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Testing FLEXIBILITY Hacks from Pinterest!

Testing FLEXIBILITY Hacks from Pinterest!

Hi, I’m Megan, I’m Sierra, and I’m Maggie and we’re from the Cheernastics2. Welcome to TC Tuesday. Today We’re doing another testing video. Which is testing flexibility hacks. Before we get started, make sure you guys subscribe to our channel by pressing the button down below, and if you want to become part of our notification squad then click the bell icon right next to subscribe button. and let’s get started. So, the first hack that we will be doing is how to get your splits done So we’re each going to show you a split that we do not have all the way down Then we’re going to through the stretching routine which will either show on the screen Or will be linked down below and then after the ten minutes. We’re going to show you our splits and see if they improved. Ready, set, go Come on, alright. Let’s test out our splits I think that counts as all the way down i did it! Whoop Whoop! Ok, still hurts, but like i did it. So yeah. Okay, that still hurts really bad But like this is like where I’m flexible at and that’s way farther and like I can I can let myself all the way down, so pretty good. Overall you can all agree the hack definitely work. I would say the hacks did a really good job of like really focusing in on stretching each muscle That’s in Your leg like you stretch like everything that like goes into getting your splits down, and you do it for a whole minute So that’s like why I think it did so well. A lot of them i didn’t even think about. I would say it hurt. But like obviously its gonna hurt it definitely could push what you’re comfortable at but it Also was a stretch if you wanted to push it all the way down Yeah Like I would say it Like the beginning that hurt like because I was like not stretched out at all and then after we stretched like I wasn’t all the way down, but I was definitely way farther, and I was comfortable and then like obviously what I was pushing it down that still hurt But I got it all the way down. Also a side note. I haven’t done my left split in probably over a year, and Serria got it all the way down So let’s get this hack a thumbs up or thumbs down. I mean we could all agree on that It definitely worked Alright so, I’m going to be testing a back flexibility hack Pinterest said that it was Nia’s from dance moms so like if thats the case I better be getting flexible We’re going to do it with like a scorpion see how well it is and it’s five back stretches It doesn’t say how long to hold them, but I’m going to do 30 seconds. – yeah seems like a good amount as you could tell my Scorpion did get a lot better like not a lot better But like better. The stretches hurt not just my back but, like everything and some of them didn’t just hurt my back, they hurt my legs, like my arms, they didn’t hurt my back at all. Honestly, I’m kind of torn on this one But I just have to say thumbs down because I just felt like it streach like my arms so like you want like an all stretch like do that But also, it’s not meant for like scorpions. So maybe so for what it is meant for just like a dance thing It’s good, but for scorpions. I would give it a thumbs down Alright, I’m going to be testing out a bow and arrow stretch and since most cheerleaders do bow and arrows with their left leg up I’m going to also be doing that even though it’s my bad leg So the stretch also doesn’t say how long your supposed to do it So I’m just going to kind of like get into a good stretch of each spot, and then like go on for the next step *music* *music* *music* All right So as you guys could tell my bow and arrow before and after we’re pretty much the same and they are both really bad I am not going to say this is 100% the hacks fault because I didn’t stretch over there for very long because it hurts so bad It also doesn’t say how long to stretch, so I? Just like don’t know how long I am suppose to hold it? I guess why I just don’t like about it Is that like you’re stretching it to get your bow and arrow better, just by like skewing the bow and arrow Or I feel like it’s more useful to like stretch out the muscles other ways So I’m going to give this hack a thumbs down just because I feel like the stretch already hurt and it was like only like forcing you to like have to like pull it which I could do in a bow or bow and arrow anyway, so this next one that we’re going to test that with for back flexibility. and its supposed to help you get your scorpion or your needle? I do not have my scorpion Which has been shown many times on this channel. My back flexibility is just not good at all so I am going try to use these stretches and see if I can get my scorpion *music* I’m done I can’t do it my wrists hurt my back hurts So I think that while the hack obviously helped I definitely like pulled a scorpion And it was for sure better than what I did previously the hack itself is not possible to Like stay in it for a whole minute. I came down like three times. I had to stop early and its about how far you can push yourself Into the back bed, and I think it’s really easy to be like no. I’m just going to go like Farther open up, and so I’d like push and like relax for a little bit But I think that if you commit to it, it’ll work I will still give it a thumbs up just because I obviously was having no Scorpion – at least pulling one, so yeah So obviously this is a testing flexibility hack video, but let’s be honest a lot of people do not like stretching Me included I hate stretching so this hack is not really a flexibility hack But it’s going to make you look more flexible so this hack is like a jump hack Kinda. yeah. It is, it is a jump hack. The secret is if you are not going fast enough And your jumps you’re not going to be able to get your legs up high enough because Momentum doesn’t work that way so We’ll show you like some examples of what we need but this talk is basically to work on it snapping your legs up Faster and your jump and you’re going to look like you have a better jump so to help you Talk make a little bit more sense to you guys Here’s kind of like to be pretty full of the hack, so if I’m just listing at my leg up slowly This is like as far as it can go I can’t go any further than that, and that’s like it as well if you kick it and you go fast You can get can get it all the way up here That’s kind of your whole point of the hack is if you go fast You’re likely going to be able to go higher and you look more flexible *music* *music* The last hack in my opinion was super super nice because you don’t have to do any stretching I Totally think that this worked especially I think you could tell a big difference in like toe touches and straddle jumps And I still think that you could see a difference in their jumps – it’s just going to be a little harder I mean that the only problem with this hack is one assuming people aren’t going all-out for their jumps – some people probably Always are and then a second thing is just it’s not really that helpful with every jump It’s mostly helpful with toe touches rather than thinking about pulling your legs up for pike it’s like harder if you guys liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up let’s check out video to a 15,000 thumbs up if you guys like these hacks Like hack videos comment down below what hack we should do Like to be test them and do you guys want to go out and find hacks that work and then show you guys? Let us know and you comments down below what we can do And if you want it to be the pin comment for this video, comment down below which hack you’re going to try out? And we’ll see you on flippin Friday. Bye

