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Talking Tom and Friends – The Perfect Roommate (Season 1 Episode 23)

Talking Tom and Friends – The Perfect Roommate (Season 1 Episode 23)

You guys, I have done it! I found the piece
that the room was missing! Behold! Wowwwwwwww. Nice feng shui, for once. I know, right? Putting a lamp next
to the TV really ties everything together. Hank. We’ve had our differences. We have? But none of that matters now.
What you’ve done here today… this is something really great. And
I want you to know that. Fist bump. Oh! A fist bump?! I don’t deserve it. Yes you do, Hank. And no one
can take that away from you. Hello? The door was closed so I opened
it without knocking and let myself in. I present to ye… the Landlord! Do not do that. Whatever thou sayest, my lord. Look, Landlord, there’s no law
against paying rent in free haircut punch-cards. They’re are as good
as money… at the barbershop. Do not worry, I’m not here to evict
you. I’m just here to kick you out. Ah, he’s just kicking us out.
Wait a minute, that’s a synonym! – You can’t hoodwink us, Landlord!
– Listen, I need you guys out, but just for one week,
while I make few repairs. It turns out there’s a minor
volcano bubbling underneath the place. Suddenly city is like,
“You can’t let your garage sink into lava again.” Again? Everything will be a-okay cool. Hunky dory. Whoa! We’ll have two hamburgers,
chef’s preference, a cheesy malt shake, and… a couple of
sleeping bags with a toothbrush. What about a BluJack Wifi port. Or an orchid. Wait a minute. You aren’t just
trying to order lunch. You’re trying to order living here! What? Yeah, we are. We’re homeless. Well, technically I have a home,
but I have no place to do my work. Uh-hu. Can’t help you. But if you
decide you want a side salad or a shepherd’s pie…
then I can help you. Well, wait! But I do want the
shepherd’s pie. And she’s gone. Hey, guys! Oh, wait, you look sad.
Hey, guys. What’s wrong? Our garage-slash-studio got
eaten up by a volcano. Oh, no! Guys, that’s
such a bummer. Side hug? I’m gonna send this side hug back
Angela, it’s not gonna help. Uh, actually… As a garaged person, there is no way
you can know the struggle of us, the garage-less. Having to get
by without walls, and a ceiling, and space for friends to crash for a while. Wait a minute. Those are all things I have!
You guys can come stay with me! Come on! Really? Sounds good. That sounds like an optimal plan. You shall be our new landlord, m’lady. Okay, that’s weird. Yeah. Wow, this is gonna be great! I’m gonna
be with Angela all day and all night. Oh, wait a minute. I’m gonna be
with Angela all day and all night! This is gonna be terrible! What if I blow it?
What if the guys blow it? Heyyyy, place looks great! Girl stuff! And it’s even nicer when you can
see it! These walls? Oh! Sturdy. So anyways, make yourselves
at home. Feel free to watch TV. Or sit in a cool chair.
Or look in any of the mirrors. We used to have a mirror…
Back in the garage. It’ll be all right, Hank. For the
next week, this can be our garage. Whoa. Hold on. I’m sorry
you had to hear that, Angela. We are not going to treat
this place like the garage. This is Angela’s home.
And we are just guests. Hey! And we do not touch any tiny
horse statues. This thing probably has a lot of value to a collector
of fine art like Angela. Actually, that was just
here when I moved in. See? It’s been here since
she moved in! And it’s fragile. So no tossing it like a ball, or
sticking it in your nose, or kicking it to see if it
breaks. Be respectful. Okay, that was weird. I’ll
go get your sleeping bags. Way to go, guys. You made it weird.
Angela, wait up, I can help! Tom’s acting like this
cause he likes Angela. There’s no way we’re gonna
make it through a week of this. Let’s go everybody, it’s time to
dance. Let’s go everybody, and shake your… pants? No. Hmm.
Shake your butts? Oh, that’s crude. Psst! Angela! Agh! You scared me. What is it, Tom? I just wanted to say, this is
going pretty well, right? I mean we’re all having fun. Sure, Tom. We’re all having fun. Cooooooool. Yep. Cool. Hm. Shake your fingers?
