The Best Soccer Video Games Of All Time | Teens Vs. Adults

– Bend it, bend it, bend it.
– Kick and hope here. – Oh no!
– Ah, no! – Oh my God,
why is this game so hard? – I keep forgetting
which button is which. – Ooh.
– What the hell? – Run, run! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well today, we are going to be
putting your soccer skills to the test. – Okay.
– Okay. – Where’s the…
– Like physically soccer? ‘Cause I’m down. (laughs) – (FBE) You’ll be playing
four different soccer games from different eras of gaming. And yes, we know football
is the accurate terminology, however most games
use soccer in the title, so we’ll be using soccer. – Okay, like how us Americans
say it, soccer. (laughs) Here’s the thing,
I’m the older sibling. I got him into video games, but he has kind of beat me in skill, but last time we played FIFA here, I was surprisingly
accidentally okay at it. – Well I’m going to college
for video game design, so I’m gonna be surrounded by it
anyway, all the time. – Oh wow.
– Yeah. So I still play a lot of video games, like I was playing some
before I came here today. – Yeah, okay. – But I don’t play
any sports games ever. – (FBE) Well the rules
are pretty easy. You’re gonna be going head to head
in a Teens vs. Adults for each soccer game.
– Are you an adult? – (FBE) Each time you win a match
you’ll get a point for your generation and the generation
with the most points wins. – Crap.
– Alright. Has anyone played yet? – So we’re not just
representing ourselves, there’s also the entire generation,
how do you feel? (laughs) – It’s the first time
I’ve played a game on here. – (FBE) The first game you’re playing
is FIFA International Soccer for the Super Nintendo,
so this is FIFA 1, essentially. – FIFA 1, okay.
– Wow, I didn’t even, I probably wasn’t even an idea
when this happened. – (announcer) EA Sports.
– Wow! – (announcer) It’s in the game. – Dude, I know, that’s even before
they had the challenge. – Yeah, I know, and it’s different
than like the classic one I grew up with. – Uh, let’s go with Norway,
I like their flag. Okay, you choose.
U.S.? – Oh there it is, Argentina.
– Oh. (laughs) – I’ll play as Italy.
That seems like fun. – That team looks so OP,
look at the overall. – I’m Italian, so like,
this is fine. – I’m gonna just close my eyes
and then see what we land on. Let’s see, three, two, one. Sweden! – This is really bad looking. I don’t like the way they run. It’s not a flat plane,
it’s kind of slanted. – Oh wait, that’s me.
– Yeah, that’s you. – Oh God, I literally forgot
all of the controls, so I’m just gonna mash things
and hope that it works out. It’s not.
– Hit the ball! Shoot!
Dude! – Bend it, bend it, bend it.
– Kick and hope here. – Oh no!
– Ah, no! – Oh my God,
why is this game so hard? – Oh shoot shoot,
come on, we’re so close to my goal! Are you just as stressed as I am? – No, this is a lot easier
than I thought it was. – Oh, you think this is easy? – It’s also so hard,
it’s literally just so hard to tell everything that I’m doing.
– Go go go, ooh! Go, you got him.
Shoot that [bleep]. – No! – Oh, apparently it’s going this way. – Oh my Gosh.
– Oh my God! I still have value.
– Okay, end of half, shoot. 0-0, we’re doing real good!
– And it’s zero! – No! (laughs)
Oh! No, no, but, there we go, okay. – Oh come on! – Come on person,
someone freakin’ intercept it. – Oh, no no, get it, get it.
Oh! – Oh, didn’t make it!
– Oh my God! – Come on guys, let’s go.
Pass it off. No score, dude!
Come on! You are, oh my God!
– Oh. – Bro.
– How dumb am I? – (gasps) No no no!
– Ah, (yells). – Oh my! (laughs)
– Finally! – My hands feel tingly.
– They feel tingly. Okay, come here. Get that ball back,
get that ball back! (Nico screams)
(whistle screeches) – Good time, good time.
– 0-0, good, cool, good game, which one of us
is going to the World Cup? – I feel like I represented
myself pretty well for la Raza. All my Mexicans out there. We did not lose. – (FBE) Next up, we’ve got… – Oh, I played the [bleep]
out of this game! I played this game so much.
