy as this show is, they still express the importance of consent through the story line. Amazing 💕😍

  11. 2:11 OH NO!!!!!!! NO DRESSINGGG!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭 YOU MONSTERS!!!!!😟😤😭😭😳😳😳😳😳😳🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😳😳😳😱😱

  12. One thing I noticed 'bout Than, is that when he's wearin' the glasses, there seems to be more emotion bein' displayed when he's talkin'. Kinda genius..

  13. i really wish it was judith who got the makeover. the transformation would have been more dramatic:/

  14. I was so happy when Shay finally stood up for herself. I too was getting fed up with her being used all the time, and Mackenzie's always ungrateful after all the help she gave for the squad.

  15. Welp, there goes my fucking 500-page-long essay on how Than is the scourge of the world, and honestly, I'm not even mad. And on the brighter side, I finally concealed my favourite mpgis character: Tanner.

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