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The Dragon Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

The Dragon Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles and Brooklyn’s joining me today. -Hi, guys. -And we’re going to
show you how to do what we’re calling the dragon braid. Now it’s called
the dragon braid, because it kind of
looks like dragon scales going back to the
back of the head. It’s a really cool version
and twist on a faux hawk look, but with a braid. This is very cool. So let’s get going. Now this hairstyle
has almost a warrior princess kind of
tough feel to it. So when we start– I
started by parting right down the center of her hair. This has like a
little bit edgier feel to it whenever you part
the hair directly in the middle. So I really wanted to do that. And then I’m going to
start by picking up a section right here. And I’m going to be
doing a dutch lace braid. So I’m only going to be
adding hair in on the right. And what you’ll see
is that I’m almost pulling the hair
over the part line as I go along to over direct
the hair across her head. I really want that braid to lay
right next to the part line. I don’t want any space between
the part and the braid. And in order to achieve
that, you kind of almost have to pull it over the
actual part line just slightly. So we’re going to go
along and add in pieces. You can see by my hands that I’m
almost on top of the part line the whole time. Keep adding in pieces
and if you have flyaways, like Brooklyn, don’t panic. Because you can always add
some dry wax or some hairspray when you’re done to help
those lay a little flatter, or you can always style
this with wet hair if you’re going straight
to an athletic event or something like that. When I get down
to the bottom, I’m just going to take it
to a regular braid. But before I go too
far, what I want to do is pull the pieces
on the inside edge so only the pieces on the inside
are going to get pancaked. Then we’re going to
secure it with an elastic and repeat on the other side. Now on this side, I’m going
to the exact same thing, but I’m going to be over
directing across the part line this way to make sure
that it lays flat. OK. And you can see before
I start pancaking that you literally
almost can’t even see a separation of the part line. We’ve done it so close together. Now when I get hair
again, I’m going to go ahead and pancake, again,
the inside edge of this one. And this should almost put the
two braids on top of each other with just this little pancaking. Now this would look like a
cool braid just by itself, but we’re going to
take it up one notch. Because it’s a
lace braid, you can see this side should
be loose, because we didn’t attach any hairs
there and this side as well. So what we’re going
to is lift the two edges of this braid
like this, kind of push them together–
take a bobby pin. And we’re going to reach
underneath and grab one side of each of the braids,
grab a little bit of hair from both sides, push
that bobby pin in there to hold the braids together. We want to reach in and
push and grab our bobby pin. Take it in there, make sure
you get both sides of the braid and secure it. When you get to the end, you
could just take one elastic out and secure them both together. And then I just like to
go back and repancake where I want to
just to make sure that to overemphasize the
scaliness of the braid is what were looking for. And there you go. So let’s see the final spin. Here we go. So dah, dah, dah, dah. You can see the dragon
scale look all the way down the braid and
the braids really fun, because there’s not really
a bad side and a good side, because it mimics on the
other side of the head. And ta-da. Yay. So if you don’t want to
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you love the dragon braid and be sure to leave
a comment letting us know what your favorite
part about spring is. We’re into the midst of
spring time, soccer– at our house– and volleyball. -Crazy. -So I’m getting a
suntan just from sitting outside at all of the
soccer games every Saturday. So yes, that’s one
of my favorite things to watch my kids play
their activities, I guess. -It’s fun. Yes. -So I guess that’s it
for today you guys. We’ll see you next Sunday. -Bye. -Bye. Go under the left,
I’m going to wrap it clockwise up and
over the elastic just until you run out of hair. So this will vary depending
on your hair length. -Do you want to go Oz? -What is Oz? -Wizard of Oz. Do you want me take you to Oz? -No. -OK. Let’s see how the kite’s doing. Good job, Buddy. Looking good.

99 thoughts on “The Dragon Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles”

  1. I love dragons and this hairstyle reminds me of a braid that a warrior princess wore in a favorite book of mine.

  2. Can you pls do Astrid's braid from How To Train Your Dragon 1&2 I'm a huge fan of HTTYD so pls do it. It would mean a lot. Love you!! ??

  3. The braid looks so intricate yet it's so simple if you're decent at dutch or french braiding. I'm going to try this look for a wedding. thanks so much for the simple tutorial 🙂

  4. i love your videos and i just love to do the hairstyles on my own doll. i just love your videos ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. now i don't wanna be that guy but i noticed that u didn't take out the band of the right braid was this unpurpose or did u just forget? (if u did forget then thats totally fine it happens

  6. I love regular French braids from the side because they remind me of dinosaurs so I will definitely be trying this on my hair?

  7. To make it less o a use of Bobby pins, could I just combine the two braids into one once they become detached from my head?

  8. Mindy I always like your effort you put into each hairstyle per video! I always do them on myself and people ask me how I do them!

  9. Man, I wish I'd had mom who knows how to braid my hair 🙂 I mastered braiding it myself in the last year, but when I tried this one, it turned out disastrous 😀 Tried it on a friend and it was (almost) perfect. Do you have any tips on how to do it on yourself? I can't line both braids in the middle, especialy on the back where I don't see what I am doing. Good job, btw, I love all of your videos! 🙂

  10. You can also grab 5 strings (Or 6, I don't know how much it was anymore) of hair and make one braid and stick out the middle pieces.

  11. This is so much better done as a single dragon braid instead of 2 Dutch lace braids pinned, and it's quicker, it's done a similar way as your split braid ?

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