– I didn’t. – I don’t remember
how to play this game, but I played this game so much. – I haven’t played a lot
on the GameCube. I’ve played a lot of Mario though, and I feel like this could help me. – This feels so weird to hold now. They’re so different
than modern controllers. – Easy, it’s gonna be Princess Peach! So lead, oh cute! I’m gonna have all ladies, so it’s gonna be Peach,
and then Birdo. – I’ve never played
the GameCube before, I’m terrified. – I’ve never played the SNES.
– Look how cute she is! – And there we go, whoa!
This is faster! I like this one already. – Okay, well the cameras are, oh.
That feels so much different. – Feels so much better, shoot that!
– It feels like… (crowd cheers) – Did I make it, woohoo! – Ah!
Ah, they feel like light, these are so much quicker
than the other one, now I feel all like wobbled out. (crowd cheers) – (gasps) No!
– Jeez! (horn blares) – I told you,
I know how to play this game! (horn blares) – It’sa me, Mario!
– Ugh. I’m still getting used
to how fast it is. I still haven’t even
figured out the controls. – Look at that man.
– And you’re just miles ahead of me, it’s fine.
– No! – No, I body blocked that!
– I was just stretching. – Oh my God!
– (gasps) What is that? – Ah shoot, ah, get off the floor! – Oh you get shocked, by the way,
if you hit the wall, by the way. – Oh interesting.
– Ooh. What is going on?
– My God. This is really too much.
– Where’s the ball, where’s the ball? – Ow!
– Can we just… (gasps) Yes!
Way to go, Peach! – What the heck? – Ooh! (laughs)
Right now, oh! – Amazing! I guess you score
by beating each other up. – I forgot, I forgot how…
– Oh my God, there’s so much to remember
on this one. – Oh, you got one!
– Did I? – Nice, yeah! – It’s kinda nice that you can
switch the characters on this one. – Yeah, and you can understand like,
oh this makes sense now. – Another one?
– Baby, Tori is back! – ♪ Guess who’s back ♪
♪ Back again ♪ – No, my dude’s dizzy! (laughs) I was like out of my goal
and got dizzy. Oh my God, damn it. – What the heck?
(Tori screams) – Yep.
– He’s feeling great. – Oh, I made this,
this one makes sense to me. (laughs)
– I don’t understand. I don’t understand, Kenneth.
– I’m sorry. – I keep forgetting
which button is which. – Ooh!
– What the hell? – This game was so much fun.
– You know what? Even though I’m sucking at this,
I like this one more than the other previous ones. – I think I got it,
I think I got it. Oh, come on! – 5-1!
– That was fun. – You know it.
– I miss that game so much. – This one, this is more fun
than the other ones. – Right, yeah, it was a lot of fun.
– It’s a little more fast paced. – I like this one a lot.
– Oh, Rocket League! – Oh no! – I’m gonna demolish you
in this one! – Okay, I’ve actually
always wanted to play this, but I can’t find an excuse to buy it. – I’m nervous!
Okay, god this is (yells)! This is already gonna be so bad. – I’ve watched videos online
of this for years, and I always thought
it looked so fun. Nope, oh my God.
– Teammate, yeah! – This game is hard.
– Why can’t I control this sucker? – Yeah, I can’t…
– Okay. – Oh, I just hit someone’s car.
– Bounced her. – I also don’t know
where my goal is. That’s a continuous problem
I’m running into, no! Alright, so that’s Nico’s goal,
and mine is the other one. – If you want, we can skip it, so you don’t have to be… – Yay, okay. – I feel like I can’t even
get my car under control. – Oh come on,
I missed it by that much! – Why can’t I turn around?
Jesus! – Why am I in the air? – This is much harder
than driving a real… – Someone scored! – Somebody just get
on the other end of that! (engines revving) Yeah baby, Marley and Me! – Ah.
– What, hey! I don’t know what happened,
but I died! – Wow. – Come on, get in there. This game, also, I play so random.
Oh no, ah no, I kicked it in! I was trying to kick it out,
and I kicked it in. – I don’t know, Tori. – I’m so lost, I felt so lost
for like all of these games except for the mario one. – Dude, Mario was lit, man. – I think that might be
the best one we’ve played so far. – I’m not even joking. – No, go, go go go go go!
– Oh, I missed it. – I know, how’d I miss that? No, shoot, wrong way! – Okay, where is it?
