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Talking Tom and Friends – The Perfect Day (Season 1 Episode 26)

Talking Tom and Friends – The Perfect Day (Season 1 Episode 26)

… I call it, the Hat Locator! People lose hats all the time! And
if there was an app that would help find those hats by making any hat
nearby glow bright red… Bam! Problem solved! I don’t have time for this. I need
your help testing something that’s actually useful – my new Perfect
Day Virtual Reality Simulator. Hey – your Perfect Day
thingy has a hat theme, too! Great minds think alike, eh? Sure, Tom. Now, look. All you have
to do is put this on, and… After it reads your deepest thoughts and
desires through brainwave hacking… Voila! It lets you virtually live
out your idea of a perfect day! Hey, what do all these
tiny little lights do? They mostly just blink and
make the helmet look cool. Oh, wow! Huh. Looks like your invention
doesn’t even work, Ben. Not even a little. Huh, I guess you’re right. I don’t
know what I was thinking. You know what? Let’s work on
your idea instead. It sounds like there is some solid science
there. What’s it called again? The Hat Locator! Did somebody say Hat Locator?! Wow! You know, I hear a lot of
boring stuff around here and I usually ignore it, but a Hat Locator? Yeah, tell us more about
it, Tom! Hats you say? Ooh, yes, do tell! Well… if you all insist… People lose hats all the time! And
if there was an app that would help find those hats by making any hat
nearby glow bright red… Bam! Behold. The Hat Locator! Yes! Huzzah for the Hat Locator! Ooh… There is a hat under the
couch. Wow, it really works. I feel like I’m witnessing
the invention of the wheel. Or the toothbrush. Anyway, get ready. It’s only a
matter of time before word of your amazing invention spreads. Hello? It’s the CEO. May I please speak to Tom?
Of Tom and Ben Enterprises? Funny that you ask. This is Tom. Ah, good. Rumor has it
you’ve developed some sort of “Hat Locator Device.” Is this true? It is. This is going to be huge! Every
person in the world will want a Hat Locator for themselves.
Needless to say, I want to buy the rights. And no amount of money is too much! I’m sorry, but it’s not about
money for me. It’s about my vision. So, I’m gonna have to say no. Okay. Sorry for bothering you, Tom. Have a lovely day, and
remember – you’re a genius. I know that already, thanks! Wow. You really handled that well.
You’re cool under pressure. Uhu. Hold that thought. Huh-huh. I believe I already
told you the answer is no. This is Dagbar The Unseen of the
Planet Imperceptia. May I speak to Tom of the Planet Earth
in the Milky Way Galaxy? This is Tom. Intergalactic rumor has it that
you’re developing a Hat Locator. Dagbar, let me stop you right
there. I just got off a call about this, and I’ll tell you
what I told the other guy. The Hat Locator is not for sale. Fine! What a nice guy. Anyway,
that’s the end of that. Time to go off and live our dreams! Wow! That’s odd. I could have sworn
I heard a large spaceship landing. Yeah. From the sound of it, I’d say
it was a Mach 12 Hyperion Mothership. They came from the north. I didn’t know you were so outdoorsy. Oh, Tom, is there
anything you can’t do? Yeah, Tom, what can’t you do?
I bet you can’t juggle. Oh yeah, that’s Tom.
The greatest juggler who ever lived… Alright, everyone remain calm.
This is officially a time of crisis and what we need is a leader. You should be our leader! Thank you, Ginger, but our leader
must be democratically elected. It’s not just fair… it’s how I do things. All in favor of electing Tom
to be our bold crisis leader? It’s official! Lead us, Tom! I accept this duty. Now, first
things first. Everyone stay close. Second: Do what I do. You heard the man! Aw! Why are we doing this, Tom? Don’t question our leader! Something’s got me!
Something invisible. Get… off… me! Everybody up!
Back to the garage! Go, go, go! Okay. I think I’ve figured
out what’s going on. Oh, good. I know I’m usually
the genius, but I am completely out of my depth! Tom,
tell me you have a plan. Yeah, Tom. You’re our only hope. It all makes sense. We got
a phone call from an alien, then heard a ship land.
That means aliens have invaded. Only we can’t see them, ergo
they must be invisible aliens. Wow. It really does all make sense. So we need to find a way to see
something invisible. But how? You’ll figure it out, Tom! If you
can come up with something as amazing as the Hat Locator,
you can come up with anything! Angela, that’s it! Those aliens may be invisible,
but I bet they’re wearing clothes! And you know what goes with clothes? Buttons? No! Hats! The reason that alien
called was to get the Hat Locator so that when they invaded,
we couldn’t use it to see them – and their hats. So we’ll just activate the Hat
Locator and we’ll instantly be able to see where they are! Just when we think Tom can’t wow us
again, he redefines the word wow. Alright, here we go… It’s working! I can see the
floating hat aliens! There’s one! And there’s one! And there’s one! You guys are all seeing this too, right? Uh oh. They’re on to us. Don’t let them near me, Tom!
I don’t look good in hats! I mean, not those hats. I mean,
I might be able to pull it off. Still, save us, Tom! Everyone get behind me!
If you want to live. You’re doing it, Tom!
You’re beating them! Look, they’re starting to retreat! That was… amazing. All in a day’s work, Angela. If it weren’t for you we’d be… Shh… Oh. Okay, okay. Got it. Don’t you worry. I’ll always be
around to save you, Angela. Oh, Tom… I have
to tell you something… I have something to tell you too… Something I’ve been holding
in my heart for a long time… Something I’ve wanted
to tell you forever… Wait, what was that?
What’s going on here? Oh noooo! It’s overheating! Oh, stupid prototype helmet.
Now it’s over-overheating. What’s going on? Your Perfect Day was too perfect. It crashed the system!
What were you doing?! Wait, none of that was real?
The Hat Locator wasn’t going to make us rich? I didn’t save the world
from invisible aliens? Angela and I weren’t about to… Agh! Tom, you ruined
the Perfect Day simulator! This is the least perfect day ever. Well, sorry, Ben. But hey,
the device really works. It truly was the most perfect
day ever. I wish I could repeat it. Well, good news.
I have a recording of it. It’s all here. Want to watch? Uh, No. Yeah, let’s watch it! Oh, no no no no. Play it play it play it play it! Yeah, let’s see what Tom saw! I don’t know about
that guys, come on! Yeah, let’s see everything Tom saw. I’ll be right back. Hey! Are you crazy?! Why’d you do that?! When you gotta go, you gotta go. Fine then. Guess we’ll just have
to use the back-up memory card. Be right back! Oh come on, Tom! So do you think it’s
something he ate or… Freeze-o in place-o! Hey! Oh, okay! Thank you! Freeze-o in place-o! Hey! Oh, okay!

