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The Dance Troupe Inspiring Beyoncé

The Dance Troupe Inspiring Beyoncé

(inspiring marching band music) – [Kayla] It is a big adrenaline rush, just being on the field. Seeing all those people, you would think it makes you nervous, but it excites you even more. Soon as they hear the band, everybody stops looking
at the football game, they put the cameras on
and all eyes are on you. Those lights flashing, cameras watching, and the crowd goes crazy, It’s the J-Sette style. It’s not something that you
just see every single day. (crowd cheering) (intense drumming) My name is Kayla Gorden, I’m captain of the Prancing J-Settes, here at Jackson State University. We’re very known for J-Setting. J-Setting is a complex style: It’s a mixture of acrobatics and African style, with
a little bit of jazz. A lot of people compare us to gymnasts, because we have a lot
of stunts in our moves that most other teams don’t have. Some of our signature
moves would definitely be the “salt and pepper.” It’s kinda of where we throw
our arms back and forth. Another signature march
we have is the “tiptoe.” You’re pulling your pelvis back and forth, and your arms are just
coming straight up and down. The “J-Sette walk,” you’re
going to see our hips the most; they look like they finna pop out. “Bucking,” and that’s kind of
just popping back and forth, at a very fast pace. J-Setting is a word that stemmed here, from Jackson State University
all the way back in 1971. – My name is Gloria Tatum. I am the founder of the
Alumni J-Sette Organization. I am also an original
legendary prancing J-Sette. The J-Settes were originally majorettes. They were girls that would
march in front of the band, but they held batons. Shirley Millerton Blakely, the sponsor at that particular
time, had this great idea to bring the J-Settes to be dancers. And so, J-Setting was born. (quick drumming) – [Kayla] Our training and practices is different from other dance teams. We run two miles under 18
minutes every single day. We practice Monday through Friday. And then Saturday is the game. So out of the seven-day week, you’re with the J-Settes
six of those days. – Four, five, six, LC. – [Kayla] Being a J-Sette
is very competitive. We do have cuts each week before a game. Your spot is not guaranteed on the field. You’re going to work hard for it, even if you’re a new girl or an old girl. ‘Cause old girls can get cut too, even though you’ve been on the team for two or three years,
you can get cut as well. It’s set up to make you work even harder. J-Setting has become very influential in different communities, as far as the LGBTQ community, as far as choreographers. Knowing that a lot of people watch us, and knowing that we
influence a lot of people- like seeing Beyoncé, even seeing Ciara, do like a couple of our moves- it’s very exciting because
it’s letting you know that big people like that
are really watching you. We made a style for our own, and we made a name for ourselves. And lot of people know us
and respect us from that. (horn blowing)

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  1. It's exciting to watch but these folks aren't paying for what you've started and invented and that's why I hate the white entertainment industry, they're forever stealing from black culture to make a money 💰.

    While acting like their ass invented it and calling it American culture when is not, it's black culture in America.

  2. I'm Latina and before I say this I just wanna say that I love black girls and yes they are beautiful and magical and they contain all that back girl magic but I feel insecure because I feel like I'm not beautiful because usually it's only blacks and whites that is really out there

  3. It was posted that all of that coachella was from majorettes,which was done in high schools in the sixties in the deep south,have connections there

  4. Elleoin this was copied until someone called them on it then they had to admit so they say they was inspired most younger people doesn't even know what a mojorette is or know what a Paton is.making a lot of money of other peoples creations!I have the proof we had majorettes in our high school in the sixties,I have year books!

  5. The J Settes should have a show on TV, and make some money I stead of letting all these other people make all the money and then copying their creations and claiming they created it until some one checks them on then they piers want to cover up!

  6. Whoever is using these Jackson state u. J Settles choreography should donate money to this school like 10 million dollars!!

  7. The Jsetters are true icons. I remember watching them when I was growing up and trying to imitate the moves, and now we see lgbtq, nonblack women, and celebrities doing the same. Black women are the epitome of beauty, grace, athleticism, and femininity! We STAY slaying and influencing this world. Keep slaying ladies! Thank y'all for shining.

  8. iam so glad these girls and organization has gotten the spotlight they deserve…they style has been copied and remixed and no one has given them credit for it…and there haters has constantly tried to bring them down and yet they endured some hard times and now they are back with a force because they are tried of being negative talked about..go girls im here for it..jsettes are back

  9. Not to knock their influence or originality/creativity, but it almost sounds as if the majorette style of dance was invented by the Jsettes. Was it? I know they're talking about their unique style compared to other dance teams yet the way theyre talking also sounds as like they were the pioneers of ALL majorette dancing. Can anyone clarify?

  10. Mr. JM the. point is they startled as Dancing DoLLs first most of them did anyway, back in the sixties the girls were called majorettes that danced and pranked with the high school band at small town parades, sometimes that was the only entertainment we had in the deep South in those small towns, that is the history of these dancers, I was there I know these are facts.

  11. Them: WHY do you want your kids to go to a HBCU in the future?
    Me: points to the halftime show alone 😎 (plus a host of other reasons)

  12. Why is there ALWAYS a race argument in the comments section of every damn YouTube video? Will we ever just be able to enjoy the beauty of things? Stfu and stop arguing all the time.

  13. Bands are cool to watch and everything but when the ladies start dancing, my eyes are glued to them the whoooooole time.  These ladies can slay!

  14. You Beautiful Ladies inspire my fifty year old ass. I Love Love watching all you talented Beautiful young Ladies perform.

  15. Hope Beyonce gave them credit because if I saw these girls dancing without watching this video, I would think that they stole her moves.

    Everything I just saw in this video screams “Beyonce.”
    I had no idea that this is where she got it all from.

  16. Jsetting originated at Jackson State but it is literally at majority of your HBCU's which is a great thing. I hope Beyonce' says something about them because she literally took an entire routine from what I could tell when I watched her Coachella Performance.

  17. Beyoncé has mentioned J-Setting a few times before and Ciara not only used their moves, but have them in her “Level Up” commercial for ATT

  18. Wow it's amazing how much hard work and dedication they put into it, while also having a ton of fun, and also keeping up with there studies. Such hard workers

  19. They should really do a full length documentary on the J-Settes! They really are icons not just in Mississippi, but in the SWAC and in HBCU's and African American culture in general. There influence even reaches beyond the African American community.. I would even go so far as to say, that their popularity, notoriety and contribution to dance culture, rivals that of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders..

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