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#TeamCap Cheer | Captain America Civil War (Chris Evans)

#TeamCap Cheer | Captain America Civil War (Chris Evans)

– We have Team Cap and Team Ironman. Give me the best Team Cap cheer you’ve got. – Go Team Cap! – That’s good. (laughing) – Yup. – Who did a good Team Cap? Did Mackie do it? – Mackie did a great one.
– [Chris] I’m sure he did. What did he do? – No need to bring sexy back ’cause it’s here. Hashtag TeamCap. (laughing)
– He did, oh my God. Oh man, I don’t even know. I don’t even know. I don’t know if I can do this. See, this is true Captain America, he’s boring. – You gotta give me something. – I can’t think of anything funny or cool especially coming after Mackie. I’m sure that when we are together Mackie’s hilarious and I’m just like, go Team Cap! (laughing) – I’m not a cheerleader (laughs). – Well, watch it. (laughs) Well, neither am I but I still cheered. – You can do that. – Yeah, well I have no shame. (laughs) – I’m still holding on to threads of my self-respect. (laughing) – I’m not gonna put on my pom-poms for you right now, sorry. – That’s too bad, I thought you would just take them out. – Yes, it looks bad, Bud. – Could you give me like a move? A Team Captain move? – Absolutely not. A move, no, that would be, God, that would really be career ending. – Bringing it every day, especially on Sundays. – Everyday I’m hustling, everyday I’m hustling. (dramatic theme music)

24 thoughts on “#TeamCap Cheer | Captain America Civil War (Chris Evans)”

  1. Nice video. I like it. Keep going. I posted new video few minutes ago (i am afraid of snakes). Can you check it out?

  2. Male masculinity is so fragile lol Renner wouldn't do a cheer because he's not a cheerleader? Can he chill and have fun? damn

  3. Lol at Elizabeth, Renner is a wanker.

    Lol at Chris, you scared him, he could have at least done a dance move, I mean he said he was a great dancer right hahaha 😉

    Mackie is the best and I love when Seb joins him in the madness, so great when they are interviewed together.

  4. I really like the fact that you always ask something funny to movie stars 'cause this way they looks like everyone ^^'. Anthony seems like a very funny guy, like the "ultimate friend" ^^'

  5. For real Mackie…hahaha everyday even on holidays you're hustling..really tho…hahaha I can't even with him..and Chris really omg ..I love it 🙂

  6. I always love it when Vanessa interviews anyone. She always asked interesting questions and she actually listened and let the person she's interviewing to talk into great details about their answers while still engaging with them. Nice! 🙂

  7. before watching CW: #TeamIronMan is cooler
    after watching CW: #TeamCap FTW

    but seriously #TeamCap has better teamwork than #TeamIronMan for me

  8. Am I the only one who thinks Chris has kinda changed? I mean in an interview with Scarlett he was so chill and he did whatever he was asked and they were being such dorks and here he is all quiet and like 'no I can't do this, I'm boring' and all.

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