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  1. These idiots have apparently never seen two white guys fight in a hockey game… and maybe someone who cnt even swim shouldnt talk about swimming like it's easy you racist fucks

  2. name your top 10 best boxers of all-time. best boxers are black let's be real here.
    Muhammad ali, Ken Norton, George foreman, sugar ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier, Floyd mayweather Jr, pernell Whittaker, 50 cent, Roy Jones, evander holyfield, sugar ray robinson, marv hagler and ofcourse Joe Louis!

  3. Try mma, jiu jitsu, MT, karate and k1 to see if white people don't have natural talent 🙂 Its same as football who is best ? Europe and South America, everyone plays that sport over there no one plays baseball so there won't be many famous baseball players from those areas but football stars …

  4. all these political correctness are such bull its…its so so simple GENETICS and being POOR thats why blacks dominate boxing.

  5. This video is racist for arguments sake but for some reason it doesn't bother me.

    I think the bothered people are the ones who wish they could be racist too but can't…

  6. This is sort of funny, but only as funny as black folks would find it if it were a white host makin cracks to a mostly white audience about how silly and pathetic black people are at XYZ. And just so the non boxing fans aren't completely mislead… Yes, Tommy Morrison got wrecked against Ray Mercer, like they showed in their 5 second highlights of him..But they also conveniently didn't show his 1st round KO's blasting Quick Tillis and Pinklon Thomas, Carl the Truth Williams, Kimmuel Odom, and/or Razor Ruddock…those are obviously just a few of his wins on his 48-3-1 record, but they're probably the most recognizable names of black fighters that he beat.
    Mostly, I'm just tired of black people having free reign to be as openly racist against whites as they want, and it's not only acceptable, it's practically encouraged..everywhere you look this stereotype of dumb clumsy white guy and cool ladies man black dude is being perpetuated, in movies, in TV shows, in commercials…if I had a kid right now, I'd be seriously worried, whether they ere black or white. Black kids are growing up being told it's ok to insult white people, and the white people can't do anything about it, cause, you know, slavery and civil rights and stuff…that stuff that no one alive had to really deal with..maybe like 100 people currently living..the rest gone and dead…So how dangerous is that, cause you got white kids growing up, BEING discriminated against, regardless of how much black ppl cry injustice at the notion of such a thing, it IS the reality of the world we live in…so you got these white kids growing up, getting used to being crapped on, til one day at school a black kid uses a racial slur in class or something, and.even the teacher doesn't say anything, for fear of losing their job due to perceived bigotry..so after class, feeling humiliated and embarrassed and angry, the white kid goes after the black kid, and filled with rage, does some shamefully violent things to the black kid, who really didn't know any better…after all, this is what he sees every day on TV and in his house with his own parents and siblings perpetuating and reinforcing this fundamental racism.
    Most of all. It's just so pathetic to me, that black people cry about all the shit done centuries ago, and yet they do to white people what they feel was always done to them…how is that right..?


  7. What about GGG from Kazakhstan)) or Klichko and Lomachenko. They beat up so many black guys. Don't make me laugh

  8. Well, this is true. Whites have not many chances of beating blacks at boxing or basketball unless they impose restrictions on them. Like for example they do in colleges all over the USA with affirmative action policies.

  9. When my dad (white) went to Africa he said that the people there were genuinely surprised that he could dance. It's unfair to say that every person whose skin happens to be a lighter pigment has no natural rhythm or coordination, just as it's unfair to stereotype darker skinned people. The idea that we are somehow different or separate because of skin tone is frankly absurd and honestly, white people aren't the only people guilty of perpetuating this.

  10. Great fighter's include the UFC right? Just remember Chris a White guy has created the car you drive, the house you live in, the camera you film with, the microphone you speak through, the plane you travel with, the phone you speak to your family with, the money you make… you can go on and on

  11. British (including Irish), Russian, European etc fighters are very good and white. The difference I think is social inequality. In Britain and Europe most of the poor are white, in America while there's many poor whites, I believe that per capita it's more likely a minority will be poor than white and most of the best fighters are poor and from tough backgrounds. There's more chance they grow up fighting and boxing gyms and so on are generally found predominantly in poorer neighbourhoods.

    So you see great white fighters from outside of the US and great black fighters from the US because it's not actually about colour, it's about class and culture and how people are raised.

    Also, Arturo Gatti is a great example of a fighter from the very era Rock is in in this video.

