63 thoughts on “The energy in here is insane! | WWE Winter 2019 Tryouts”

  1. You should check out Reika Saiki! Her former promotion is shutting down and I think she'd be a great fit to WWE.

  2. I gotta get to one of these tryouts soon. I’m 26 years old & always wanted to be a WWE Superstar. I’m willing to put in the work. Imma do whatever it takes to get to one of these tryouts. Been watching wrestling since I was bout 7 or 8 years old.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of people who wanna join the NXT crew. Between the ones who got interviewed and the ones who were shown during the tryouts in the ring, I can see future NXT wrestlers. Good luck.

  4. So we have a one lung woman and a deaf woman. Good to see them break the walls down but um…you do know WWE breaks you down much harder with everything they do.

  5. I clicked because I seen what I thought was a cute guy in the thumbnail, turned out to be a cool lesbian chick

  6. Seriously, would love another show on the Network like Breaking Ground. That was one of the best things the company ever put on there.

  7. Omg I went to school with Anriel Howard! She was on Texas A&M’s basketball team. Always one of my favorites to watch

  8. I really wish you guys would bring Breaking ground back to the network, it was my favourite show. I think you should put the tryouts on the network as well get more eyes on the guys and girls trying out

  9. They need to sign Alexandra Mozeleski/Alyx $ky
    Wrestling doesn't have many wrestlers that "disabled" people can look up to and it'd be awesome to have a deaf superstar.
    Plus she looks like a million bucks and already has wrestling training.

  10. None of these besides the Army dude look like stars I’m tired of seeing wrestlers who are there because it’s their dream. We need wrestlers who have larger than life personas or genetic freaks

  11. 3:39 just imagine if wwe signed Alexandra Mozeleski and the fans learned how to sign her name (or more likely her wwe name) as a way to “chant” for her. a whole arena signing in unison

  12. Good luck to the deaf lady that baked cookies for all of the crew! Stone Cold Steve Austin is partially deaf. Expire to his heights and beyond with your disability, or should I say ability – my friend!

  13. 1:54 i hate comparations and we gotta be the first version of ourselves, but not gonna lie, she looks a lot like rhea and they have the same voice

  14. The Tate twins (the boys) need to get signed, watched a lot of their stuff in ROH with Dalton Castle and they are great!!

  15. Energy is there, wwe creative just kills the hope before fans can do anything. Why new when Goldberg is on life support in the ring? Edge… just quit w the old farts already.

  16. The Boys are there…
    Awesome time to see them in the PC. I always felt that they are such a good pairing for Dalton Castle but even better now that they are going on their own…
    Hope the twins get signed…

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