100 thoughts on “Talking Tom and Friends – The Perfect Day (Season 1 Episode 26)”

  1. lol it turned from aliens wearing hats to just literally hats lol the hats were on the ground when it was drowning Tom

  2. 9:00 – 10:37 I died when Tom started panicking about when he and Angela Almost Kissed and then flushed the Memory sticks down the toilet.

  3. Now First Thing First
    Everyone Stay Close
    Second Do What I Do
    Whoa Ouch
    Somethings Got Me
    Something Invisible
    Get Off Me
    Everybody Up
    Back To The Garage
    Go (4x)

  4. I Call It The Hat Locator People Lose Hats All The Time
    And There Was An App
    That Find Those Hats
    That Making Any Hat Nearby Glowing Red Light Bam Problem Solved
    That My Awesome
    Ahem People Lose Hats All The Time And There Was An App That Find Those Hats That Making Any Hat Nearby Glowing Red Light Bam

  5. Alright Here We Go
    Uh Oh There On Do Us
    Everyone Get Behind Me
    If You Want To Live
    Ya HeeYa Take That
    Meeeoooow Hiya Ya Bam
    Take That Alien Hats
    Hiya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
    Medusa Power
    Argh Ow
    Yaaaaa Pow
    Peter: That Was Amazing
    You Did It Wendy
    Wendy: Thank You Peter
    Wendy: Ready Kissing Peter ?Wendy: Wait What Wah That
    What's Going On Here
    Don't Worry I'll Be
    Right Back

  6. Tom and Angela and Hank and ben and ginger there where so
    Cool ???????????????????and thumbs up for
    Now on so please press it


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  10. The moment Angela was acting weird to Tom I realized it was a dream,,, i have not finished the video so am i right or not???

  11. I have been watching this for along time and I love it! I keep watching the seasons over and over again!

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