The Healthy Habit Of Basketball | Living Healthy Chicago

Fun and health should
always go hand-in-hand and that’s why today’s,
HealthyYou is a real slam dunk. So let’s hit the court to learn about the health
benefits of basketball. (basketball bouncing on floor) The best way to pick
up a healthy habit is to find out what
works for others. – Hello, my name is, Yohannes. I’m a small business owner. My health habit for
fitness is basketball. The reason being I love the
camaraderie of team sports. – Yohannes, basketball is
such a fun healthy habit I would imagine that besides
the fun that you’re having you’re getting a lot
of physical activity, because you’re running
up and down the court. – Absolutely, you know
basketball gives you a lot of varied movement,
you got a change a pace, and the heart rate
rises and falls so it’s excellent for
you to get good cardio and to burn a lot of calories. Your coordination is in there, so your mind and
your body is working all at the same time. – [Jane] And
speaking of the mind you said you love to
have the camaraderie with your friends when you’re playing basketball.
– Absolutely. – You’re having a good time. After a busy day at work
is it a stress relief? – It’s a huge stress reliever. It’s great to just have
a social environment while you’re exercising. You get to let out
a lot of emotions. – [Jane] You’re a
small business owner and we know what that means that means work, work, work.
– Yes. – How do you find time
for play, play, play? – So I have to admit guys I schedule my
appointments around me being able to play
basketball (laughing). So if I leave that time you know for me to be able to
get my stress relief I’m able to be
better to my clients and be more efficient
with my time. – [Jane] Can anybody do
this really for fitness? – We’ve got a wide
spectrum here. We’ve got guys that
are, you know, retired, that play here, 65 years old, anybody can play,
anybody can play a role, just figure out what you’re
good at and stick to that. – I would love to shoot
some hoops with you. All right, sounds good.
– Shall we go do it? – That’s fine, that
sounds good to me. – Okay.
– All right. – [Yohannes] Wow, oh, oh-oh. Here, try this ball. We’re gonna give you a mind
trick right there all right? There we go, perfect.
– Yes, number one, woo.
(laughing) If you have a healthy habit you want us to check
out tell us on, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you could see it featured
right here on the show. Woooo.

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