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Talking Angela’s Cool Tips for Getting up (Become a Morning Person!)

Talking Angela’s Cool Tips for Getting up (Become a Morning Person!)

I used to be such a night owl, staying up all night. I tried to go to bed, but it’s hard! You know: songwriting, TV, Instagram… You get me, right? I would wake up grumpy, and stressed… …skipping my breakfast to make up for the snooze time, rushing out the door, dressed up in something ridiculous. But then, I decided something had to be done! Here’s what I learned! Obviously, it all starts with the night before. Head to bed a little earlier than usual, To ease into it, start with 15 or 30 minutes earlier, and wake up that much earlier the next morning. Don’t hit snooze! Just don’t! Also, you should have a nice sound for the alarm. There’s no need for the earthquake alarm sound! And to prevent yourself from snoozing make sure you keep your phone as far away from the bed as possible. Immediately after you crawl out of bed, open all the curtains and windows! Let the fresh air in! The sun is smiling at you, so give it a smile back! It’s important to look forward to the things that you enjoy to put you in a good mood. Like music, breakfast…and a few good stretches! And if you feel a little extra crazy adventurous, work out! Go for a run! But that’s more for a pro morning person. I’m still a beginner. Next, take ten minutes out of the morning just for yourself. Enjoy your smoothie, read a magazine, or put your make up on! It helps start the day on a less stressful note. It’ll set up your whole day in a more positive way. And most of all: don’t give up! They say you need 22 days to embrace a new habit. So stick with your new routine for a while, and be curious to see the change! High five! You did it! Oh, and one last thing: my videos are best viewed in the morning! Don’t forget to subscribe! See you next time, my little kitties! Bye!

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  1. I Stayed All Night It Hard To Go To Sleep If It Monday Or Wednesday Or Friday I Can Even Awake Up My Mom Pull Me In Bed I Get So Week If Im Eat I Stay On My Cahs And My Mom Say Go To Bath I Say I Don't Want To Go To Bath And I Drekie Milk I Has Playing My Mom Cellphone It Toooo Hard To Dress Up I Has Pick My Shoes My Mom Say The Red Shoes If I Go To School I Get Sooooo Sleepy If I Go Home I m Playing My Mom Cellphone I Watah Tv I Playing

  2. Thank you Angela for teaching. Now I will develop these habits from these and after 22 days, I will be a Morning Person😊🐱

  3. Thanks I stay up until 3 o’clock in the night I tried your text but it’s hard you’re right I should try 22 days it might help me

  4. I have a morning bedtime routine for you my work plus it's really helpful sleep six or 730 and then once you wake up wash your head exercise your brain with a little scrapbooking sketching and maybe even starting today normally and if you’re still in school why not try like stinging outside in your garden drinking a lot say that you love you need some fresh air start today to to freshen up your brain with a problem freeway and with no stress or grumpiness and tired

  5. Hi angela i,m basma I love your tips like you.❤💛💚💙💜💟💗💖💘💝💞💕🌈🌸🌅🌹🏆💐💌💎⭐🌟

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  8. In September of 2019 I am going to start my freshmen year at the greater Lowell technical high school and I am so nervous please reply and tell me to not stress for high school

  9. Hi there,

    Awesome Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Right now I am looking at other good tip videos


    Have a great week

  10. I'm a night owl even thought I wake up really early but I'm so bored to get up so I just chill in my bed

  11. And most of all:
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