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Talking Tom and Friends – The Most Embarrassing Episodes of Season 1 (Top 4)

Talking Tom and Friends – The Most Embarrassing Episodes of Season 1 (Top 4)

Hey there athletic sporting contest fans. How many times have
you missed the big game because of a tortilla chip injury? Too many times to remember. Put away your safety goggles
because chips with sharp corners are now a thing of the past,
thanks to… the Tor-trimma! It smells like… burnt plastic. The smell of snack safety… Turn it off! Turn it off! I’m trying! Try harder! Tom! Noooo! I guess I need to re-calibrate
the hypotenuse-finder… Hey guys. Thanks, Angela! You saved our- oooh! What? What’s wrong? Tom, look away. You
don’t want to see this. What? I don’t see what
the… Ow, my eyes. Is that a Piranhas shirt?
Tell me that’s not a Pir… Ow, it’s a Piranhas shirt. Huh? Oh, this? What’s the big deal? The Piranhas
are just a basketball team. Seeing you in that shirt cuts. It cuts like a corny tortilla chip to the gums. Ben, help me out here… The Piranhas are in the championship
game against our favorite team – the Barracudas… Well, see, there you go. Piranhas, Barracudas, you can
see why I got confused, they’re like practically the same thing. The same? Barracudas are honest
saltwater ambush predators. And Piranhas they are nothing but
freshwater cheaters who play dirty and hunt their prey in schools. Oh, okay. I get it. To prove I’m a Barracuda’s fan like you guys… I will never wear this disgusting,
cheating team’s shirt again! Well, thank you for understanding, Angela. Yes. It’s for the best. Stupid basketball game… Why do they have two teams
named after fish anyways? Barracudas are honest
saltwater ambush predators. And Piranhas are – Oh no, is that… Victoria Payne? I give Angela a thumbs down. Down. Down. Hello, Victoria. Angela? I haven’t seen you since you
totally tore me apart in that – song. Payne can’t hurt me. You see, it’s her name. Well, if it seemed too mean, just
remember, you started it – did it seem too mean? When you sang, “Payne can’t hurt me,”
it was like you were calling me a pain. Oh my fosh, I’m really sorry. The thing is I was just so
mad when I wrote it. Ha! Oh my god. Just kidding, of course. That’s the first song of
yours I actually like – liked. Really? Well then, what
did you like about it? Oh. Well, it was real. You know it showed that
under all the rainbows and sunshine there’s some… grit. I have grit… Yay! Wait, you like the Piranhas? Oh, this is just a shirt… Eyes up here. …that I wear because I love the Piranhas. “Chomp n’ stomp,” right?! “Chomp n’ stomp!”, yeah. Wow, you know, you may not
be a total waste of time. Hey, how about we forget
about the past and start over? Okay… Victoria. Oh, I just hope there’s
room for us in the Diner. The Diner? Maybe I was too harsh on Angela
for wearing the enemy’s shirt. It was an innocent mistake. It’s
not like she’s a Piranhas fan. But to make sure it doesn’t
happen again, I’m giving her this to wear while we watch the game. – What’s that in the water, ya’ll?!
– Piranhas! – And who are we gonna feed on tomorrow?!
– The Barracudas! Wow, Piranhas fans really
know how to have fun! Yeah we do! Hey, I just thought of a great story for the Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report. Angela and Victoria. Two powerful women
in the local music scene – Ooh, I like that part… Ooh, I better take this. B-R-B. Yo, it’s local pop star, Angela! Make some noise, Piranhas fans! Let’s show her some love. Wow. Thanks. Now, tell us why you love the Piranhas – Go. Oh. Um, because they’re the best at
running and bouncing the ball really fast… Oh! Oh! And they hunt their prey in schools! Unlike those Barracudas who
are nothing but a bunch of saltwater ambush-predator cheaters! Am I right?! Yey everyone! Woo-hoo… sports! Oh yeah! Now that’s a fan
who really knows her stuff! You are not going to believe this. That was the owner of
the Piranhas on the phone. I told him what a huge Piranhas fan you are. And I of course said that if he
knows anything about good music, he should hire Angela, obviously. …and? And you got the job! You are the Piranhas’ halftime entertainment
at tomorrow’s championship game. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here, you can have this. It will look great on stage
with your Piranhas shirt! I love it! This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to tell Tom and – Oh… Oh sports. Uh. Ben, can you please hurry
up with that so we can make breakfast? I just need to adjust the angle
reader from “obtuse” to “acute.” There’s nothing cute about
missing breakfast, Ben. My stomach is eating itself. There, that should do it. Let’s give it a try. What’s wrong with you. You should be trimming tortillas. Hey guys. I have donuts. Did she say doughnuts? – No sharp edges.
