3 thoughts on “Tampa Bay area professionals respond to video of cheerleader being forced into split”

  1. I understand conditioning because I do cheer and Gymnastics but this is just too far that girl is in so much pain you can see it is she ok?

  2. Why did this punk-bitch offer herself for cheer-leading practice if she didn't have the stamina and pain tolerance to go through the training. I do blame the coach, you have to weed out the punks, but however, if he did this, then he would be accused of not being liberal. China and Russia are laughing at these punk bitches. Lets put some fat slob bitches on the US team.

  3. Lol!! I knew this year 2017 would be an awesome one for African Americans! God is so good. He created YOUTUBE for the world to see vengeance of what whites have been doing to poor African Americans for centuries. I LOVE IT!! ANTIFA

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