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Talking Tom and Friends – Angela’s Critic (Season 1 Episode 25)

Talking Tom and Friends – Angela’s Critic (Season 1 Episode 25)

Oh. Hey, Angela! What’s going on? Wait a second. Did I just hear the
sound of your phone not making a sound when I called? Well, I don’t know what you’re… He-llo, how are you? Cause yesterday I changed
your ringtone to my new song “What’s Not To Love.” Yeah, I found that out when my
phone rang at the Museum of Silence. Yeah, the tour guide was so mad
he almost said something. Well, this isn’t a museum, so
why don’t you turn it back on? Uh… because… let’s see,
how can I put this? I knew it. You hate my new song. What?! I like it. Everybody likes
it… I mean, Hank, what do you think of Angela’s new song? Uhh, I have to go and uh…
watch my carrots grow… I planted carrots in my excuse garden. Okay, Angela, fine. You
wanna know the truth? The truth is… I loved your song! Really? Oh! Yes! Totally! And now that I think
about it, I’m gonna make sure I hear “What’s Not To Love”
every time I get a call. Wow! And…There! Wo-oh, wo-oh, what’s not to love… Mmm, earthy. Did you wash that carrot? No, did you wash your cereal? You guys, guess why today is better
than yesterday and why tomorrow will be even better than today. Okay, so you know Victoria Payne? Victoria Payne? Isn’t she that
really mean music critic from the Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down Report? Yeah, remember when she made that
hip-hop star, Tough-Guy No-Tears, cry? And then she gave his
crying a thumbs-down. Wow, she’s so cool! Well, tomorrow she’s coming here to
interview me and review my new song! What?! Why would you agree to that? Because if Victoria Payne gives you
a thumbs-up, it basically means you’ve made it in the music world. Angela, this is a mistake. Victoria
Payne doesn’t like anyone! Thumbs down. Thumbs
down. Thumbs down. I know she can be negative.
But guess what – I’m positive! And you know what happens
when a negative meets a positive? An angel gets its wings. Close. It turns a thumbs-down
into a thumbs-up. This isn’t good. Angela got upset
when she thought I didn’t want her new song as my ringtone? How is she going to handle
a review from Victoria Payne? Well, if Angela’s going to do the
interview, all I can do is be there for her… Wo-oh, wo-oh… Instant springtime! Tom, what are you doing? If Victoria’s allergic to these flowers
you’re guaranteeing a bad review. Tom, relax. You’re getting
all worried for nothing. I’ve never had a bad review. Yeah, but look who reviewed you…
Happiness Monthly, Journal Of Positivity. Don’t forget The Awesome Report. The Awesome Report. That’s me. It says I’m awesome.
Oh, and Smile Magazine… Smile Magazine… Victoria Payne
doesn’t work for Smile Magazine. She makes a living out of
ruthlessly crushing singers. This is it! Break a leg, me. Victoria, welcome! It is
an honor to meet you! Well, look at you. You
are definitely Angela. Ooh. What was that move?! A curtsy? Not a cool move in this
situation. Definitely not cool. Is there anything I can get you?
Oh, are you cold? I can get you a sweater. Sometimes when I’m cold
I put on a sweater. Ooh, no thanks. Oh, that’s cool. I mean, not like cold, cause it’s the right
temperature. But that’s great. “When I’m cold I put on a sweater?” Oh… So… Do I talk or… Sorry. It’s just that you’re just so…nice. Thanks, Victoria. So are you. How did you come up with your
new song… “What’s Not To Love?” or I’m sorry, do you still say “love”. Great question, Victoria. Well, I
started thinking about the things I love, and I realized I pretty much love everything! You know what I mean? You know, I’m not sure I do. Well, I know what you mean, Angela! -I’m Tom. Hi, great! Tom! So, here are some of your song
titles: “Look For The Rainbow In Every Rainbow,” “Happy Longer Than
Forever,” and now “What’s Not To Love.” So, how would you respond to
a person who says your songs are too cheerful? A person said that?
Who? Can you tell me their name? A person could say anything on the
Internet. That doesn’t mean it’s true. Guys. You can’t let stuff written