– You saved our lives. Easy, guys. Save some for the game. You know, Tom. You and the guys don’t
have to worry about those dangerous snacks anymore,
because you’ll be watching the game live and in person. Boom. You got us tickets? Yes. I did. Angela! Angela! Angela! How did you get these? The game’s been sold out for weeks. It’s actually a funny story… Remember Victoria Payne? Yeah, well it turns out she knows
someone who knows someone, and they asked me to perform at halftime. Crazy, right? You’re the halftime entertainment?! Yes! I get to sing in the middle
of the game while the players drink water and get yelled at. Wow. This is huge. The whole town will be
watching the game. After today, everyone will know your name. I’m really glad you guys understand
what a great career opportunity this is for me. Because um, well
the thing is, I was hired by the P- Right, these are so dangerous. Here, I was gonna give
this to you later but – but it looks like I
better give it to you now. Oh, um… You can wear it tonight so everyone
knows you’re rooting for the good guys. “Good guys,” oh, come on. I mean. Can’t we just focus on what a great career opportunity this is for me? I mean it’s just a stupid basketball game. Not to us, Angela. Not to us. You are a traitor, Angela. No, Tom! Yes, Angela, you betrayed us. What? No! Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Nooo!!! Well, well, well. Victoria
Payne is a Piranhas Fan. Doesn’t surprise me. Ooh. Quick question which hurts
more, getting chomped or getting stomped? We’ll see who chomped and stomped
who when the game’s over. And Piranhas don’t have feet, Victoria. Ladies and gentlemen, please give
a round of applause to tonight’s halftime performer, Angela! Hey, everyone. Here’s a song
I wrote especially for tonight. It’s called No One Wins
And No One Loses. I sure hope you like it… Hit it! Everyone in the house who
doesn’t care who wins tonight, put your hands up like this! Com’on! Woo-hoo! Me and myself. What is she doing? Let’s all hope it’s a tie / Yeah a tie/ Let’s hope no one wins, and no one loses / so everyone can go home… Hey! Hey, quit throwing stuff!
Seriously, it’s one more – Angela, what were you thinking? Uh, dur-doy what the heck! I just wanted people to get along
instead of fighting over who’s going to win the stupid game… But now that I think about it
I really didn’t realize how much people hate a tie game. Or a song about a tie game. Big mistake. Yeah, that song was… not good. And by not good, he means terrible. I agree. The worst… Okay, yeah, got it, thanks.
But, wait a second. Look at all you right now. I see Piranhas fans and Barracudas fans…
and you are all putting aside your differences and agreeing on something. And it’s all thanks to my song! I call that progress! Victoria, just how bad is this for my career? Give it to me straight. Maybe don’t watch this week’s
Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down Report. Oh, right. (upbeat music)
(birds chirping) (electronics) – [Angela] What is this junk? – This junk, is the
most mind-blowingly cool idea I’ve
ever come up with. – And the most mind-blowingly
cool machine I’ve ever made. – Wow! And you made look just
like that junky VHS player we found in the alley behind
the abandoned video store. What are the odds? – Well, it is. But thanks to my
intricate modifications it’s now a high-tech gadget that allows you to rewind the very fabric of time, and travel back to the past! – It’s called,
the time rewinder! – Can it still play
old video tapes? – Of course it can. – Duh! – Mind blown. – Ooh, let’s try it! I wanna go back in time
and meet Cleopatra. I would love to borrow one
of her snake arm bands. – Well, there’s not
enough room on this tape to record that much history. But I do have the last few
years of our lives on here. (clears throat) Allow me to demonstrate. (time traveling) – Stop!
