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The Crazy 8’s Defy Expectations with “You & Me” – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

The Crazy 8’s Defy Expectations with “You & Me” – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

[gentle magical music] [dramatic orchestral music] – Let’s go. Let’s go. – Whoo! [dramatic bass-heavy music] – Whoo! [cheers and applause] – These little girls
are so talented! Oh, my God. Oh, my God, these little girls
are so talented. – They impressed me. Oh, my gosh,
Crazy 8’s, you guys are just beasts. – I watch you guys
and I’m like, “I cannot believe
these little things are doing these things
that they’re doing.” – The dancing
is so exceptional. That moment where she’s
in the middle and you all go into that arch
and everything moved. It was so powerful. – Could you imagine
if somebody asked us, “Like, just backbend
real quick back like that.” – I mean, they don’t
have bones, but, you know. [laughter] There’s more choreography,
which I appreciated. The musicality was great. I still feel that
some of the transitions, it lacks–I don’t know
what it is exactly. I just find myself
in moments going, like, “Ooh, I wish they were
doing something here. I wish something
was happening here.” – It’s kind of that dance team
mentality, right, because then
you’re kind of, like, doing a little bit of the
cheerleader thing in between instead of really dancing
through all the movements and the choreography. You have to get out of that and start thinking more
as a dance company, and I think you guys
are so talented. – So good. – You can do anything,
you hear me? You can do anything
you wanna do, anything. – Say it again.
Say it again. Anything! – On that dance floor
and in life, you can do anything. – Period. Period. – Thank you so much.
– You’re amazing. – Thank you. – The level of flexibility, the level of control
at nine years old. Goodness. Y’all are monsters now. You’re gonna be absolute
monsters when you grow up. [all giggle]
Goodness gracious. – I’m gonna say
keep stretching, ’cause you lose it
as you get older. – Yeah, yeah,
it gets a little harder. [laughter] Fantastic, start to finish.
Quality work. – Thank you.
– [giggles] – Naia, you were the star
of this piece. But you should be so proud. You carried it
from beginning to end. – You know what, honey,
and you don’t need to speak ’cause you speak volumes
with your dancing. It is so beautiful to watch. – Congratulations. – All right, well,
we’re gonna lock in our scores. Good luck, ladies. – If they get a score
higher than 90, then we’re out
of the competition. – Little mamas. Amazing. [contemplative music] – Awesome job, ladies. Awesome.
– Thank you. – We are locked. – All right, remember, you need more than 90
to make it into the top three. – We can’t do nothin’ about it,
so let’s just see. – Are you ready
to get your scores? both: Yes.
– All right, let’s do this. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]

100 thoughts on “The Crazy 8’s Defy Expectations with “You & Me” – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)”

  1. I've seen these fabulous little ladies on that new dance show from the UK where they audition and the audience chooses but they had a different name. It was a very touching story even though I didn't know being super shy was now called selective mutism? Gheesh! However They're pretty talented and cute as a button!

  2. This is one of the Best teams I've seen for a while. Naia nails her spins flawlessly Every time! Big hugs from your biggest fan in Ohio. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆

  3. @Tessandra. … any chance of a choreography for a semi-final performance for these amazing little dancers? I would just love to see them with a routine from you.

  4. I am so tired of seeing the same choreo from a group of girls that can do literally everything and anything. They can dance in any style and do any move. Why their choreographer continues to do basically the same routine every time is beyond me.

  5. I think this group is so talented, but I agree that unless they have something up their sleeve, the VPeepz are going to take this group. Come back next year with a better choreographer.

  6. I love this group but I wish they show off the other dancers more Kendyl is a beast I wish she got featured more even though she already stands out

  7. +Holly Tobin: You nailed it. I wish one of the choreographers or all-stars from @SYTYCD would give them a routine.

  8. Naia is probably the youngest in the competition yet her emotion while she dances is better then most of the people in the upper division

  9. The dancing in between the tricks is top notch!! The tricks are lacking! The Crazy 8s are amazing dancers! And Amy Berkoff is an amazing choreographer she just needs to push them harder! Not that I can say anything I’m just your average everyday commenter giving ppl my opinion! I just think if they take it to the next level they can win it!

  10. Please stop calling these talented girls, “guys”. And they are not “things”. They are humans, girls, dancers. These habits are so typical of a male dominated society. Let’s change this!

  11. Why isn't their dance instructor taking notes . This is not the first time the judges said that the choreography needs to be more diverse and stronger and both J- lo and Derrick keep saying that they need to dance more between the transitions

  12. same choreography same formations same costumes almost, they really need to change it up or the crowd will start to get bored. they’ve out grown their choreography give them more.

  13. My favorite dance group on world of dance ❤️😍 ❣️💕 and I'm like nail because I'm not good with talk but I'm very good at dance

  14. Странно смотреть на детские фигурки. которые так корячатся. Есть что-то извращенное, противоестественное. Палец вниз.

  15. I have said this before and will again, these young ladies show what true friendship is all about, little Naia with selective mutism and the support she gets is incredible, not to mention they have incredible dance skills. I see  a lot of comments dealing with choreography and I am not saying anyone is wrong, but two things, they are young and with time I am sure they will step it up, new routines. I have seen an older group of dancers who typically do the same type of routines in their dance, maybe it's what they are comfortable with at this point in time.

  16. The only person that can dance better than this is me, this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo harf

  17. Again, a very good routine. But you have to bring it every time. Looking forward to seeing more of you all in the future.

  18. Again, a very good routine. But you have to bring it every time. Looking forward to seeing more of you all in the future.

  19. Guys…don't let VPeepz win! You guys got this 💪 👏🙌!!!! ❤️💕💖💞You all do so great and if VPeepz win then….


  20. I have watched this video more than once and the other ones they have, what saddens me is all the talk about Naias mutism, but I feel for her while the others are emotional, she seems expressionless, she is such a powerful dancer, kudos to all of these young ladies

  21. Even tho they are a group I feel like that girl (the one with selective mutism) is by FAR the best. Since she doesn’t communicate verbally much like other people she has to rely on her face and body movements making her performance and ability to tell a story through dance far superior

  22. I love ocpaa but it just annoys me how their choreography is always the same..some isolations and then a trick over and over it’s basically cheerleading!!

  23. They move so similar and so well together, I know its rehearsed but I just feel that their all thinking the same thing at the same time.

  24. Their technique, flexibility, turns, and tricks are exceptional, but honestly, my favorite part was Delaney’s face when she did her little special part. She doesn’t get featured often, and she looked so genuinely happy when she did her featured role, and it made me happy too ❤️❤️❤️

  25. I feel that they only showcase naia and kendyl not as much as the other girls! I don’t really ever see like Hope doing a special part but I love the crazy 8s

  26. I feel like with there skills Abby can teach them new Choreography and actually have them dance instead of just tricks but there really talented and in sink (sorry idk how to spell it )

  27. First time viewing them , and I was mesmerized, the choreography looked pretty sophisticated to me. There was a story, but with the flipping around of the camera hard to get a real grasp. That's what I hate about these shows, they don't show the dance they bounce around so you can't get a full picture. But friggin good job to the ladies.

  28. I wish these girls would have done a musical theatre dance like their comp dance “Tomorrow” on World Of Dance. It would have been different and it would have impressed the judges. It would have shown everyone they can do anything.

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