There it is. Put that thing back
where it came from, yes! Okay thank God I have
other teammates to help me, ’cause I could not do this on my own. – Oh yeah, if this was a one on one. – Nope, I flipped my stupid car!
I keep hitting the wrong button! This is a hard game.
– This is. – Team, can we do better? We can’t lose it this close. No!
There’s, oh my God! What is happening?
We were in such a good lead! – Any time limit in any game,
instantly makes me sweat. – Yeah, yeah! I’m sorry man. (laughs) – 4-1, that’s fine,
I’m not bothered at all. – Come on, nope,
there’s no going back, baby! That’s the longest one second,
just stop, okay cool. – It’s not really a soccer game. – It’s more like a car game,
I think than anything. – It was fun though,
it’s just hard. – (FBE) So finally, in honor
of FIFA 20 coming out, you will actually be playing
FIFA 19. – Uh, I’ve played
other versions of FIFA, but not this one specifically. – Yes, okay cool. Okay, I wanna be
the U.S. Women’s team, I love them,
I love them so much. – I’m gonna play U.S.A. too. – (gasps) Oh, okay. – I’ll go with, where’s Korea,
and then Seoul Republic. – Okay, okay.
It’s so much slower than Mario. – You’re up.
– I’m up? – A.
– Okay. – (announcer) Especially if that hold in midfield or in front
of the back three doesn’t venture. – The passing is so crap.
– (announcer) That’s right! – Catch that, okay.
– This is like almost the least friendly control system
out of all of them. – This one like feels slightly slower, but at the same time is like…
– Is a lot better? – (laughs) There’s so much happening.
– Aw! – Foul him! – (announcer) Made it look
easy, actually. – Oh, they have fouls
in these games too. – Yeah yeah, you can slide with X. – Come on, come on, get in there!
Get in there, get in there! Tackle!
Okay. What did I do?
I tackled! – Red card!
– No it’s not. – I know they’re playing
like the camera locked angle, like the player locked, oh,
is that a penalty? – I might’ve. – Oh, we overshot that like crazy. – Dude, the Indian national team man,
let’s get one goal with one of their players, and make one of their mothers
proud for once, go, come on! We scored, yes! – Oh my God, that’s too high! I didn’t realize there was
more mechanics for like how high you want to go,
and how low? – That was terrible.
– Yeah, I know. – Make a run, baby!
Oh, that’s offside. He’s not even good enough
to stay offside, yes, no it’s. Wait, did they, okay, it did count. I thought I was offside
for like the longest time. – Look at your players
rubbing it in my face how bad I am. – Alright, come on, ooh. – (announcer) With a space to go
through into with the ball. Oh my God!
– Oh. – Oh there we got it, cross ball!
– Ugh! – (announcer) Space to
cross the ball now. – Damn it! (laughs) I keep on getting so close! I’m so, oh my God, I don’t
wanna see Rapinoe so mad at me. – Wow, this game here.
– Oh that was bad, that was stupid! That was stupid!
– I feel like this game’s so much slower, just ’cause like…
– I know. – It’s an actual game,
instead of like Mario Soccer. – That’s a thing, that’s a thing,
shoot! – (announcer) Shot’s on here.
– What it do, baby! – Oh thank you.
– Ah, I keep pressing B. I keep trying to press B to lob it.
– Ah, time. – But it didn’t happen.
– (announcer) Final whistle! – That was fun.
– This one was more fun than like the second one,
and the car one. – Run, run, Rapinoe!
Oh no, that’s too high. – (announcer) For the 90 minutes.
– That wasn’t good, I know. Added time, okay. – I mean, we technically both won. – We did, we technically both won,
because we tied the game at the end. – Good game, good game. (laughs) – Why do you always do
the tennis clap? That’s the second time. – (FBE) Carlos with
the 4-0 final score, you’ve won this entire challenge.
How do you both feel? – Uh, I mean, this isn’t gonna
show up on my college transcript, I do wish it would though. – I uh, you know, I thought maybe
I’d be able to get one game. I didn’t, but I’m not
surprised at all. – This doesn’t mean that you lost. This just means that
my entire generation has won. My generation’s amazing at video games
so you should respect me. – Only for the some that won though. – But you should respect me
an an older sister who is the guiding light
for you into video games. – Psh, yeah right.
(Tori laughs) – Thanks for watching us
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– We got new shows for you every week. – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
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