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Talking Tom and Friends – Parallel Universe (Season 1 Episode 42)

Talking Tom and Friends – Parallel Universe (Season 1 Episode 42)

Reason number eleven that you
aren’t allowed to touch my stuff while I’m gone – some of
it is extremely dangerous! Oh, Ben, just stop. Okay. No one is gonna mess
with your nerd equipment. And by the way, trying to
scare us with talk of “danger” wouldn’t work anyway. Yeah, Danger is my middle name! – It is?
– No, it’s Hank. Wait, your name is Hank Hank? Yeah, except in France
where it’s Honk-Honk. Reason number twelve you aren’t
allowed to touch my stuff while I’m gone – a little thing called respect! Wow, I have to go! I have that thing. At the place. Gotta run. Whoa, can’t believe I almost forgot
about that thing at the place! I can’t think of a fake excuse,
so I’m just gonna go over there. Ben, buddy. Just go, alright. I’ve got everything under control. But you guys stopped me right
before reason thirteen, that seems like it might be a bad omen… Oh, come on. Just trust me, now go. Go go go go! shu, shu. He really thinks we’d mess with his stuff? Really? Huh? What? Hey! Huh! Oh, no! I’m close to touching something. And if I do, who knows
what terrible thing might happen. Oh-oh. No! No! This is really dark. This is really dark. Wait, who are you? Who am I? Who are you? Ahhhhhhhhh! Oof! Geez, ouff. Oh yeah? Well you’ll just have to
tell the record company that I will Hank! only do the world tour if
I start in Antarctica. My penguin fanbase is
very important to me! – Don’t worry, Tom!
– Ben? Nobody touched your nerdy
science things while you were gone. My science things? Hey, come chill with me, amigo. Angela! A new episode of McGillicuddy
& Bongo is starting! McGillicuddy & Bongo? Don’t you mean
Bongo & McGillicuddy? Oh, a camera, great. It seems I’ve been
transported through a wormhole to a parallel universe. This looks like my normal
residence, but everything is reversed. The strangeness is alarming, so I will approach the problem
rationally and remain calm. I am freaking out! What am I gonna do?! I’m stuck in some sort of bizaro world! You people are my friends,
but you’re not my friends! Oh, Buddy, relax. I’m still Angela,
TV-loving couch potato! And I’m still Honk Honk, the
world’s next biggest pop star! And I’m still Ben, cool frontman
of Ben and Tom Enterprises! Cool?! Then that means… I’m… You’re Tom! The nerd! Tom fainted again. So, wait a minute, You’re saying… Yes. And if you’re here, then our Tom is… Yes. And the opposite of no is… Yes. How do we know
you’re not the real Tom? The glasses? No. This could be some kind
of April Fool’s Day prank. Uhu. But it’s not even April. Yeah, then we’d never expect
it, okay? I’m onto you. I happen to be an expert on comedy,
so I’d come up with something very funny if that was my goal… Example, why did the keynote
speaker at the science conference cross the road? Why? To get to the other… slide! …Hahaha…slide. Hey! Who’s stealing my jokes!? So you’re saying, in your
universe, you’re the cool one? Exactly! La la la la… Whatever man, I don’t see it… But, who cares? Welcome to our universe, cool Tom! Yeah, thanks! Dude, this calls for a celebration. Cool. Is everything OK, chums? Ha ha, uh, Ginger is that you? This is New Tom. He’s like a cool Tom
from a parallel universe! Welcome. Had I known
we had a special guest, I’d have cooked a special dinner! I say we order milkshakes! No, let’s order pizza! No way. Milkshakes! Guys, guys, guys, there’s no need to fight. We can just order both. – Wait, what?
– Both? Yeah, we’ll just order
pizza and milkshakes. Mind blown. Whoa, looks like we’ve got a
problem solver in the house. This is gonna be amazing! I’ll go pick everything up. My treat! No, no, I insist. – Your treeeeat!
– Yeah! Cool! Hey Ginger, you wanna grab
some candy while you’re out too? Well, I don’t eat candy. But I’ll gladly get some for you! This is so weird. Sure is great to have you here,
but are you sure your friends won’t miss you back in your universe? Are you kidding? It sounds like your Nerd
Tom is like our Nerd Ben, so I’m sure they’re having
a great time together! I’m in charge of the rescue mission! I am trying to help! Okay, here’s the plan. We all have to do our parts perfectly if we want this rescue mission to work. Otherwise we may never get our Tom back and we’ll be stuck with this monster! Who are you calling a monster? I’ll have you know in my universe I am a well-respected man of science! Maybe your universe is dumb. Don’t you dare talk about
my universe like that! Enough! Let’s just hurry up and
rescue Tom so you two will never have to see each other again. Fine with me! Fine with me, too! I just hope we’re not too late. Yeah, if things are bad here, it
must be terrible over there for Tom! Best! Day! Ever! New Tom, I think I speak for
everyone when I say, you’re the coolest guy we’ve ever
met in any universe! Oh, man. He’s right, Tom, things have
been way more fun with you here! We haven’t gotten any work done,
but spending quality time with your friends is also important! Hey, you guys, McGillicuddy
& Bongo is starting! Oh, okay. You ready to do this, Bongo? Eeeh oooh! Quick, hand me that banana. Okay, pull over. Tom?! What’s going on? Angela, have you met you? Dude! Let’s move, people! Go go go! Wait, wait, wait, McGillicuddy can talk? Of course McGillicuddy can
talk! Don’t you ever watch TV- Would you care for a fresh-picked carrot? I’ll skip the carrots, but you
know would I would like to eat…? – So like, you’re me?
– Sh! I don’t want to hear it. I saw what you were doing. – We’re get you out of this!
– I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. This is for your own good. What’s going on, New Tom? Oh no. I have to stay here.
This Angela likes me. Angela, Hank, Ginger! Get back to the wormhole now. This is for your own good. – You can’t make me.
– You’re going home! Whoa, candy! Just promise me you’ll
brush and floss every day. Wait, noooooooo! Whoa. No! No! My candyyyyy! Let it go, Ginger. That
candy wasn’t meant to be… Ben, how could you?! Didn’t you see me and the other Angela – Listen, I saw you and that fake
Angela! And I don’t like what I saw! Wait a minute, why do you care so
much about me and that other Angela? Uh… I don’t care. Who
said I cared? Not me. It seems like you care a little. I don’t wanna talk about
it. Okay? Gotta go. Bye. I wanna talk about it! Everything is back to normal. You guys, I’m ready for
the big rescue mission. Well, I see you forgot about
me. So typical of you, Ben. You see this is why I should’ve
been in charge of this project. Okay, that’s it! Time to close this thing for good! Noooooo! Nooooooo!