(surprised cries) Whatever you do, do not
press the rewind button! – Who are you? – I’m you from the future. A mistake you made on
the tape loading roller, caused severe problems
in the future. (time traveling)
– Wrong! All wrong! I’m you from the
future’s future, and I’ve come to fix
your boneheaded mistake. (time traveling)
– You’re all wrong! (exasperated gasp) Am I the only future Ben who
understands quantum mechanics? (time traveling)
Outta the way dummies! General Ben is here! – Okay this is
just confusing now. – Ben?
– Ah ah, Ben prime. (nervous laugh)
– Can I have a word with you? – Ah ah ah ah ah ah. (clears throat)
Don’t press that button! (arguing) – I’m sorry, I’ve
changed my mind. This thing should not exist, but I’ve come up with an idea. We have to go back in time to before I came
up with this idea, and make sure that I never
come up with this idea. – I don’t know Tom, with all the adjustments
these Bens made the rewinder might
be too dangerous now. – No, no, and no! You’ve all made
a mess of things! – I think that’s a chance
we’ll have to take. Outta the way. Step back. – [General Ben] What? Wait! (time traveling) – Ah
– Oh! – What? (time traveling)
– Halt. I… (coughing) (breathes deeply) I am the futurest future of all. – You’re late. (“Talking Tom and
Friends Theme”) (typing)
(shock) – Waaa Oh! – Wha Oh. (laughing) (bell ring) (plane crash) (camera snap) – We interrupt
with breaking news. The Banana Berry Bandit
has struck again. (gasps) – Um, guys? – Hold on Ginger. – The Banana Berry
Bandit could be anyone. It could be your friend,
or your girlfriend. – [Ginger] Guys seriously! – What is so important
that you had to… Whaaat? (dramatic music) Oh no! Do you realize what this means? (time traveling) – Wow, it worked! – Of course it
worked, give me that! – Where are we? This isn’t the garage. (gasps) We’re in Angela’s apartment! – Let’s not jump to conclusions. For all we know, this could
just be one big coincidence. – You’re absolutely right Tom. I’m sure this isn’t
what it looks like. – Who are we kidding Ben? Angela’s the Banana Berry
Bandit, we all know it. – So where are you guys gonna
go when we run from the law? – No one’s running
from anything. Angela is our friend, we cannot just hand
her over to the police. – No, no no no no no. This isn’t far back enough Ben. I thought about time rewinder way before this uh,
um, misunderstanding. – I know, I know, but look, we can’t make it that
far back in one rewind. Now stay low so we don’t see
us while this thing cools down. – How could we ever think
that Angela was a thief? – Look, even if she is guilty we have to help her. – And how are we
supposed to do that? (loud knocking)
(dramatic music) – Who could that be? – Federal Agent! – Uh… – What’re we gonna do, head guess, terrified. – Destroy the evidence! – Hey, you wanna know what? This is really awkward so, I’m just gonna, ya know, I mean as long as we’re here.
(nervous laugh) – Don’t disturb anything! We don’t know what effect
it’ll have on our future! – It’ll only take a second. – No! Tom! – Did someone say
let yourself in? (eating noises) Maybe I should just go. – He’s seen too much! – [Postman] That’s
a federal offense! – Hey, everyone, I’ve
come from the future to save us from a (muffled speaking) – Ha ha ha, ha,
ha hey everybody. Don’t listen to this Tom. – Huh? – Everything’s fine, and
normal, and in the present. (time traveling) – Uh… Hmmm. Ha ha! (excited yelling) – Tom, you can’t
do stuff like that! Even embarrassing
events from the past may be crucial to preserving
the timeline we live in! – Yeah, okay, I get that now. (crickets chirping)
(mysterious music) – Ginger, what goes
the ghost sonar say? – It says there’s
something this way. It must be Big Beard. (creaking) – Okay, but be on the lookout. Whenever Jack Sauna thinks
the ghost is in front of him, something happens right behind
(interuppting crash) (yells) (zapping) – Quick! Over here! (yells) – Big Beard, be gone ye
from this cursed home! (yells) – Now, just a few more rewinds, and we’ll be able to make sure you never even
though of this thing. – Hey Ben, remember that time we told Hank and
Ginger a ghost story, so they’d be too scared to touch your computer
while we were gone. (chuckles) Yeah, that’s
happening right now. – Yeah, sure I remember, but we scared them so much they ended up
destroying my computer. (gasps) My computer! It’s not ruined yet! I can save it. – Ben, no! Don’t do it! (indistinct talking)
(bumps kayak) – Oops. – Let’s do this. No ghost is gonna outsmart us!
