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Talking Tom and Friends – The Famous Monster (Season 1 Episode 37)

Talking Tom and Friends – The Famous Monster (Season 1 Episode 37)

You know what, thank you so much for
helping me with this commercial audition. You’re welcome. Now, let’s try this… You’re on a deserted island, and
a pirate is selling you hand cream. And even though you’re lost at sea –
and the pirate is made of cardboard – you still can’t believe what a great
deal you’re getting. And… go. Wow! That is a great deal! No. Go bigger. Make it like this is
the greatest deal you’ve ever seen. Wow! That is a great deal! Stop. Bigger. Bigger? You’re here… Take it all
the way up to here. Huh? Wow! That is… a great deal! Bigger – Okay. You think you’re such
a big actor, let’s see you try it! Okay. Watch. Wowww!!! That is a… gggreat deal! Woo! I got a deal! It’s a great great deal! It’s a great great deal!
Woo! I got a great deal, yo! Hey! Who’s being so loud out here? Um, that was me… Sorry. You should be sorry – sorry you
didn’t come in here sooner, because you are amazing!
You just got the job. You are going to be the
face of Awesome Tech’s gigantic new commercial campaign! What?! Are you ready to be seen in every
home… in the… wait for it… world? It’s only everything I’ve ever wanted
in my whole life, yes, I are. Am. Louder! I’m ready!!! Huh-huh. I love it! Okay, everybody else you
can go home because we’ve found our star! Oh come on… But I’m here to audition
for a different commercial… I said go home! Oh, come on. Awesome Tech makes the list of Most
Awesome Tech Companies every year. I mean this could really put Tom
and Ben Enterprises on the map! Ooh. Do you think you’ll get to meet Clicky,
Awesome Tech’s awesome mascot? Clicky scares me… He
doesn’t have any eyes. Clicky doesn’t need eyes
to see you, Ginger. Ha, ha, ha. I am so ready to be a famous commercial star! Tom, I don’t want to sound jealous,
but you don’t just show up to one acting job and
become a big success. Angela’s right. I should prepare. Oh, okay. Someone give me an emotion, and
I will perform that emotion to you. Okay. Um… jealousy! Weird choice, but okay. You did what? I’m so jealous. Show me whimsical! Huh-huh. Whimsical. Oo-ooh. You’re tired because you
have been walking too much today. Too easy! Give me a hard one! I wasn’t finished! You’ve been walking
all day because… you’re an old king, heading back to your
lands after a giant battle! Old king… … and you’re secretly a robot
and you want to take over the world with your robot children! Robot children… Three layers of acting?
That’s pushing the limits. Also you have to fart! Tom, no! Four layers is too
much acting for anyone! Hank, don’t worry. I am a pro. You have to fart but you don’t
want to fart and it’s cold outside! Acting? Alright, who popped the balloon? That wasn’t a balloon. It was my
face muscles… I think my face is stuck like this! Do I look bad? Uhh. No… I hardly even noticed it. Tom, quit sneering. She’s trying to be nice! I’m not sneering.
It’s my face. It’s, it’s stuck. It’s pretty bad, Tom… Just go lie
down. It will probably go back to normal after a good night’s rest. Whoa-whoa, Tom. Ben
is just trying to be helpful. Hey, Hank, remember when my face
was stuck? Yeah, it’s still stuck. Oh! Right. So, it’s not better. But you’re not
gonna let this get you down. You’re Tom. You’ve got charisma. In fact, you’re going to invite your
friends to a confident company dinner tonight because you’re
still ready to face the day! I for one applaud you, Tom. There’s
nothing wrong with looking weird. If it wasn’t for us weird-lookers,
we wouldn’t have computers and we’d have to go outside to have fun! Exactly. This is gonna be fine. All right, gang. What’cha gonna have? Hey, sweetheart. What’s
the juice of the day? It’s a monster! Wait, no, come back!
There’s a simple explanation- Argh! yarrrrrr…. What’s wrong with you… I’m not a monster! Don’t look at me! I’ll get a picture of him… I’m not a monster! Don’t look at me! Well a frozen face
won’t eat these pancakes. Tom, come out. You have
to go to your commercial acting job that I didn’t get. No. Leave me alone.