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  1. °•.°•.°•.°•.°•.
    °•.°•.°•.°•.°•. i guess the power to the #ParralolUniverse or like poo flowing [Like if u think? Probably]

  2. Maybe Angela is hank and tom is a nerd and hank is Angela and ben is Angela also Ginger is also Ben im not sure cuz ben is kinda drunk also Angela….XD

  3. Faizah. I love tom and friends a lot and a lot!!!!!!!! Tom⚽⚽ Angle🌈🌈 Ginger🍫🍫 Ben👞👞 Hank😀😀

  4. Ginger: Wait, so you're saying….
    Nerd Tom: Yes.
    Angela: So if you're here, that means our tom is…
    Nerd Tom: Yes.
    Hank: And the opposite of no is…?
    Nerd Tom: …..Yes….


  5. Why don't you guys make a candy bla bla bla round thingy for Ginger and guess what Answer: He will love it while he forgets about the oposite universe Gingergave him

  6. I wish ginger went into the portal before Ben destroyed it and there was a part two

    But I still love this show!!!

  7. Real World TV show: Talking Tom and Friends w/ Bongo and McGillicuddy
    Bizzaro World TV show: Bizzaro Talking Tom and Friends McGillicuddy And Bongo

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  9. The last digit is your character.






    6-Nerd Tom

    7-Lazy Angela

    8-Pop Star Hank

    9-Healthy Ginger

    10-Cool Ben

  10. GINGER IS THE. BEST… LIKE SERIOULSLY. YES I KNOW EVERYONE R.I.P ginger for dropping candy your Tom the nerd yes you are DROP ME NLOLOOOOKKL
    LOL LMAO 😂 Yeah dude is “is everyone alright” there’s no need to fight looks like I’m a loser we’ll not YOUR A LOSER YOU SAID IM A LOSER AND IM NOT A LOSER. Let’s play a game
    Swipe to the left and right then clap hold you ipod phone or what wait it’s in your right hand that’s my game I read your mind lovey dovey birds Why is their clones of Ben ginger Angela Tom hank I saw you and that fake Angela I’m ready so much I don’t like nerds yeah so much subscribers what is the rush I’m in love NONONONONo okay 👌 byeeee BAII wat wut what goodbye bye goodbaii so many ways to say it

    Hank=Likes Tv

    Parallel universe
    Angela=Likes Tv

    LIKE for the real world

  12. My brother likes talking tom and friends, he's a fan, I like talking tom and friends I'm also a fan

  13. Ethan again:look Tom Angela likes you but you have to get along with her love like at the ending when she said :I saw you and that other Angela and I don't like what I saw

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