(crash) (screams) Big Beard, we’re sorry we
touched Ben’s computer, but we’re not
really pirates okay? You get it right? (gasps) (yells) – Pirates!
(zapping) You aim high, I’ll aim low. (zapping)
– I’m aiming everywhere! – You’re doing exactly
what you told me not to do. – This is different. We can save an
innocent computer. (grunts) – Ben. – What was that? (crash)
Big Beard! (zapping)
(explosion) – No!
– Quick, get in the bathroom! – Ha ha ha! – Okay, that’s it. Something weird
is happening Ben. I think we’re messing
with the past too much. – Pleased to haunt you.
(chuckles) – Ben, why would you do that? – Those two deserve
to be really scared for what they did
to my computer. – Ben, from now on
we don’t do anything that could change our timeline. Got it? – Yes definitely. From now on. (time traveling) (upbeat music) (time traveling) (frustrated yell)
– We just missed them. (time traveling)
– Just missed ’em (time traveling) (time traveling)
(horse whinnying) – Oh, I remember this. It’s when they built that fort. – Oh yeah but, this
wasn’t the fun part. Uh, let’s keep it going. – No, wait, this is
the part where they… – Pour the oil! – Pouring. (splashing and spluttering) – Olive oil? I’ve had it with
this stupid fort (slip and fall) (laughing) (groan)
Stupid (time traveling) – Okay, someone
give me an emotion, and I will perform
that emotion to you. – Jealousy! – Whimsical! – You’re tired,
because you’ve been (indistinct talking)
(time traveling) – Now why would you stop there? – Um… – No, four layers is too
much acting for anyone! – Acting? (groan) (chuckle)
– Okay, now we’re even. (time traveling) (time traveling) – So I said, uranium, more like, my anium, huh? Am I right? (laughs)
(rimshot) – If I wasn’t me, I’d be my biggest fan. – Yeah, we gotta go. – Hold on! One more joke! – Bromine.
(Chuckles) Right bro? Mean? – Cadmium? (chuckles)
I just met him. (laughing) – Wow, even worse
the second time. – I’m hilarious, I really am. – Ben, we have to rewind faster. Try the double speed rewind. – No way Tom! This is 80’s technology. No one’s tested the double
speed rewind in 30 years! – Let’s just try it! (grunting) You’ll thank me for this! (time traveling) – This is crazy Tom! – Relax, it’s working fine. – If the tape guides snap, we could completely
warp our timeline! – Trust me, everything
was better in the 80s. Whoa
– Whoa (rewinding) – Uh, why are we going forward? (time traveling) Uh oh. – Ha! The time rewinder ate the tape! – What just happened? – Well, time froze because
the machine ate the tape which triggered a
flux quantum pause, and now there’s
most likely a rip in the space-time
continuum obviously. – Uh, quick question. Uh, what happens if
we can’t fix the tape? – Good question. We’re stuck here forever! – What? No. We can’t be. If we’re stuck in time forever I’ll never spend time
with Angela again. – Forgive we for not worrying
about your little heartbreak, I’m too busy being stuck in the worst moment of my life. – Right, so we both
