THE CURSE OF THE YOSHIKO | JP LLSIF Cheerleader Riko Scouting

hi everyone it’s Tora and today i’ll be scouting for a new Aqours UR that came out i think it was sunday or monday it’s Riko who I said I would be scouting for when her next UR came out so she’s my best Aqours girl but I seem to have a curse for her I don’t have any Riko cards on my EN and JP accounts except for 2 SRs so I have the night sky knows everything event sr on my JP here and I’ve got her initial and sauron my en even though I’ve got three ten-plus ones in the initial boxes for both so I’d really like some rico and also generally don’t have any awkward ur’s at all on either account so honestly think i’d be happy with just like a you are also have like a limited number of SSR something I do on this account that one on me and I’ll be hoping for that too so today i’ll be doing more for templates ones i think that most most important i’m still holding diamonds for well first of all i’m free play on all of my Japanese games because i don’t have japanese itunes gift cards so they’ll I’d really like to be able to save my diamonds when I can see that’s why I’m only doing four balls today and I’m not doing any blue tickets this time simply because they don’t have any and i really like to save for it i really like to save them for when there’s a used car that i want i do have been granted it’s very I’ve 10 so i’ll be using those at least some of them I think goals for the Scout would be I dealing Rico course I don’t care she’s an analyzer I realized that you know I don’t have any urs yet but you know more realistically i do like the other cards in this set so i would vote for honimaru we’re going on oh yeah i guess more realistically if I could just get more aqua cards that would be great as our Bluff course so you just get started alright i canna use five tickets probably been terrible for them today osr right off the bat well okay mr. New York that’s good hey dude around filling my present box is blocked by a regular box I don’t call this time so they’re all going surprising box with no look after now there’s going to be raised probably as well just use the scale again button boyer one more case that wasn’t bad i didn’t sr out there i was pure that’s good and I just need to start now eco eco please you’re my best girl you’re my best girl only have two cards of you please please recall please come hold this component wrinkle ok ok dollars out the new york okay good i can only blow halloween really that’s good i also have and that’s good dog like helpful in the book your repair teams always needed boost for whatever reason both alright that’s good we can look at the movement the growth of the guys out there okay thank you so much for giving halloween card but please come home again please as you are I’d be happy there SSR is also i don’t please come home what no no okay I’m gonna okay we’ll be back in a minute as soon as this I can’t believe what happened I’m crossing my fingers right now that I still have over 400 diet because that wasn’t a total waste oh I guess it all went to my present box okay he had totally not like your bracket or anything and I guess you scored by very to the minus okay and I’m like I guess as a single answer yo she go full okay so it looks like i was a single your cheek thanks recursive yeah okay I getting it be that then please please I’ll is not going to play 2k lab this time I know I know people don’t normally do this with Caleb please stop giving me yoshi cold i’m asking you seriously this time I’ve gone three copies of these do not give me any more and also please do not make this like crashing and release was scary and a single SRV and that’s when i get a print lab okay Oh Ruby ok that’s good you gotta eat Oh another flip always body okay and yeah well as usual Kayla doesn’t listen to anyone so whatever owe that to those alright so after three years are boring lot of us are so um that’s good I guess ok this is the last poll anything unless like completely blow it and decide to like spend on my diamonds right now on this particular rico i will not be doing that hope if i do you’re yelling me in the comments like oh please come home next these couple is I know I got your house think are already about having to come home please one more time I needed as sr+ card please come on one more time repo fries oh wow ok there’s an SSR and all well like this hole open on a good Ruby okay this whole looks like answer so sr so good i kinda ways that and always hotter body aren’t really like this show and that’s good what is it hard for you yeah now that’s a really good pool like okay I would I got what yes but 45 srs and an SS and hata model but she’s so pretty I feel bad that she’s crying but you know that’s a very nice one alright i’m just going to try that and see what you’re getting I can do a lot of idealization so that’s good and of course a guy like four colleges that Yoshi corso trade some of those and four steals I think generally i’m pretty happy with that boy take another regal sr so that was good um lets you go to the breadbox yea yea yea yea mostly i mean i got i don’t want that you’d better that there’s model and then year old si there yet well i guess not counting duplicates let’s see you honey ok so i got 12 of them of quarter with the third of which i guess are you know she called i got moment ok so minus 3 45 so that’s seven distinct srs I guess that’s good i think my aqua teens really didn’t need this boot with all the finally idolized as far as I now have class cool car so now i’m going to talk about the channel a little bit because I not mostly been recording love life videos lately i would like to play games me that i still play on stars oh my did recently hit 245 diamonds again just now or well not just recently because they take a short break from it simply because I school things going on and delicious hard to play that while also trying to keep up with my Cinderella girls account because i have enough for like four poles on that but I’m waiting for a card of one of my preferred girl that hasn’t happened yet so i’ll be doing that even filia hope and the straw poll is still up another human description on the clearly an account giveaway all you have to do is vote I don’t be in figures it’s 54 not subscribe just what you’d like to see me for four and then once that i’d say probably once one of those boxes come out comes out piano stopped before i know it really depends a lot on which boxes or which sorry i cant English 20 on which girl i guess or which card has most boats on the problem i’ll cut off the call button that in any time keep going for that there’s more bowtie have another better idea i have a food out for of course you know the giveaway we very simple after that so there’s that I guess that’s about it um so thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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