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Talking Tom and Friends – The Deep Secret | Season 2 Episode 26

Talking Tom and Friends – The Deep Secret | Season 2 Episode 26

Okay. So the man at the store said this
mystery game will be a bonding experience. Or it will tear our friendships apart. I’m hoping for bonding! Ooh! My character is Doctor Moreau
a suave, French physician. Enchanté. And I’m Detective Mulholland,
a hard-nosed lawman with a past. Hm. I was hoping to play someone
a bit less like myself, but oh, well. I’ll tell you who I am in a minute! I almost have enough quartz
for a drawbridge in my City Builder– Hey! No phones allowed, Ginger. Or should I say…
Sebastian, the little butler. Oh, man!
Can I at least be a dinosaur butler? What? No! That’s not how this works. Tom! We’re about to start the mystery! Just a minute! Hm. Does this tie say… [English accent] “Bartholomew
Wellington, international spy?” Ha! Haha! Hmm. The code book, I presume. [gasps] Angela’s Diary? Where she keeps her deepest thoughts
that she can’t tell anyone?! Uh. I’d better pretend I didn’t see this. Or I could just read it. But just one word. One innocent word. Tom… Tom?! Okay, I’ll read two innocent words. Tom can’t… Tom can’t know my secret. ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ Tom can’t know my secret… Her secret? What’s her secret? You can’t write that and not explain it! -[Angela] Tom?
-Aah! Secret! I mean… -Angela. Uhh… ‘Sup?
-What’s taking you so long? We’re all waiting for–
Oh, wow! It is such a mess in here! [laughs nervously] Much better. Right?! Don’t you think that’s better? Ha-ha-ha.
-Ha-ha. Yeah. You keep a tidy room. Hm. Mm! [Angela] Thank you all for joining me, Madame Cassandra,
for an evening of refreshments and mystery! Oooh. I like both of those things. You see, somebody in this room…
is a rotten jewel thief! Hm. One of us has a deep, dark secret. [Angela] Is it the doctor? -The detective?
-Hm. The butler?
[bleeping] -Or the spy?
-What about the lady, huh? -Could the lady have a deep, dark secret?
-I suppose you’ll have to find out. I suppose I will. Okay, we have a half hour to talk
to each other and look for clues! Then we gather back together
for “The Plot Thickens” round. He doesn’t look like a jewel thief. We can do this the easy way,
or the hard way. -I’m going to ask you some questions.
-Whoa! -Pst, Ben. I need to ask you something.
-I’m sorry, Mr. Wellington. I believe you have me mistaken
for somebody else – some lousy sap named “Ben.” -No, I really–
-Ah-bup-bup! Ugh. Fine. [clears throat] [English accent] Might I have a word,
detective? -Make it snappy.
-Right, so I think that Ang– er, Madame Cassandra is hiding something,
but I can’t just ask her. -Or do you think I should just ask her?
-Now, listen, Wellington. If you directly question a lady,
she’ll confound and misdirect you! -If I was you, I’d search for a clue.
-Clues? Yeah, see, that’s what the game
is all about. Seriously, Tom, that’s the game. Hm. Cozying up to the spy, eh?
I’m watching you, Mulholland. [game beeping]
Lovely evening, isn’t it, Sebastian? Uh… If you say so. It says here that you were seen admiring
Mr. Haberdash’s prized ruby collection two days before the very same jewels
were stolen! Seems awfully suspicious to me. Mmm-hmm. Artfully suspicious. Ginger! Aw, come on! I have to water my yam
garden so my city can get prestige! There were no phone video games
back in mystery times! What if my mom calls and I don’t answer and she gets worried
that I’m stuck in a barrel again? I don’t want my mommy to worry. Nooo! She’s just going to have to wait
until after we solve the jewel mystery. You’ll be sorry you messed
with Sebastian the little butler! Come on, clues. You can’t hide forever. Huh. Oh. What am I doing? [English male voice] What’s necessary. Huh? Bartholomew Wellington. Charmed. Aagh! Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not real. You’re just the character
that I’m supposed to be playing. Your mind created me to help with
the mystery of your girlfriend’s diary. With my spy skills and your ability
not to be stuck on a card, we’re sure to crack this nut. No. I– I’ve betrayed Angela’s trust
enough already. If she’s keeping a secret from me,
I’m sure she has a good reason. I am done snooping. [Bartholomew] This way! I bet there’s a doozy of a clue
in her emails. Always check the emails. Stop! You can’t– Wait. Do you really
think that there’s something there? I do. Which means you do, too,
because I am your mind. Hm. [typing] Angela, you two are going