have a great incentive to think of a way out of this. (gasps) What did we do when we were kids and this happened
to our tapes, huh? (rewinding)
(sigh) There, good as new. – Ready? (sucking in air) – Mmm Hmmm (rewinding)
(crash) – Oh
– Oh – Oh ho ho. – The smell. – Oh no. – Rewind. (time traveling) Rewind! (time traveling) – Ben, this is it. When the earthquake vase falls off the shelf and
hits me on the head, that’s when I think of the
idea for the time rewinder. – Well, we’re here to make
sure that doesn’t happen. (chuckles) – Oh no, the vase! It’s about the fall! Ben, hit double rewind! – But it’ll eat
the tape for sure! – It’ll also stop time! – No Tom, it’s too dangerous. What if we can’t fix it? (time traveling) – There he is! – Just do it! – [All Bens] Oh no you… (rewinding) – Alright. (whistling) – Tom, what are you doing? (whistling) – And, that should do it. (time traveling) (yelling) Ha. Woo hoo! We did it Ben! And now, everything’s
back to how it should be. – Ummm, I don’t think
this is how it should be. – Uh oh. (jungle animals) Is that my vase? Uh. (fainting) Uh. (“Talking Tom and
Friends Theme Song”)
Uh. (“Talking Tom and
Friends Theme Song”) Prepare to feel the wrath of
Scrimshaw, the Smug Dragon. For my next move, I play… The Sword of Pride! Ha! Huh. You must have forgotten that I,
Glavnar the Warrior Dwarf possess… Kazdorian Diamond Armor! Is anyone else completely lost? Let me check the “Basements
and Banshees” official guide. As your foolish attack fails, I use
my agility points to skip your turn. Agility points? What are those? Hey, give me the book. Quick! My victory is assured. No it isn’t! It says here I can cast rebuking
light to thwart your attack. Do yo mean this rebuking light? Wait, what just happened? I don’t know… Ben wins? How could I lose? You’ll pay for this, Ginger. It wasn’t me, it was Scrimshaw! If I had a dollar for every time
Ginger ruined something, I’d have… well, lets see, if we let x equal the
number of things ruined per week – and we have…
– Hi! Can I help you? Oh yes, I just… …need… you… Hello? Anybody in there? Yes! Sorry. I was wondering if you could help
me fix my broken heart – phone. Of course I can. That’s my job. I’m a Grape Geek. My name is Xenon. Like the element. What a grape name. Grape name? Oh, sorry, just because
we’re in the Grape Store. Oh that’s good. You’re funny! Would you say I’m… berry funny? Oh! I would! I would say that! Calm down. No need to go bananas! Oh, you come to work thinking it’s
gonna be just another day then all of a sudden you’re at a comedy show! Does any of this make sense to you? Nope, I thought we were
just looking at the pictures. I’m in love. Hey, that’s great. I hope it’s not you-know-who again… No, not the moon again. It’s a girl. By girl do you mean planet Venus? No, a real person.
Look, look, look, look. Her name’s Xenon and
she works at the Grape Store. Whoa, she gave you her number? Ben, it sounds like this girl
wants you to ask her out. Out? Out where? On a date. With who? With you. Oh no. What should I do?