  12. Before Ali lost to Frazier he got knocked down by a white boy. Ali manager cut his gloves which delayed the fight a few minutes. So Ali had to cheat to keep from losing to a white boy.

  13. Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali Klitschko
    Joe Calzaghe, Tyson Fury, Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey, Jake LaMotta (Raging Bull)
    Willie Pep, Brian Nielson, Josh Kelly, Vasyl Lomachenko, Johann Duhaupas, Canelo Álvarez, Gennady Golovkin, Max Schmeling
    Alexander Povetkin,Ricky Hatton
    Oleksandr Usyk, Sergey Kovalev

  14. chris and his writers who were and are ALL white were still and are constantly stirring up race shit. Complete bollocks. The UK are kicking your arse in boxing at the moment and we have amazing white fighters. Fuck you Chris Rock

  15. Funny sketch but considering most mma, mixed martial arts and other fighting sports are dominated by white guys those punks should be quiet.

  16. Lmao white ppl on the net like calling "libtards weak & sensitive" but they are so fragile. Look at this comment section, ppl cant take a joke geez

  17. Actually Tommy Morrison beat George Forman and had 48 wins and 3 losses .. After he lost to Ray Mercer he had all wins..

  18. Times have changed and those days are dead. Two of the best boxers pound for pound in the world are white. GGG and Lomachenko. Lomanchenko is already regarded as one of the best of all time. There are just as many white world champions as black world champions. Hispanics are the ones that dominate the sport of boxing.

  19. Whites never had to fight. They oowned the promotional company’s and in fact owned the boxers… I think it’s the only legal way these days to own a black man.

  20. Little did they know a couple of years later white fighters would be fucking up everyone. Ie canelo, GGG, lomachenko, klitchkos

  21. Wow. That's some "screw politically correct shit" .
    I enjoy posting this to trumpanzees. How does it feel to be on the other side of "we are superior"

  22. One White Guy: Nikolai Sergejewitsch Walujew 2,13m (6ft 11,8) 150kg (330lbs) he is a Monster
    Ofc Klitschko too

  23. Hahaha so funny coming from history that showed a total different picture… with millions of “super black fighters” taken from Africa to USA to be sold by white Jews as slaves. Whites Jews still use them as slaves, this time they don’t need a whip, even better they willingly fight each other on the ring.
    Whites Jews never found better tools than black people. Hip-hop music, guns, drugs, violence, the blacks will always fall into Jewish systems…

  24. Yup, blacks are generally better fighters because the black community is so overwhelmingly more impoverished than the white community. When you're broke, you're hungry, when you're hungry you'll do what ever it takes. For proof just compare Chis rock's standup from 15-20 years ago to his last Netflix special…

  25. white guys always lose against black guys in boxing because of exactly what that one dude said when he starts thinking about slavery 100 years ago, thats exactly what the white guys start thinking about and then they start to feel all weird and bad…its not a good mix… just sayin'

  26. Jerry Quarry 53-9-4( 32 KO'S) Beat Shavers, Patterson,Lyle,Spencer, Mathis with a narrow loss to Jimmy Ellis. Chris Rock gets info from some clueless people.

  27. damn.. cant wait to stumble on this in 4 years and see all those comments about racism drowned out by people complaining of racist comments :v

  28. The crazy thing is that a sjw today would love this but if it was a white guy saying this about a black man …. Black lives matter robot chants happen

  29. Dariusz Michalczewski. The tiger.
    "A two-weight world champion, having held multiple world titles at light-heavyweight, including the WBO title from 1994 to 2003; the unified WBA, IBF, and lineal titles in 1997; and the WBO junior-heavyweight title from 1994 to 1995." -wiki 48-2 (two losses last two fights of the career.)

  30. In his prime Tommy Morrison was one of my favorite fighters. Nobody had a better left hook in boxing. His highlight real is sick.

  31. The reason the boxers are so tough because my ancestors bred them that way. Your typical African is not built like the American blacks. Nowhere near as strong

  32. So let me see what they seem to be saying. OH I get it; as long as it is considered comedy you can tell all the racist jokes you want.. I want to join in …. White people suck at boxing and pretty much everything else. That is the reason why cops are always picking on black people for no reason at all. That seems to explain everything wrong with racial relations.

  33. Can anybody say Klitschco brothers, Coetzee, Tyson Fury, Povetkin, Lucas Browne, Chagaev, Valuev, Ibragimov, Maskaev, Liakhovich, Corey Sanders, Johannson, Marciano, Schmelling, Saviod, Ruiz? That's 17 White heavy weights in the modern era.

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