No. That makes no sense. Oh, Angela! Agh! So, I just realized I might have
annoyed you by interrupting you while you were writing. It’s okay, Tom. It was fine. Okay, cool. So, even though
I did that, this is still fun. It’s not that it was fun until I asked
about it, and now it’s not, right? Yes. It’s fine. Cooooooooool. Goodnight, Tom.
Okay, alright. Finally. Angela! What, Tom? Just now when I asked if things
were fun, you said things were fine. So, is that just a word
choice, or are you saying things aren’t fun anymore? You know, Tom, I actually am
getting a little annoyed now. I knew it. That’s it. Everybody up!
Emergency house meeting! I think I handled that pretty well. Hey guys, I was thinking
tonight we could do a… Where’s the girl stuff?! Do you like what I’ve done with the place? I wanted to make sure that
nobody breaks any of your stuff. So I boxed it up. So now it will be safe! And what is that? So that’s where they went. He threatened to kick my computer! I could’ve escaped but I wanted
to see how this played out. Okay, Tom. It’s time to put
the box down and take a break. You’ll have to pry this out of my Gimme, gimme gimme that! Nooooooooo! I can fix this. I just need something
to glue the pieces together… Ha! Of course. Muddy boots! Let the sticky boot mud work its magic. Okay! That’s it! Emergency house meeting! Tom, this is not easy to say to
someone I consider such a good friend… But, I think I speak for everyone
when I say… you have to find somewhere else to stay
while your garage is being fixed. Great, Ben. You got us kicked out. No, Tom. Not Ben.
Just… you. House vote? Yes. Affirmative. Yeah. – Um. Pass.
– Yes! And I say yes. Sorry, Tom. Oh. I see. Well. I guess
I’ll just be going, then. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the
perfect roommate, Angela. So, I heard it might rain later today. Yep… But then again, it might not. Yep. True. True. Might not… Yep… you never know… It’s kind of boring here
without Tom acting crazy. Well, yeah. Tom always
makes something fun happen. That’s what’s great
about having him around. Hey, you did what you had
to do! Tom broke your horse! Though, that was pretty great. And
he stomped mud all over the floor – those were good times. Oh man, I miss him. Angela,
we have to get Tom back. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right, Ginger.
Come on, everybody! Yeah! Let’s go get Tom. What? I do my best work when
I’m being interrupted by Tom. Wow. Tom! Come out of there, it’s not safe! It’s fine… I’ll live here
for the rest of the week, it’ll be just like that game. Freeze tag? Ha? I think he means the “watch out
the floor is made of lava now” game. Oh, right. Sorry, my mind
isn’t on games right now. Tom, I have something
to tell you! Okay, hold on. Careful. On your left. Watch out.
I know, I’m the worst roommate. I deserve to live above a volcano. No, that’s not it. I have to tell
you that it was really sweet that you tried so hard to
make rooming together fun. It was? I mean. It was. You really cared that I was happy. In a weird way, that kind of makes
you the perfect roommate. Well, I guess I wanted to impress
you because, you know, I like… Rrrrrrrr! Whoa, hey, lava burp! Cover your mouth, lava! Gross! Yeah, nasty! – Yeah…
– Anyway. Side hug? Yeah, okay. Doot doo-doo DOO! I told you knock off it! And so I shall, your lordship. For now… I tell you, you can’t be in here
until the end of the week! I’m still working on the place. Don’t worry, Tom’s Landlord. For the
rest of this week, he’s staying with me. Come on, you two! Get out of there. We’re coming, Ben! Here we come! That’s it, Tom…! Watch the stream
on your left… One more leap. Last one. Now! Welcome home, Tom. Nothing bring people together like lava. Angela, have you heard
a new number one hit song? I think it’s called something like…. Dance! Dance! Don’t stop dancing. Oh… Dance! Dance! Don’t
you dare stop dancing. Angela, have you heard
a new number one hit song? I think it’s called something like…. Dance! Dance! Don’t stop dancing.

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