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The Digital Queen – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 2

The Digital Queen – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 2

“Talking Tom and Friends”– Angelaaa! What is this thing? This thing is a
bracelet that will zap you if you try to use Tag. This is either a really big
bathroom, or it’s the agency. I’m going to find Angela. Hold on, I’m coming. Stop it. What are you doing? What happened to Angela? [CHEERING] Thank you, you’ve
been great tonight. I mean, not as good as me, of
course, but still, pretty good. [APPLAUSE] Hi.
Nice show. But we’ve got to
get out of here. Ben and Xenon are
waiting in the agency. There isn’t much time
before our portal closes. – Wait, what?
– Yeah, that is a lot. But don’t worry about it. Point is, I don’t know why
you’re here, but we’re leaving. Well, I’ll tell
you why I’m here. It all started during
the Zapper invasion. I got surrounded,
but the Zappers weren’t there to
zap me. (GASP) They heard the new electronic song
I wrote, and really liked it. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, They brought me
back to their home, and made me the
biggest music star in the whole digital universe. And now they’re forcing
you to make music for them. Those monsters. Well, we’re going to stop them. Why would I want
you to stop them? Huh? The Zappers didn’t kidnap me. They brought me home. I am a Zapper.
– Huh? What? Dramatically
fly me away, boys. [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re not a Zapper, Angela. You don’t even look like one. I’m done talking about this. It is time for you to leave. [MUSIC PLAYING] Great show. Of course, all your
shows are great. You are so great. I also think you’re great. What? Why won’t you go away? We’re not going
anywhere without you. You’re our friend.
Look. Ew. That girl doesn’t
even look like me. See, she’s not wearing my
digital diva glitter gloves. Zap assistant, I tire
of these intruders. Remove them. Angela, wait. [YELLING] We’re trapped in a secret
lab, surrounded by enemies. Our hopes clinging to
a desperate mission to another world. This is so exciting, Xenon. The dream team is
back in action. Agent X427. Open this door. Uh, in a minute. I estimate we’ve got 40 minutes
until we lose this room. Ah. More like seven minutes. Are they behind us? Are we doomed? It’s probably
better not to look. (YELLS) Jump. Don’t be afraid. Jump, Ginger. I can’t. (YELLS) Ah! [INTERPOSING VOICES] Huh? (YELLS) We’re not cubes. What happened? I think I bumped
into one of them. Hank, you made it non-digital. I didn’t know you could do that. Yeah. What other secret
powers are you hiding? I don’t think I
have secret powers. But when Zappers
invaded our world, they could change
us to be like them. So maybe when we
we’re in their world, we can do the same to them. Hm. Let me try something. What? No way. I want a turn. Aw. Look how happy he is. Too bad realizing we can warp
the very nature of reality here won’t help us save Angela. Actually, it might be
exactly what we need. Let’s get my girlfriend. They’re almost in. Don’t worry, Xenon. I’ll protect you with
this plasma bazooka. Uh, Ben? That’s just a fancy air blower. We use it to clean the floors. Then I’ll blow them away. [ELECTRIC SHOCK] (YELLS) No! Stupid anti-technology bracelet. I’m useless. Dead weight. Xenon, just open a portal and
send me far away from here. Wait, Ben. A portal. That’s it! This machine can open
portals anywhere. So if I open one under the
big statue in the park– That’s it. Open more portals. Yeah! Dream team, baby. [RUMBLE] Uh,oh. The Privacy destroyer
wasn’t designed for this. Any more portals and this
place might collapse. Hurry, Tom. It’s all on you now. Oh, so in my next song I have
this amazing part where I say, the old Angela can’t come
to the digi-phone right now, because she doesn’t exist. That’s so cool. It’s digi-cool. Wrong. She’s regular cool. What? You again?
– That’s right. It’s me. And it’s again. I came back to save you. I don’t want to be saved. I’m in a room with fans of
me, all my favorite snacks, and pictures of
myself on the walls. It’s a dream. It is a dream, and
we’re here to wake you up. Ginger, Hank. Let’s do this. [YELLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] What? You belong in the real world. You have to remember. I– wait. I do remember something. You do? I remember– I remember the digi-cool
dance fighting moves I learned from my concert. (YELLS) Oh! [GULPS] Face it, boys. I’m not leaving. I’m a Zapper, forever. You’re not a Zapper. You’re real. It’s a trick. You’re too smart to be tricked. Yeah, you’re
right Zap assistant. I am smart. It’s a trick by these analog
aliens to mess up my music. The headpiece is controlling
her mind, making her mean. All right, Angela. We understand.
– No, Tom. Don’t give up. I expect so much more from you. It’s hopeless, Hank. Let’s go home. [MUSIC PLAYING] (GASP) No, you’ll ruin everything. [YELLING] Stay away from my boyfriend. But you’re famous here. You’re our only musician. We need your music. Download it off my
website like a normal fan. Because I am not a Zapper. I am Angela, and I am real. [SOUND EFFECTS] We did it. We– whoa, wait. What did you do to this place? You’re not the only
ones who had an adventure. Now, I have to open
one more portal. It will blow up the room,
so go through it fast. This was a real rush, Xenon. The agency will
want to know who broke the privacy destroyer. I need to go away. You can’t do that. We’re a team. I know we are, Ben. Trust me. We’ll meet again. [SOUND EFFECTS] It is good to be back. Oh, it’s good to
have you back, Angela. Hello again, lamp. Hello again, couch. Hello again, wall kayak. I have to find her. I can’t– (YELLS)
This isn’t fair. Hello again, grumpy Ben. Gee, Angela. I sure like this version of you
a lot better than the mean one. Me too. I can’t believe I
got brainwashed. From this day on, I will never
get close to anything evil ever again. What the heck’s going on here? Huh? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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