Terry Pettit on Volleyball Arm Swing & Overall Success

hello I’m Terry Pettit for 23 years I was the head volleyball coach one of the most
successful teams in NCAA history the University Nebraska women’s volleyball
team in my time as the Nebraska head volleyball coach
when I had the opportunity to coach over forty all Americans several olympian’s I learned that
the one behavior that separates exceptional volleyball
players from their peers is their ability to load and rotate
their hips through the moment of impact the arms speed that is generated by the proper rotation
of the hips is the greatest predictor of potential in the sport of volleyball the Powercore
360 is the best tool that I know of for teaching an athlete how to feel the
optimal sequence for generating the power to serve and spike a volleyball because the Powercore360 is designed to create resistance training it is also the best tool that I know of
that can help a volleyball player increase the speed of their arm swing this is true whether the athlete is
playing for top collegiate team or just beginning the sport in middle
school or club volleyball let me say that again how fast your son
or daughter rotates her hips if your parent how fast the athletes
that you coach rotate their hips if your coach or club director is going
to determine how hard they hit a volleyball how hard
they hit a volleyball is a great predictor for the success
they will have in club high school in college
volleyball if I were the parent or a Coach of a young
volleyball player who hope to play a significant role on her club or high school team I would
purchase the powercore 360 and have her use it three to four days a
week for 10 minutes at a time learning how to rotate the hips in a
powerful move that is the most important movement
in sport if I were a high school or club coach I would encourage the parents of my
players to purchase the powercore 360 so that each of the players has the
opportunity to reach their full potential on the volleyball court thank you

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