Should I call? Should I do it in person? Should I… develop an app to do it? Easy, Harry Styles. Let’s just run through some
scenarios to see what you’ve got. Alright, Ben. Just pretend
you’re asking Xenu – Xenon. Sorry – out on a date. Now, just do your thing
and we’ll give you notes. “Just do my thing,” got it… Hi, Xenon. Would you like to
go out with me sometime? Aaaand we’re gonna stop you there. Why? What did I do wrong? You can’t just walk right
up and ask her out. You’re being too bold. Yeah! Ow! What? No, don’t listen to him, Ben. You’re not being bold enough. Just listen to your heart
and tell her how you feel. Uh-huh. He can’t just tell her how he feels. Then she’d know exactly how he feels. Uh-huh, feel…. Are you kidding me? He has to. I don’t really… How do you expect anything to ever happen if he doesn’t romance her? Wait, wait, wait… Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is the rush? I don’t see why he can’t just play it cool, start out as friends, then maybe
make a move in a few years or so. You’re hopeless, Tom. Xenon has probably been waiting on Ben to make a move forever. She has? Well maybe he’s afraid to risk
their friendship and he just needs some sort of sign from her. Hello? She’s been giving
him nothing but signs. He needs to take it slow! He needs to be romantic! Slow! Be romantic. Slow. Romantic! Slow! Oh… 30 MINUTES LATER… Be romantic! Take it slow! Be roma… Take it… Oh, we’re here. There she is. Hey, hi! Oh dear. Ow. Every time. I just need to find my glasses now. I can’t… Oh, here we are. Xenon. It’s good to see you! Ben. Cherry nice of you to stop by. That’s hilarious. You’re so wonderfully clever… And smart. And also clever. And you are hilarious, did I say that? I mean s’up, dude? Not much, dude. No. Bigger. Bolder. People of the Grape Store,
your attention please! I’d like to make a grand gesture… of romance! Oh, no. Ben, why are you acting so weird? See? Should’ve listened to me. And who are they? They’re instructing me on romance,
and playing it cool, and… Bahh! I’ve never met them
in my life. I’ve gotta go. – Okay, bye!
– Keep the chocolates! – Ben, wait!
– Yeah, Ben, wait up. So my phone does this weird
thing where I don’t get any text messages from Angela…Is
that like a technical thing or…. Have you tried turning it off
and then turning it on again? Ah… Ben, I’m sorry we gave
you such bad advice. It’ll be okay, we just need to
practice some more and then you can show her the real Ben. Ben? From now on, I will only respond to… Glavnar, the Warrior Dwarf. Cold and heartless. – Oh, no.
– Ben, I – Glavnar. Right, of course, Glavnar. Listen. What do you say we get some
ice cream to cheer you up? I know not of this “iced cream,”
you speak of, peasant. Besides, warrior dwarves
are lactose intolerant. But- what? Betrayed and embarrassed, Glavnar wanders the Dark Forest of Dim
Shadows, destined to live alone. I got a delivery. Hey, what’s that? Oh, wow, look, special delivery
for Glavnar the Warrior Dwarf. Glavnar isn’t home. “Brave Glavnar, you are invited to
a Basements and Banshees secret tournament for the best
players in the Universe. Tomorrow night. Password enclosed.” No, no, no… Hey, if you’re not going,
can I fill in for you? I’d make a great Glavnar. Never! I’m not letting some amateur
play Glavnar and ruin my reputation. So you’ll go? 65 interest. 45 certainty. I have to roll for it. Yes! Too easy. Password? Hobgoblin. Welcome to the quest,
Glavnar, Warrior Dwarf. Meet your opponents. I am Clink, the Jade Bandit. And I am Artemis, the Woodland Archer. I am Mortimer, the Wizard King. There is one challenger
who has yet to arrive. Their identity, a mystery. Hello? I’m sorry I’m late. I put the password in my pants
and then I washed them and now the
password is all smudged. It looks like Hamburgers though. Is it Hamburgers? I really
hope it’s Hamburgers. Close enough. Xenon? What are you doing here? Xenon? Who’s Xenon. I am Gorp, the Ogre Queen. Oh… Gorp. Let the quest begin! Oh… Mortimer, with this banishing rod, I cast ye out to the Stony
Mountains of Hardened Rock… I am felled. And down goes The Wizard King. Not so fast, Clink. You’ve been captured by the King’s Guard. Enjoy the inside of your prison cell. No! This cannot be! Clink the Jade Bandit. You are defeated. Looks like it is just
the three of us now. Make that two. I cast the expunge card
on you sleeping Artemis, and now he never even existed. Get him out, get him out. Good one Glav’. 4 HOURS LATER…. Oh, well played, Glavnar. My victory is assured. Not so fast, prepare to
be crushed into dust… For I wield the Warhammer of Peace! I dodge your blow and freeze
you with Encasement Ice! I hope you’re not too
chilly, my Ogre Queen. Oh. A move most smooth. Or it would be… if I wasn’t protected by the
Flaming Knight of The Glacier Realm! Listen, Glavnar, Gorp? It’s pretty late. What do you say we pause the game and you two can
pick it up another time? Hmm… Gorp, would you agree to
a truce until, say, Friday night? I’d like that, Glavnar. So it is desired, so it shall be written. Yeah, lets write it down,
what should we say, eight? Yeah. Great, it’s a date then. Now let’s all get out of here. Yes, we pulled it off. And it’s all because Ben followed my advice and played it cool. Wait, wait, wait. What
game did you see? Because every move Ben made was totally a romantic expression of his feelings. Tom and Angela stopped talking about
stupid dating stuff and took Ginger to the Diner for a milkshake. Yeah, we’re not doing that, Ginger. Oh, okay… Well, with no milkshake,
Ginger decided to announce… Tom’s feelings for
the girl he secretly likes. On second thought,
milkshakes are on me. I’m gonna get you. Oh man, this is the
most exciting game of “Home Improvers” ever. What
should I do, what should I do? What? You should take your turn. Actually, you should have
taken your turn 20 minutes ago… Seriously, Hank. Either pick
a card or drop a nail in the bucket. Uh. Yes! I get to put a roof
on my gazebo! Now do I go oxidized copper or straw?