on the Internet bother you, okay? Well that is just! Oh, yeah. Oh, okay, I won’t. What’s not to love?! Yeah. Thank you, thank you. What a performance. Thanks! I’m so glad you liked it. Well, I think I’ve seen enough to write the article. Oh. It has been really nice meeting all of you. It was nice meeting you too. Huh. She’s not as mean as I thought. Yeah, I kinda like her. I just don’t get it.
She’s not like I expected at all. We were wrong about
Victoria Payne. I guess we worried for nothing. Hey everyone! Victoria Payne here.
Welcome to the “Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down Report.” Today we’ll be talking about a
local singer trying to make a name for herself. This is Angela. She’s likable,
she’s friendly, she has a nice voice… And she has a new song
called “What’s Not To Love.” What’s not to love? Well, let me
see, for starters, this song… Oh, no. “What’s Not To Love” sounds like it
was cranked out by like a song writing machine that doesn’t know
what ears are. Its sugary, sweet sound and fake positive message
give me a headache. I have a big message for Angela’s friends. And
it’s: “Don’t encourage her.” Oh and Angela
I have a message for you too: Write better songs. Angela, Angela, Angela.
I want to tell you that if this is all you’ve got, you gotta never sing again, okay?
I give Angela a … thumbs-down! Payne out. Ben…
Is it possible to erase the Internet? Well, not without a pretty major solar flare… Then I guess my career is over. Okay. It’s the day after the thumbs
down. And I still feel mad. No, I feel super mad! You know what? I just thought of something. I am going to write a mean review of Victoria. Okay, you guys, update. I couldn’t
write a mean review. I really try but I’m like what’s the point? And
then I went on the internet and I saw this thing that said you can’t
fight fire with fire and I was like, yeah, you can’t, that just causes more fire. Oh, someone should put that on a pillow. Oh, no. Maybe Victoria was right.
Yeah. Maybe I do give people headaches. I have a headache right now. Oh, that is it. I am never singing
again. That’s sad. I know, I love singing. But I’m not going to do it
anymore. I’m really, really going to miss it. Hey, Angela? Do you think maybe
it’s time to come out from under that blanket? That’s Tom. He doesn’t like my music either. Alright, that’s enough! Hey, give me back my sadness cave! You’re not getting back your
sadness cave until you listen to what I have to say… Smoothie? Thanks. First of all, I like your music,
stop saying that I don’t. And second, why do you even care? What do you mean, why do I care? Do you like your music? Yes… And do you like your new song? What’s not to love? I meant it as an answer to
Tom’s question, but it’s also the title of Angela’s song. Yes, I love my song. And doesn’t your opinion of the
song matter more than my opinion, or Victoria’s? Let’s see if I can interpret…
Angela thinks her problem is with her music. But the solution to this
problem is also her music. So instead of being sad, she should
write a song that turns this thumbs-down situation into a thumbs-up. Maybe you guys are right. Writing
music does make me feel better. I emerged from the sadness cave With a smile on my face All your negativity
Is gone without a trace Never sing again?
Never sing again? Check your ears right now, Victoria.
Cause I am not never singing again! Payne can’t hurt me.-Victoria Payne Payne can’t hurt me. Payne can’t hurt me. You see, it’s her name You called me sugar sweet You gave me a thumbs-down -Thumbs-down I got news for you… You were right. Writing a song
made me feel so much better. The number of views is going up like crazy. This is your best song ever! Thanks, Tom. On a scale of one to ten, you guys are the best. Oh. Listen to what people are saying! “Angela, you’re my hero.” Aw… that’s sweet. “Your song made my day.” Well, that comment made my day! Here’s another one “Angela, you’re horrible. You should probably
never open your mouth again.” – Oh, no. What, who said that? What’s their
screen-name? Write it down, we’re going after them.

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