Talking Tom and Friends – The Germinator (Season 1 Episode 15)

Hey, say where’d you get that cool hat? This is a sterile workplace. If one of your loops of fruit
contaminates my motherboard, everything will be ruined
and I’ll have to start over again. Look, I even put a line on the floor
so people know to keep out. Hey, Ben, I forget.
Which side of the line am I supposed to be on? Ah, the other side. Yeah that’s probably for the best… I’m pretty sick. There! And one hundred percent germ free! Yeah. And no Hank in sight…
Where is Hank anyways? I quarantined him in a secure location. I think you know what I usually do in here… Practice my funny faces in the mirror. But Ben says I gotta stay here until I get better. It’s okay, though, at least I have a TV! Wait a minute… So you just stuck Hank in the bathroom?
But he already sneezed everywhere. How do you know his nasty sneeze-germs are gone? This is how! My new GPS app —
the “Germ Positioning System!” It locates every germ in a given area,
so I can destroy them. It says there’s one left. What?! Impossible! It can’t be! Newton’s Apple! I missed it! Ben, this is crazy sauce.
It’s just one little germ. I can’t get a beat on it! Dude, you’re not gonna get it. It’s too small. Correction, Tom. It was too small. Ha! It worked! Hi, everyone! I’m Jeremy the germ! -Kill it!
-Stop! Stay there! Hold still so I can kill you! Oh please, don’t! -Ben stop!
-Yeah, don’t hurt him. He’s cute! Yeah, I’m cute! Put ‘er there! Ew, I’m not touching you!
You’re a giant infectious bacteria. Nobody touch it! It’s only purpose is to
make us sick. We have to kill it. But we can’t kill him now! We know his name! Yeah, Jeremy. You’re soft, Tom. Just don’t infect anyone, and stay away from my stuff. Pretty much the same rules as Tom. Got it?! Roger that, friendo!
I promise none of you will end up like Hank. Okay Jeremy, now Ben needs to work,
so let’s get out of his way. Yeah, let’s hang out and
get to know each other. Huh? Wow, that’s sounds like fun!
I love to make new friends. Wait a minute.
Hey, Jeremy, can I talk to you for a second? Sure, pal? You mentioned Hank, but no one else did, which means you must have
been in contact with him before! Yeah, so? You’re the germ that got Hank sick, aren’t you?! Very good, Ben. Very good.
You’ve figured out that a germ got someone sick. Oh no! I certainly hope you haven’t
caught on to my plan to infect everyone else. Including you, Ben.
You can try to warn them, but they won’t believe you. I’m cute, remember? And you’re a nothin’. Hey guys wait up! I was just thanking
my new friend Ben for not crushing me! I don’t know where I’ve been,
I know not to where I’ll zoom. The only thing that I know now
is it’s just me and this bathroom. Guys! We have to get rid of Jeremy.
I’m serious! He wants to infect us all. That little fella? Come on, Ben. Look, you have to listen to me!
Whatever you do, no matter the circumstances, do not eat those– Sandwiches! I hope you guys like them!
It’s my grandma’s special recipe, but I added my own personal touch. These are so good you guys! Oh Jeremy, you’re the best! Yum! I am so glad Ben didn’t kill you before. D’aw, water under the bridge.
It was in the heat of the moment, before you all knew how a great I was.
But we’re all friends now! Come, on everyone,
let’s go play the pinball machine. What? We don’t have a pinball machine. We do now. Jeremy got us one! What a great group.
I forgot your sandwich on purpose, Ben. But feel free to eat the leftovers! I’ve got to get the others to see the truth
about Jeremy before he gets all of them sick! But how?! He’s so smooth!
Well, if he won’t slip up, I’ll just have to slip him up. I’m gonna frame him. I love you, Shampoo. Where have you been all of my life Conditioner? Boy he is silky smooth.
That reminds me. I have to wash my hair. Now for the icing on the germ cake. Guys! You’ve got to come see this!
And look at that! Look at that! That’s my favorite wall! It says “Germs rule!” The only germ here
is Jeremy, so logically, he is the culprit. That’s ridiculous.
Jeremy was with us all afternoon singing karaoke. There is no way it could have been him. We don’t have a karaoke machine! We do now. Jeremy bought us one! Where does he get all this money? And look how much fun we’re having. See? He was with us, Ben. So stop trying to get us not to like Jeremy.
That’s mega lame. Come on, let’s go chill in the ball pit. Ball pit?! Can’t you see what he’s doing?! A ball pit is the most
unsanitary play area known to science! Give it up, Ben. They’ll never believe you.
I’ve completely stolen your friends. And pretty soon, they’ll all be sick.
And then we’ll see who the real germ is! -Still you?
-Ta-ta, Ben. Oops. And that makes…
Six thousand four hundred and sixty five lines. Or was that four thousand six hundred and fifty six. Do over!
One… Two… Well, my closest friends all love Jeremy.
And if he’s their friend, well, I guess that I’ll just have to find a way
to get along with him too. That’s not going to be easy. This is trash… This is good though. Oh, an orange. Vitamin C ya later! Well hello, Ben. Hey Jeremy.
Look, I tried to frame you for making that mess. It was wrong. I apologize. It was, and you do. It’s a classic tale of “germ beats person”. Let’s say we…
Shake on it, friendo. Sure. Hey, are you wearin’ a glove? I guess you could say… I’m a jerem-o-phobe. Hey– what are you doing?! Who are you bringing to visit me?
He looks strangely familiar. Ben, take it easy!
We just got off on the wrong foot, that’s all! Give me a chance! I can change! I swear. -In you go!
-Noooooo. You’ll get yours, Ben!
I swear on my — augh!!! Watch it you guys, Ben is giving out swirlies. Ben! What just happened?
Where’s Jeremy? What did you do to him? Relax Tom, he’s in a better place now. You killed him?! What? No! I flushed him down the toilet,
which leads to the sewer. It’s an ideal habitat for a germ.
He’ll have plenty of friends down there. No! Jeremy!
Now who’s going to chew my gum for me? He was only trying to get you sick!
And chew your own gum! Ben, you don’t get to decide who we can be friends with and who gets flushed down the toilet. Yes, that’s right! And another thing — ah-ah-ah-choo! Gesundheit! Ah-ah-ah-choo! Guys, I don’t feel so good. Yes, me neither. Ah-ah-ah-choo! Ah-ah-ah-choo! I can’t believe we let Jeremy fool us like
that! We were so stupid! I know! I’m never taking an open-faced mystery sandwich from a talking bacteria ever again. Sorry we didn’t believe you, Ben. Don’t worry about it.
All that matters is that you learned your lesson. And send all the bad germs to the sewer,
where they belong. Those fools.
They think putting me down here will get rid of me? Well let them. I’ll be back one day. And I won’t be alone!

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