to be so good together. Tom doesn’t know, right?
Ugh, he is, like, sooooo hot! Thank you for trusting me
with this secret. Tom is going to freak
when he finds out. -Wellington? What are you up to?
-Uh, investigating. Leave me alone! Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Time to reveal another clue. “Knockout gas attack. Whoever reads this has to lie down and
close their eyes for five minutes.” What? Sure, unconventional. But that’s the name
of the game, isn’t it, sweetheart? Oh, uh. Ughh! [Ginger] Sorry, not sorry. It appears that Angela’s been seeing
some other chap. I, for one, am gobsmacked. And I do not gobsmack easily. -How could she? Who is this clown?
-It is time to focus. You must find her mobile phone. You’re right.
She must have called this guy. If I find the phone, I’ll find her secret
and crack the case. Now you’re thinking
like an international spy! Bingo jackpot.
[crunch] [crunch, crunch] [snoring] Okay. Let’s see. Me. Me. -Ben, me.
-Tom! Get your own secret spot! What are you doing out here? Go back to
the party before Angela gets suspicious! Ohh! I was here first! And the sidewalks of my digital city
aren’t going to power-wash themselves! Ginger! I am trying to solve a mystery! [groans and clatters] -What do you think you’re doing?
-Um… [English accent] Checking to see
if the butler did it? Can’t be too careful. Right? Ugh! Since everyone is having
such a hard time focusing, we’re just going to skip
to the “Accusation” round. I’ve got an accusation, all right! It’s clear that somebody in this room
has a terrible secret. Yeah. You said it, buddy. That somebody is…
Bartholomew Wellington! -What?
-I second that accusation! Okay, look, I’m not the jewel thief, okay?
You’re missing the point. You’ve been using all kinds of
classic diversion strategies all night – sneaking around by yourself, doing everything you could
not to participate in the party. That makes sense!
Tom did it. Can I have my phone back now? I’m not the stupid jewel thief! And if I was the jewel thief, I wouldn’t
hide that from people I care about. No. I would be up front about it, so that
no one found my secret accidentally. Which is more than I can say
for some of you people. -Specifically you, Angela!
-Tom’s finally getting into the game. Hm. I’m not the jewel thief! I swear! [French accent] When the rat is cornered,
that is when it is at its most dangerous. Oh, give it up, Angela.
Your secret is out. I know everything! Or at least, almost everything! -I know something!
-Uh, I really am not the jewel thief. Unbelievable! I trusted you! I am the jewel thief! Okay, Tom. What is going on?
You’ve been acting super weird all night. I know about your secret
with the guy that’s “sooo hot.” You tried to keep it from me,
but I found out. You did? I’m sorry.
I just wanted it to be a surprise. A surprise? You kept a terrible secret from me so that
when I found out I’d be surprised?! -Well, mission accomplished, I guess!
-Why are you so mad? Doing a music video with Ricky de Luna
is a huge opportunity! -You’re doing… a– a– a music video?
-Yeah. But I didn’t want to tell you
until I was totally sure it was happening. What did you think was going on? I just… assumed… secret… hot guy… [Angela laughs] Wow! I feel really stupid. -Come on, dude. Be less paranoid.
-Ooh! -[Angela laughing]
-So this is a big misunderstanding. Oh, man! See, when I read your diary, -Then I saw this email, I was–
-Hold on! -You read my diary?
-Right. Uh-huh. -Then I was going through your phone–
-I can’t believe you, Tom! Oh. Can we go back to a few seconds ago
when we were laughing? -Ugh!
-Angela! Angela, wait! -[sighs]
-[Bartholomew] Oh. Well, now. It seems I’ve led you astray. Awk-warrrrrd. Wheeeee! Wait, no, there’s a puddle! Puddle! Are you still there?
I can’t see you. I landed face down. I don’t even care.
I like it in this puddle. It’s like my own little swimming pool.
La-di-dah! Okay, I was lying.
Tom, pick me up. Tom? Tom?

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  4. 5:44 Look and you'll see a moon rock shaped like a heart
    A reference from 'man on the moon'
    From S01 Ep 09&10

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  7. before i comment this i have to tell you i watched that episode when it was uploaded

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    The RETRO SERIES CLUE 1986 Edition is the one that MOSTLY fits the theme of this Episode..

    Edit 1: i know Because i have the game.

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