Hmm… what will I do? Will you go already?! Incoming! Watch the gazebo, gazebro. Since when do you play tennis? My parents said I have too much
energy so they signed me up for the eight-and-under
championship. Where is my ball? Hey, not cool! Ginger! You destroyed
Tom’s above-ground pool! Sorry, not sorry! Oh no! Looks like I’m out. But tell
you what, I’ll go play tennis with Ginger so you guys can just
finish this game without any more interruptions,
okay? No, no… I insist. Darn it! This game cheats! Whoa, take it easy, Ginger. I can’t take it easy! I want to win the eight-and-under tournament! Ginger, do you know why I
always win at everything I do? Because you cheat? Yes, because I…what…wait, no,
no, it’s because I always make sure, no matter what, to take a
moment to smile and enjoy myself. Home run! It’s outta here! Hey, someone want to tell
me what’s going on here? Uh. I am helping Ginger
prep for a tennis tournament. Wrong! What you’re doing
is called goofing around! We’re just having fun! Fun? Youth tennis tournaments
aren’t about having fun, Tom… I learned that the hard way… Who are you looking at? Shh, Flashback. What’s a flashback? Shh! Time for the eight-and-
under final, y’all! Angela Who-hoo, let’s hear it for tennis! versus Tatiana! This should
be all that and a bag of chips. And no matter what happens, you
can’t say Angela didn’t have fun! Hi everyone, guess what,
I thought of a tennis song! Over the net / Into the square / Over the rainbow / And into your heart/ Tennis is a gaaaaame for fuuuun! Yeah! Alright! Woohoo! I fifteen love this crowd! Ow! That’s game, set,
match, Tatiana, everyone. But wait, I’m still doing
my song you guys. Congrizz-natulations, Tatiana!…
Instead of a trophy, we got you… a magical pegasus pony! Come fly with me, Tatiana.
You shall be our queen. Oh, by the way, he talks! Talking…Unicorn… Tatiana grew up to become
queen of the enchanted land of ponies. All because
I wasn’t focused on winning. Oh, come on. None
of that happened! Oh, really, then how
do you explain this? Ever since that day I lost, not
one thing has gone right for me… Ginger, Aloha! Darren! You’re practicing for the
eight-and-unders? I don’t even know why you’d bother.
Everyone knows I’m going to win! Get out of here, Darren! Oh, I’ll go. I’ll go back to my castle-mansion
that has 50 tennis courts. Nice shot! Ginger, you have
got to beat that brat. Winning… No he doesn’t. Yes, Darren’s
obnoxious. But who cares if Ginger beats him?
He’s playing in an eight- and under tennis tournament.