My face scares people! You’re overreacting. Hey, hey. I just saw on the news
that there is a monster at the diner! Look, it’s Tom! Hello, new wallpaper. I’m never coming out of here ever again. Tom, the commercial people are
calling. You’re late for the shoot. Tell them there is nobody here
by that name. Tell them there never really was a “Tom”. No, Tom. You’re not giving up just
because people run away screaming when they see your face. You worked too hard – I mean, you
acted really big to get this chance, and now you’re gonna
take that commercial! Oops, I talked too long and now
the phone stopped ringing. But I’m calling them back! Hey, Mister Director – your star is here. Wait, wait. What is this?
He’s a bag man now? It’s his process. Oh, his process! I totally get it. No problem! Make yourself at home! What’s a “process”? It’s a thing that actors say when they
want people to let them be weird. Oh. Well, there’s gonna be a whole
lot more process when I take off this bag. Hey – we’re gonna get your confidence
back. Now repeat after me. “I can do it. I’m the biggest
actor in the world. Go me!” Right. I’m gonna go uhm… check out the…
uhm… food in my trailer. I’ll be right back. Ben, look, you gotta help! Angela
doesn’t really have a plan, it’s just feel-good inspirational stuff. Well, don’t worry. I’ve come to the
rescue with science. Specifically, I’ve been working on a robotic face
mask for an occasion just like this one. I’ll control the mask from here via
the Internet. If my puppeteering skills are up to the task… and they
are… no one will ever know that the mask isn’t your real face. Thank you, Ben. You’ve got this, Tom. Wow. This thing really works! A raise of the eyebrow and give
them the ol’ bad-boy wink… Wink! So, what this is going to be is,
you’re holding the phone and you say “Finally my life has
meaning!” You try it. Finally, my life has meaning! Yeah. That’s okay. But you’re too happy.
You want to be happy, but also relieved. Uh, sure. Finally, my life has meaning! Yeah. Good. Oh, but also try to do
it like you’re nervous about the future. And this will make total sense when
you see the rest of the commercial – you are secretly a dinosaur. And – action! Okay… got it. Agh! The face hydraulics can’t act this
hard. Perform! Perform, you stupid mask! Finally, my life has meaning! And give us a wink! Wink! Wait, wait a minute! I can
explain! It’s just the mask. No, no, no. Keep filming. This… is… art! Look at this monster! And then get
the new Awesome Tech phone – because it’s… monster-proof! Guitar riff! Awesome, I know a monster
now and he’s also my neighbor! Hey, look on the bright side.
At least you were on TV. You were on TV. Will
you sign my remote? This is a disaster. I was
supposed to be a star… Maybe next time you won’t decide
to show off with a level-four acting move. Hey, look on the bright side.
Your face is back to normal. Yeah, I guess that’s something. Hello…? Who? Uh-huh…
Yeah. I’m right here with the guy whose face
looks like a monster… You’ve got an opportunity for him
that could make him a huge movie star? What, are you crazy? Say yes! Sign him up! Oh, and I have some good
news. His face is back to normal… Hello? Hello! Call dropped. Happens a lot in Hollywood.
I’m sure they’ll call back.

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  1. Prameya is amazing and I am so glad to be able to work with her and I am Prameya you know that or not tom wahahahahaha!

  2. Moral: don't get over excited and OBVIOUSLY don't do four layers at the same time like Mr. Tom Godzilla over here

  3. The moral of the story is "If you see someone weird, you should treat them like they're monsters!" What a great message for kids…

  4. The last number of your battery percentage is who you are
    1. Tom
    2. Ben
    3. Hank
    4. Angela
    5. Ginger
    6. Landlord
    7. Director
    8. Bongo
    9. McGillicudy
    0. Click

  5. 2:50
    Angela : hmmm Jealousy
    Tom : wEiRd cHoIcE , bUt ooohhhhh you dId wHat? Am sO jEalOusY
    v Like if this part cracks you up

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