100 thoughts on “Testing FLEXIBILITY Hacks from Pinterest!”

  1. Woah! What a difference these hacks made! I would try all of them, but I think I would be better at the splits one. I'm gonna try it out! This seems so helpful! Great vid! Could you guys also show us some hacks like this but for cheerleading? That would be awesome! And I can do handstands, front and back flips, front tucks, and front handsprings now in the pool!!! I learned from you guys! Sadly, I can't do it on grass or anything else :/.

  2. Did this two days in a row so far; not quite to the ground but I've made SIGNIFICANT improvement for two days!

    EDIT – Day four, on the ground!!

  3. Ok sooo, my splits got way better but I still can’t do them, so, I reccomend if this doesn’t work the first time, do it maybe everyday!

  4. Oh my gosh it actually worked I was able to get my split after I did this hack and it really help my friend get hers too so I highly recommend this hack it works really well and yeah.

  5. I tried the splits thing I didn't get all the way down but I did get a lot closer and I am very inflexible so I say at work

  6. yo this actually worked. i lost my right splits due to a break from dance and i did the first hack and it worked!

  7. 1.Das Knie muss nach unten schauen und man geht ganz nach unten und legt sich nicht auf die Seite 😒

  8. I'm gonna try this everyday for as long as I can be bothered/remember (mum of 2 and I'm old 🤷🏻‍♀️) and we shall see what happens 🤣 I'm the most inflexible person I know, I am no where near splits I can't even touch my feet if I stand up with straight legs. I've done the exercise today and I'm no closer.

  9. TIP: If you are really close to splits, do them in your bed after stretching! I got down from 1 inch to 2 cm!

    I did 2 minutes splits on and 2 min off for 6 minutes and then 20 seconds on and off for two minutes and it worked really well!

  10. I’ve been doing the same split stretching routine for 2 weeks before I saw this video and I have seen a slight improvement but nothing as dramatic as theirs. Maybe I’m just not flexible?

  11. I loved these i do gymnastic too and it helped sooo much thx❤️❤️and i just started a month ago

  12. This help bc I was so close to my splits after 2 months and thank you so much bc now I have my middle, left and right splits OMG

  13. Am still not able to do the splits… Plzz give me some suggestion..😶… I feel like crying now😭😭😭😭😭

  14. #NotificationSquad. I love you guys so much and these hacks helped me so much so thank you so much😙😗🤓. My sister also agreed that this helps so thank you so much. Can you guys please do hacks for a backhand spring and can we get a shout out please and thank you!!!🤗😄💟

  15. The first split exercise was very effective but I gave up right when I was about to do it and it was almost down

  16. i thought that this was a lie, but i can actually go fully down now
    like if ur watching this in 2019 or/and if u can fully do the splits now

  17. I've been doing the split stretch for almost a month now and I keep getting further and further from my split😐

  18. I actually did all of the stretches while watching the video, for example: hold your bridge for 1 minute, so I did exactly what it said. Sadly I still can't do the scorpion yet, but what I can do is, a cart wheel, hand stand, splits( both ways ), back bend, bridge( I can't get up without touching the ground though ). Soooo yeah that's it, I can't do much but I'm trying my hardest to get better!

  19. so i tried this on my right leg and it worked really well i’m pretty close to the ground but i can’t touch it yet

  20. I am a self taught gymnast and I have a very flexible back my tip is to stretch a little bit each day but do stretches like the bachwards bridge between your streches and u will get much better with your back its just takes time

  21. I'm going to try the splits hack tommorow. It's too late today. I'll let y'all know if it works.

    Edit: it didn't…

  22. I tried the splits stretch a while back and it worked so well!! However i haven’t had my splits for a long time now so i’m going to attempt the stretches again tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!

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