All that matters is that he has fun. But – No! Fun never got
anyone anywhere! Oh yeah? Why do you
think I always come up with incredible inventions? Why do you think
everyone loves me? Why do you think
people see me and say, “Man, I wish I was that guy!” Because I always
have FUN. F-U-N. Fun. Ginger, I am going to coach
you. It’s gonna be hard, and it’s gonna hurt, and
you are going to wish you never picked up a tennis racquet! But it will all be worth it
in the end… when you win! Well, I’m also going to coach
you. And I’m gonna make sure Angela’s issues don’t stand in
the way of you enjoying yourself! Umm, does anyone
care what I think? No! One-two-three-four! Oh, come on! It’s been two
hours! Just make your move! Hold on, Ben. Don’t rush me. I’m
still deciding… Should I varnish the deck, or repaint the porch?
What’s the difference between a porch and a deck anyway? I think
a porch is the one that has the — Just do something! Tom, you know what, you
couldn’t be more wrong, okay?! Yes, I could… if I was you! Where have you guys been?
Hank still hasn’t taken his turn! Make him take his turn! Focus, Hank. Competition is
important. You owe it to yourself to do everything possible to win… Hmm… Don’t listen to her, buddy.
Do whatever you want. Just smile and enjoy
the playing of the game! Focus, enjoy the game,
whatever! Just go already! Oh, so you think Hank should
just waltz through the game, never trying, never caring? And you think Hank should be
so focused on winning at all costs that he can’t appreciate a single
second of his favorite home- renovation-themed board game? Yep, and he’s gonna win! Maybe he will, maybe
he won’t… but while he’s playing, he’s going
to be having a good time! You know, Ginger, what
they’re saying could probably apply to your tennis tournament, too. Would you take your turn! THE NEXT DAY Just go! Hold on. This is the last move of
the game, the one that’s gonna finally end it… and that move is –
this! No way, that! No. Uhu! Oh-oh. Yep. No. I didn’t take my hand off
the piece. Before you don’t take your hand off it… That’s it, I quit! You can’t quit! Wiggity-welcome to
the youth tennis final! It’s Ginger versus Darren! Aloha! Listen up, listen up, listen up.
There are two things that I know fo-sho! Number one, eight-and-under
tennis is cool! — number two, MCing eight-and-under tennis
tournaments for 12 years isn’t depressing at all! Ginger, now remember:
Don’t worry about the outcome. Just smile and have a good time. Right… What? No. Ignore him,
Ginger! No mercy! Okay! Hey, Ginger! Is Angela
really your coach? Uh, I guess… Ha! Everyone knows she
lost this tournament when she was a child! If she’s your
coach, you might as well forfeit! Hey! Watch your mouth, kid!
Alright, Angela’s a great coach — she’s sweet, she’s talented, she’s
the single most caring person I’ve ever met and
she’s got amazing eyes. Oh… Eye-eye-eye-eye great eye…sight. What I’m saying is, uh,
Angela only wants what’s best for uh, for
Ginger… here. Right? No, Tom. I’ve been
completely selfish. I’ve been trying to live through
Ginger, and that’s not fair to him or to me… You know
what, Ginger… have fun! You’re a loser, your coach is a
loser, and that guy who’s secretly in love with your coach is a loser! What? What the what now? Oh, forget what I told you before. You gotta beat this kid. 4½ MINUTES LATER… Fourteen-love. In my face! Game, set, match! Darren! Ha! In your face, Ginger! I’m Darren, I’m unstoppable,
I’m the best at tennis. Hey buddy, at least you had fun. That did not look like
it was fun for Ginger! Good game, Darren. Hey, you know what?
You made it to the finals. Yeah. Seriously, that is
a huge accomplishment. I mean, who cares about
some stupid tennis prize? — I do. Congratulations, Darren! Instead
of a trophy, we got you… a ticket to the International Space Station! Sweet! The International Space
Station! Are you serious? International Space Station –
what’s so fun about that? Hey, and just for you, we’ve
filled the space station with candy, fireworks and
waterslides in zero gravity. Whoa! That sounds amazing! Look out space station, here
comes Darren. Jet pack engage. Okay, I’ve made my decision. Yes! And I’m going crown
molding, for the win! Ahh!!! Huh. Guess we’ll
have to start over… What?! Ahh!!!

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