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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Toronto Cheerleader

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Toronto Cheerleader

My name is Katie Kovacs. I’m a Customer Service Rep at the downtown
Toronto location. So I’ve been working there three years now. It’s really busy. We’re doing a bunch of tasks at once, so we’re
always up and moving. It’s pretty active. I get a lot of steps in. I think what makes FedEx different is the
community aspect of it. I just love going to work and being around
those people. Outside of work, I am a competitive cheerleader. I love having an active lifestyle and this
is a fun way to stay active. In my life, cheerleading has given me a lot
of confidence, a lot of strength, and just life lessons in general. It takes a lot of commitment to be there and
be invested. My first year, I got put on the World’s Team
at Power Cheer Toronto, but then I also tried out for Team Canada because I was encouraged
to by my coaches. Then I got selected to be on the team. I actually won three times on that Team Canada. It’s a surreal experience representing your
country and all of Canada rallies behind you. My favourite experience always every year
is going to the World Championships and being with all those teams from all over the world
and knowing you’re competing against the best and you’ve earned your way to get there. It’s so physically demanding. It’s two minutes and 30 seconds, but it literally
feels like you’re sprinting while being caught and hit in the ribs and getting winded and
it’s kind of crazy how you just have to have this immediate trust no matter what. I think that with working with people long
enough, you just build that trust, so now I decided I really want to give back to the
cheerleading community. I coach a team of 10 to 14 year olds and I
have 29 of them on my team. The things I’ve learned at FedEx and in cheerleading,
they help each other. I think a lot of those skills are transitional
and work really well for both of my jobs. I’m very fortunate to have two awesome teams
in my life.

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