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Tell Me a Story: Robotic Legs Give Parents Hope that Son May Learn to Walk

Tell Me a Story: Robotic Legs Give Parents Hope that Son May Learn to Walk

[Rhonda Rosenlieb] “I’m Rhonda Rosenlieb.” [Jeff Rosenlieb] “Hi, I’m Jeff Rosenlieb.” [Rhonda] “We went through IVF. It was our first time with IVF and of course it’s kinda expensive,” “and we weren’t sure, you know, if it was going to take the first time.” “So we went ahead and had three embryos implanted that first time,” “and we were very surprised at the ultrasound when we found out all three of them took,” “and one of them split.” “Briana was born at 7:49 on the day after
Christmas 12/26 of ’04,” “Connor words born at 7:50, Dillon was at 7:50, and Darian was at 7:51.” “So we had all four of our babies in a span of three minutes.” “Dillon is six-years-old and he has cerebral palsy. He has an identical twin, Darian,” “who also has cerebral palsy.” “Darian has hemiplegia, which is a little bit less involved than Dillon.” “Dillon has been going through different
therapies to help him walk.” “At this point, he’s not able to walk.
He is able to jump around.” “He jumps around in a bunny hop” “The lokomat is basically a
suspension system where he’s harnessed in,” “and he can almost hang from it.” “And then they place him over a treadmill, and they’ve got these robotic– “maybe you could describe it
better–” [Jeff] “They’re kind of like robotic limbs that–” “that help aid in his gate.” [Rhonda] “Those of us
who are walking, we take our gate for granted.” “Our goal is to get him to walk. That’s our goal.” “If we can’t get him there, then we just have to make him as strong as possible.” “Our goals is to get him to be
independent. He needs to be able to live on his own.” “That’s our goal for him.” You always have to have hope. And that’s what we have, hope; high hopes.

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  1. @lishakay1970
    oh come on sometimes getting to a part of youtube far from where you started is worth knowing of this is pretty sad

  2. When I get famous from all my youtube subscribers an mixtapes I just want to sit around an donate to kids like this see them smile 🙂 a childs smile is better then any high this planet has to offer.

  3. Because they wanted children and couldn't have them naturally, of course. and their life isn't "real" because they were conceived via IVF? grow up.

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