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The ‘Cheer’ Squad Soars with an Incredible Routine

The ‘Cheer’ Squad Soars with an Incredible Routine

I’m very excited because
they just gave me their state championship ring. [APPLAUSE] So the size of that thing. Here to perform, The 14 National
Champions, Navarro Cheer. 1, 2, 3, 4– 5, 6, 7, 8. Dogs! (SINGING) It’s a
dog-eat-dog world. Woo-hoo, let the dogs out. Navarro, got the pose out. Got the pedigree
in the [INAUDIBLE].. Got my 14, we’re going all out. Woo-hoo, doing a smackdown. If it’s a dogfight,
we won’t back down. I’m going off with
the leash off. Don’t bring down. It’s back now. [INAUDIBLE] Get
the red and black. Yeah, give me another dog
ring. ‘Cause I’m breaking off. And I’m going hard. It’s a dog thing. Navarro. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE]
We run the yard. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Ready to do it. We dangerously anxious. This is our yard. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] We taking it home. You call the dogs out, then
we bury you with a bone. [INAUDIBLE] It’s not the end of me. Count the hours, and I’m going
to make sure that you see. [INAUDIBLE] It’s
not the end of me. This is not the end of me. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Let’s
bring them dogs out. Slept in the dog house. You think the
bulldogs [INAUDIBLE].. I hear you crying with– [INAUDIBLE] Dogs. [APPLAUSE] Woo! Woo! So glad! So glad! Oh my God! I mean, the strength that all
of these people have to have. I mean, in every– whatever you do. But the women have to–
you have to hold your core, and then one leg is
that you’re balanced. It’s unbelievable. And we know that you
have a lot of money that you have to raise
to compete each year. So our friends at
Shutterfly want to cheer you on with a check for $20,000. [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much! Cheer is Netflix now. You should watch it. We’ll be back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared, or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! Oh! [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

100 thoughts on “The ‘Cheer’ Squad Soars with an Incredible Routine”

  1. This is amazing! They had to omit some tumbles because of the available space though. And was it Gabi on the ending pose? I thought it was Jade's part? Maybe they changed it for the show. Amazing amazing amazing performance though! ❤❤❤

  2. I just love Morgan she oozes so much personality into everything. The series had me in tears multiple times it was beautiful. PLEASE RENEW

  3. I cannot watch this team without crying out of pure happiness. They work SO hard and "Cheer" was done so well, you root for every single person so hard they become your own little family <3

  4. It's nice to see Cheerleading being showcased as a sport. Love this show and love what this program is doing for these young individuals.

  5. Literally, I clicked so fast when I saw that Ellen brought the Cheer team on her show. I'm not a cheerleader, I don't follow the sport or anything, but that documentary was excellent. I was cheering for Jerry so hard! Lol. Loved it! Go watch it if you haven't already!

  6. Ellen te amo ! Me encanta tu programa y todo lo que haces!!! Lo tengo que decir en español porque me sale del corazón ❣

  7. flipping heck, can we take a moment to appreciate how much smaller this mat is compred to what they usually perform on!

  8. I have been in all star cheer for 8 years on a special needs team we work hard at every practice and when it is time to do full outs we do them and the crowd loves watching the cheer abilities division at comps even the mc said he loves watching us as well

  9. The show is SOOOO good! And I love Mrs. Aldama! I’m waiting “patiently” for season 2. Check out Last Chance U too (same creator of Cheer)

  10. Awesome !! 👏 I watched all 6 episodes of Cheer on Netflix in 2 days I Loved it. I saw they are also on Cameo good for them. I have always wanted to be a cheerleader but never got a chance to be. But Navarro cheer is pristine & clean so on point. !! Go Team

  11. Cried during the Netflix series, cried during every Youtube video of the team from previous years after I binge watched the series and now this… how am I still crying with happiness !?

  12. Can’t wait for season 2 great watch. Morgan came along way her story so touching in the show and the rest of the cheer squad amazing. Glad Morgan found happiness with her baseball player boyfriend. Must see Netflix.

  13. This was TAME compared to their actually routine! Look up their show off 2019 & watch their full national champ routine.

  14. I do not understand when some people say cheerleading isn’t a sport. Can just anyone do those moves? Absolutely not. They are gymnasts and dancers in one.

  15. I mean cheerleaders are real cuz I'm only see that on movies … Congrats and keep going … 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  16. You know you are a cheer mom when you yell HIT on the jumps and jump up and down when stunts hit, even when you are watching on YouTube!! Lol

    We miss and love you Ryan!!!!

    ❤️❤️❤️ your Cheer Texas Amarillo Family!!!

  17. i can’t imagine the pressure they felt to hit this routine. like imagine going to perform in front of millions of people on national television. i’m so impressed

  18. Navarro Cheer!!!!! So happy to see all of them together performing again. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Dope af!!!!!! Congratulations 🎉🍾

  19. I've never had an interest in cheer. The cheerleaders at my school were mean. I'm sure these college kids are not all mean. But I did enjoy the docuseries bc of the stories behind the cheer.

  20. I had a friend in college who was a gymnast and refused to believe cheerleading is a sport. I showed her videos of Shooting Stars, Senior Elite, etc., and she still didn't think it was a sport. We are athletes, no matter if you cheer now or if you cheered in the past. 9 years of my life that I wouldn't have traded for anything.

  21. As a competitive cheer mom I’m so happy competitive cheer is finally getting the exposure it deserves!!!!

  22. Great to see the kids get the exposure on the show. Hopefully, the exposure will improve the school overall. They deserve an upgraded practice facility with more staff.

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