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The Boxing Match [short film]

The Boxing Match [short film]

You look weak. Do you think you are Mike Tyson? I train at least. What are you doing? -box with you. I’ll fight with Mikkel. Mikkel’s not coming I was set up by Axel to fight with you. No. I was supposed to fight with Mikkel … …not a girl. -Are you afraid to fight with a girl? -Well, you could get hurt. I go 100% all the time. Do you think that girls can´t fight? You´re too skinny to fight. I want to show you what I can do… -…you won´t hurt me. We can test your technique, but I’ll be gentle with you. Let´s do a round then. Tired? I`m fine. I told you. You fight like a girl. Come on, can`t handle more? Women can´t fight, huh? I think we have to go to the doctor. Come, let´s go. Just go, I’ll be just fine. Are you ok? Well, apart from a broken nose. I’d rather be at home drinking a beer. Hope you don´t take what happend the wrong way. Well, look here … I was wrong … Maybe we should have stopped the fight. Oh, it’s like that … I got beat up by a girl. You hit me pretty hard in the arm. Still hurts. God, the doctor is so damn slow …, can´t he just come. There is something I must tell you. This here, it´s among buddies. Relax, we wouldn´t be here if it wasn´t important. No. Just wanted to say that I screwed up. You are violent, look at this. Terrible. Hey, Dr. Hansen. -Shall we take a beer afterwards? -Yes, we can. I´ll be waiting.

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