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Teenage Cheerleader Kicked Off Team After Not Cheering for Rapist

Teenage Cheerleader Kicked Off Team After Not Cheering for Rapist

Teenaged cheerleader in Texas has been ordered
to pay the school that kicked her off the cheerleading squad for refusing to cheer for
her rapist. This is unbelievable. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case of a teenaged
girl that was kicked off because the… a boy that was… that had sexually assaulted
her, she refused to cheer for him, OK? And as a result, now, the school is saying she
owes them $45,000 in legal fees. You following this, Louis? Louis: Yeah. Sounds pretty crazy. David: The girl’s known only as MS. She accused
a fellow student of raping her at a party. He pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge to
avoid jail time. He was allowed to come back to school and get back on the team, OK? She
continued to cheer for the team during games, but she wouldn’t shout the guy’s name or clap
for him when he shot free-throws. Seems pretty understandable. When the superintendent discovered
what she was doing, she was kicked off the team. She sued the school, she argued free
speech rights had been violated, two courts ruled that as a cheerleader, she speaks for
the school, not herself, and did not have the right to refuse to cheer for him. Now, the question, to me, I understand why
maybe she shouldn’t be on the team if he isn’t on his team either. But this guy pled guilty.
It was a misdemeanor charge, I understand, but he did still plead guilty. He was allowed
to rejoin the team. Why? Louis: Well, is this a story about Texas,
or is this a story about preferential treatment of athletes? David: Or is it preferential treatment of
men, or is it… I mean, we don’t know what– if there’s a class issue here. I mean, we
don’t know that, Louis. But I know it’s pretty standard to make the losing side pay the other’s
court costs, but this is a case where a teenaged girl is being held to pay her school $45,000
for kicking her off the squad for refusing to cheer for her rapist. It’s a perversion
of justice. As a cheerleader, she speaks for the school, which, by its actions, appears
to endorse rape and assault. Tell me where I’m going wrong, Louis. Louis: No, I think… I think that’s it. David: Now, preferential treatment of athletes,
yes. We don’t know… Louis: We know this exists. David: We know it exists, but I don’t think
it’s the same to say that it applies to Kobe Bryant as that it applies at a Texas high
school. Louis: Well, we know that back when we were
in high school… David: Yeah. Louis: … if a football player got into a
fight and punched someone in the face, the penalties would be pretty minor compared to,
let’s say, if I did it. David: Is that true? Louis: Oh, yeah. David: See, I didn’t know that. What about
the incident… there was one incident where I was in middle school, I was on the bus,
and I look out the window to the right, Louis was on the same bus, I look out there, and
all of a sudden he’s involved in some kind of fight with this guy. They’re both wearing…
remember when the puffy jackets were big during winter? Remember those, Louis? Louis: [Laughs] Yeah. David: And I just look over and somehow, one
of… it was just kind of like a shouting match with a lot of arms flying around, if
I recall correctly. Louis: There were like feathers flying everywhere
because like my down jacket ripped open. [Laughs] David: Right. [Laughs] Louis’s down jacket
got a tear in it, and I look over out the window, and Louis’s face is bright red, because
he’s flailing around, and there’s just a cloud of feathers engulfing both of them. And what
happened? Somebody ran over and broke it up, right? Louis: Some teacher just like jumped on us
and was like oh, break it up! And then like I just got right on the bus, and that was
the end of it. David: See? So what… you were certainly
no athlete in high school. Louis: Well, no, there were no… I mean,
he didn’t know who I was, he didn’t know who the other guy was. David: But he knew you were students, presumably. Louis: I mean, for all intents and purposes,
it just never even happened. David: Right. Louis: It’s not like it happened in the school
and then we got sent to the principal’s office. I mean, this was like, there was just no record
of it. David: Right. It was– it was like a… Louis: I mean, come on, I guarantee you I
would’ve been reprimanded. David: It’s like it took place at a CIA black
site. It’s like it never happened. There’s just no record. The location is unknown, the
players are unknown. Louis: Yeah. Well, I know people. I had it
wiped from the record books. David: What, did you end up picking up the
feathers and stuffing them back in the jacket? [Laughs] Louis: They were long gone. David: In any event, we don’t know that there
was preferential… Louis: The jacket was never quite as warm. David: We don’t know about preferential treatment
for athletes, but we do know that this does appear to be a perversion of justice. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles, or for more information,
visit, or contact Alex at [email protected]

20 thoughts on “Teenage Cheerleader Kicked Off Team After Not Cheering for Rapist”

  1. She has no case. You don't get to pick and choose/"discriminate" who you will participate for for when you're part of a unified coordinated team like cheerleading.

    What happens off the field is entirely irrelevant. That's where you went wrong.

    "Coddling of athletes", also irrelevant.

  2. @cherrydog9 How is he harmed if she doesn't cheer for him? Why do they leave the rapist asshole on the team?

  3. nice to see that finally found a way to blame the victim. They've been trying with all kinds of shit, but now they did. Bravo Hillbilly Haven.

  4. @grendelcatt
    Secede is the word you are looking for.. Succeed means.. getting the throne after somebody.
    Texas is not the only retarded state in the US. Actually, all states have plenty of retards.

  5. It's kinda funny how some of you are dogging on Texas. We are a very strong, prideful state. Sometimes I'm sure the law slips up, but what state doesn't? It's ignorant to judge a state as a whole because one of the law enforcement people screw up. Yes, it was a wrong thing that happened to that girl, but the U.S would be screwed without Texas. Don't mess with Texas!

  6. This is why the world is scared of the USA. The intelligentia of the USA MUST stand up against the behaviour of what is increasingly looking like the retarded minority.


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