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Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Is 18 Now And An Absolute Bombshell

Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Is 18 Now And An Absolute Bombshell

The world first met Gia Giudice when she was
eight years old on Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Real Housewives of New Jersey, alongside
her parents, Teresa and Joe Giudice. Today, she’s all grown up and pursuing her
own dreams, all while dealing with the realities of both of her parents doing time in prison. Social media pro Like many young starlets these days, Gia has
monetized her Instagram presence by advertising various products to her hundreds of thousands
of followers. As one of her many endorsements, Gia agreed
to promote a meal replacement called 310 Shake in a now-deleted post from 2017, a move that
left many criticizing the teen, her mother, and the brand. According to the International Business Times,
comments began pouring in with one user asking, “What kind of example are you setting for
other girls your age? Body image is such a big issue with young
girls and you shouldn’t promote it…Weight loss drinks are full of sugar and most of
them are genetically engineered… def not healthy.” Meanwhile, others defended the then 16-year-old,
with one fan pointing out, “I don’t think she’s promoting a weight loss
shake. She is into cheerleading and gymnastics I’m
pretty sure it’s about staying healthy. Gia don’t let people make you feel bad you’re
a strong young lady keep it up.” Makeup model If there’s one thing Teresa Giudice loves,
it’s makeup: after all, she revealed to Glamour in 2018 that her go-to beauty routine costs
a whopping $22,077 per year. In August 2019, Gia made her mama extra proud
when she landed a modelling contract for Stila Cosmetics. Teresa shared a number of behind-the-scenes
videos on her Instagram Stories, and Gia looked stunning in nude tones, including a shimmery
pink eye and an extra glossy lip. The gig sent Teresa down memory lane, she
told her Instagram followers that it reminded her of the days when she’d take a younger
Gia on auditions. College student She may be daddy’s little girl forever, but
Gia’s no longer a little girl by any means. In May 2019, she took to Instagram to make
an exciting announcement and prove she was all grown up. Wearing a Rutgers University t-shirt, she
wrote, “It’s official…RU 2023.” Fast-forward a few months and mom was dropping
her eldest daughter off at university for her very first semester. Of course, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey
star documented the momentous day on her Instagram Stories. According to People, Teresa started off with
footage of Gia packing up her things, then saying a tearful goodbye to her dog, Bella,
before eventually arriving at her dorm room in New Jersey. Gia’s uncle, her grandfather, and her younger
sister were all on-hand for the big day. As mom Teresa previously told Bravo TV, Gia
plans to pursue a degree in law. Champagne trouble In August 2019, Teresa faced backlash from
her followers when she reposted a video showing Gia and her cousin celebrating their college
admission by popping bottles. The reality TV star meant for the post to
be celebratory, writing, “Congratulations to my beautiful daughter
and niece on their new chapter in life. I’m so excited for both of you to follow your
dreams and take what life has to offer you.” However, it soon turned into a magnet for
criticism. One critic commented, “Great example letting minors pop bottles
of alcohol. Parent of the year right there.” Another wrote, “WOW really? How about something more appropriate for 2
little girls?” Meanwhile, yet another argued, “I understand the pride and happiness to celebrate
but it could have been left out of your post! Young girls seeing this will think it’s the
cool kid thing to do…just simple common sense!” The unthinkable While the Giudice family was expecting to
be reunited with patriarch Joe following the completion of his 41-month prison sentence,
they were dealt a serious blow in October 2018: According to Page Six, Pennsylvania’s
York Immigration Court ruled that he should be deported back to his native Italy upon
release from jail, leaving Gia and her siblings dealing with the unthinkable. He’s remained in ICE custody and has reportedly
not seen his wife and kids since his release from prison. “If Joe gets deported, he’ll never be able
to go to their graduation, celebrate their birthdays, anything. He’s gonna be missing out on so much.” As the probability of Gia losing her father
grows, she’s tried to remain strong. In May 2019, she took to Instagram to wish
him a happy birthday, writing, “Happy birthday to the guy who teaches me
everyday to keep going and never stop fighting! You inspire me everyday. Love you so much. Keep smiling. See you soon.” Not only has Gia had to witness both of her
parents spend time behind bars, but she’s also been forced to grow up fast and become
an anchor for her mother. In September 2019, a source cited by Hollywood
Life claimed, “It was a difficult transitional period with
Joe away, but now that Gia has also moved out, Teresa isn’t sure what life will be like
for her.” Here’s hoping it all works out for them. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. Who EIse is a true fan of Nicki Swift? ? If you are watching this… Have a phenomenal day and rest of 2019!?

  2. Uhm I’m sorry but why does it seem like they have not even considered ALL moving to Italy with him? Like yes terrible situation but seems like losing this lifestyle is a worse fate in their minds…

  3. Why is it that this channel always sys the daughter of such and such is grown up and she is beautiful. I want to hear them say the daughter of such and such is all grown up and holy crap is she butt ugly.

  4. I know that being a bombshell is so important to little girls.
    But her getting into college should have been the lead story.
    But as usual the adults around her are just as shallow as they have raised her to be.
    But this little girl has been raised to be a self serving brat.
    I hope she does well with everything and she adapts over to real life without any problems.

  5. I love how karma works! Teresa MADE FUN OF A WOMAN GOING TO JAIL BUT SHE WENT TO JAIL NOT HER Husband IS GOING BACK TO ITALY FOR BEING AN ILEGAL LOL all of her kids are ugly looking midgets yet the woman she made fun of has beautiful kids! LOL! POOR TERESA! OLD FART

  6. She’s hardly a knockout… it straight. All of the plastics will help!
    Can’t stand her Mom…not the brightest bulb!

  7. so when are they being deported like their dad was ….. deport one from the family should have to take the whole family bunch of scary people if you ask me

  8. These people are not parents, they are fame and money whores and it's disgusting. I feel so bad for the kids, it's disgraceful what they've done to their family, they worship money and fame and will do anything to get them.

  9. Just because you don't like her mother doesn't mean you have to write mean comments about a teen. Teenage girls are insecure enough as it is. She is very pretty.

  10. She’s also the biggest brat on reality tv history. Guaranteed!!! And they justified it and done nothing but baby her. Wow her meltdowns were next level too!!

  11. Gia and her sisters look like cheap prostitutes. What a shame that young females feel they have to dress and act like this. Holy shit.

  12. She is average looking at best ! Whatever slim treatment she was promoting obviously wasn’t something she used, she looked like a normal teenager. It’s always about the money !

  13. She is pretty but on the show, she's very disrespectful. All you see is an entitled brat with an attitude problem.

  14. Why is everyone so up set.. She's going to college and then getting a degree to be a lawyer.
    She is a pretty young woman.
    Do really think she won't be drinking and partying at school, as of most of us did.
    Best of luck, keep that chin up! ?

  15. Her singing and dancing suck…she looks so awkward. P.s. Mommie paid to get her in college like Lori Loughlin….hope you don't go back to jail again!!! LOLOLOL

    Joe has been away since he began a 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud in March 2016.
    He was released from prison last March but asked to be held in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Clinton County Correctional Center in Pennsylvania while he awaited a decision on the deportation.
    In October last year, an immigration court ruled to deport Joe to Italy after his prison sentence.

  17. Come on people she is beautiful. Gia is a great kid. Leave her alone. They were born with a low hair line so what. Get real they are all very pretty daughters and Mother. They have been through alot. God bless them all. God will take care of them.❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?

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