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( Temática LGBT) 10 ótimos filmes de COMÉDIA americanos

( Temática LGBT) 10 ótimos filmes de  COMÉDIA americanos

In addition to making us laugh good comedies provide ways
not so distressing to deal with adverse situations
that we face throughout life. So get ready to have fun
and also cry This is channel “1 mas não o mesmo” An these are the 10 great LGBT
Comedy Movies from USA Number 10 “Freak Show” The eccentric Billy Bloom
is a fearless teenager passionate about fashion and don’t mind
what other people think about his behavior
or the way he dresses. He is new to an ultra-conservative school
but that doesn’t stop him from expressing himself through his looks. Billy begins to be chased by some students
who are bothered by his extravagance and now he sees himself
even more committed not to shut up and go on with his life
the way he thinks is right. Number 09 “Edge of Seventeen” In the summer of 1984,
Eric and his best friend Maggie are about to finish high school and get rid of that environment
that make them exhausted. When he meets Rod,
a college student Eric feels it’s time
to express his desires and start learning more about himself,
life, sex and love. Number 08 “Jeffrey” This romantic comedy focuses on Jeffrey’s
loving and chaotic life He works as a waiter,
but aims to become a successful actor. For witnessing the death of friends
as a result of AIDS an insecurity comes over him, and he
decide not to have sex anymore in order to prevent the disease. A certain day at the gym he attends,
he meets Steve The man of his dreams. But he decided to take a break
of relationships So he ignores Steve Steve insisted so much,
that Jeffrey agreed to go out with him and Steve confesses
that he is HIV positive. This revelation will make Jeffrey rethink
about his fears and insecurity Number 07 “Were the World Mine” Timothy hates the oppressive city where he lives and has been bothered by
his classmates for being gay. He secretly loves rugby player Jonathon,
and dreams that Jonathon will fall in love with him someday. Timothy is chosen to be the lead actor
of a musical that is being assembled at school and reading the script he finds out
a recipe for a magic portion that promises to make any individual fall in love with the first person
that he or she sees when liquid is sprayed into their eyes. He decides to make a test
and for his surprise, the portion worked. Timothy is now able to make
any person to fall in love to anyone he wants regardless of sexual orientation and with that, a jumble of
overwhelming passions will be formed and also tremendous confusions Number 06 “But I’m a Cheerleader” Megan is a typical American cheerleader beautiful, popular, have good grades
and go out with the captain of the football team. For being a vegetarian, hug her friends too much
and avoid kissing her boyfriend her parents begin to suspect
that she is a lesbian They decide to send her to
a therapy program that according to them, will “cure”
a possible sexual deviation. Ironically, the longer
Megan spends at this place more sure she has she’s lesbian Number 05 “The Trip” Alan is an aspiring journalist
who is working on his first book that talks about the negatives
of homosexuality. Tommy is a gay activist
with a fabulous sense of humor. The two meet at a party
and despite his judgments Alan can’t resist Tommy
and the two start a love relationship. Some time later, Alan’s book
is published without his consent and Tommy discovers the barbarities
written by his lover. Tommy decides to break up with Alan but fate will put them
face to face again For them to be able
to make things right Number 04 “The broken hearts club” A united group of friends
with diverse personalities share the tragic and comical
situations of life related to love, relationships, loss of friends,
jealousy, parenting and professional success. Number 03 “The Kids Are All Right” The brothers Joni and Laser were conceived
through artificial insemination from a anonymous donation
of sperm by wish of their mothers Jules and Nic However Joni encourages her brother to embark
on an adventure to find the biological father without the mothers knowing. Once found the donor,
he becomes part of the daily life of the house Causing family problems Number 02 “Transamerica” A few days before her
sexual reassignment surgery Bree finds out she has a son
conceived in a troubled time of her life. Even against her will,
Bree goes to meet the boy, who is in prison And then being able
to help him get out of jail and also to receive authorization
from her psychologist to do the surgery According to her,
Bree needs to find and confront this aspect of her past The boy is released and Bree decides not to reveal to him
who she really is letting him think she is
providing a social service. The two embark on a journey
on the roads of the United States to find someone
to take care of him and in this adventure they will have
the opportunity to know each other more. Before we announce the next movie we recommend these other titles that were already presented but are worth watching. Número 01 “Torch Song Trilogy” Arnold Beckoff’s life is exposed
in this lovely production. He is the star of a show
with drag queens that happens in a lively
night club in New York Throughout the movie
he narrates his trajectory which is a constant search
for love and acceptance An exciting movie that captivates
us from beginning to end

20 thoughts on “( Temática LGBT) 10 ótimos filmes de COMÉDIA americanos”

  1. Adorei esse canal!
    Me apaixonei logo no primeiro vídeo que assisti, não só pelo conteúdo, mas, e principalmente, pela voz do narrador. PARABÉNS!

  2. Tem um filme que não sei se é conhecido mas eu amo de paixão, principalmente por ser centrado na aceitação da uma mãe ao ter um filho homossexual, "You should meet my son" é um filme bem leve que mostrei pra minha mãe e vários familiares eles amaram. Dizem que vai ter uma continuação, ansioso.

  3. Já dei meu like, e escutar está narração com esta voz tão doce e gostosa e os filmes alguns fizeram parte da minha juventude.

  4. Gente fiz 18 anos ontem dia 13… foi um dia normal como sempre chato eu sozinho pq pela a consequência de eu ser gay q balançou muito minha vida fez com que eu me fechasse do mundo não tenho amigos só minha família q trabalha e não tem MT tempo livre.. enfim a vida né quem sabe daqui pra frente isso venha a mudar assim espero…

    Edit: minha mãe comprou uma torta pra mim q por algum motivo está na casa do meu irmao… EU AMO UMA MULHEEEEER <3

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