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The Intelligent Basketball to Improve your Dribble | The Tech Race

The Intelligent Basketball to Improve your Dribble | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Do you know your dribble
and crossover speed? Who has the best technique? This basketball will answer
all these questions. (PERFORMANCE, POWER,
measures your dribbling speed, analyses your
ball-handling skills and lets you know
what to work on in order to enhance
your performance. Connected to a smartphone,
it enables players to see advanced metrics,
which helps them improve in record time, and ensures they keep on
challenging themselves. Meet your virtual coach. (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) (NEW YORK) We visited Long Island,
New York, to meet the two brothers
who invented this technology. DribbleUp really redefines
the way basketball is played. You can practise your
dribbling on your sidewalk, on your driveway,
wherever it is, but it’s not an
interactive social experience. DribbleUp makes dribbling
fun, amazing and extremely effective. Basketball changes
through this technology, since now everything will
become measured. Before now it was all talk. How good is your ball-handling? What’s your dribble speed?
Nobody knew. In order to use the device, the
basketball must be presented to the system by scanning it
with a smartphone, that in turn puts its
tracking system to work. All ball movements
are then recorded and captured in real time,
obtaining crucial and precise data regarding
ball movements and speed. My left hand improved a lot, because it was always my
weaker hand, and my crossover is always
improving. I always bring the ball
everywhere I go. The beauty of DribbleUp is
there’s really only one part – it’s the basketball. The other part is
your smartphone. So, because it’s one part,
it’s perfectly balanced. There’s nothing shaking
inside here. This is an official-size ball. The mobile application
and intelligent basketball act as a virtual coach, offering the player
many advantages compared to a
traditional coach. Trainers are always expensive,
and they’re always… You have to go to a trainer
every time. You have to meet them
at a place. You have to go places.
You have to pay for them. This ball,
it’s a one-time pay and you can do it
wherever you want. By translating
live, accurate data onto the mobile app, players
can analyse their technique and weaknesses on the go,
and with precision. With no need for human
intervention, basketball athletes can enhance
their skills anywhere, any time and faster
than ever before. (OLYMPIC GAMES BERLIN 1936) The presence of basketball
first at the Olympic Games dates back to Berlin 1936. The United States is by far the most successful
country in the sport. Men’s teams have won 15 out of
the 18 Olympic tournaments and women eight out of ten. In the last 30 years,
the men’s USA basketball team has only been beaten twice – in the Olympic Games
Seoul 1988, where the Soviet Union
won a gold medal, and in Athens 2004, where Argentina
was proclaimed champion. How did these young brothers
invent this smart technology? After playing himself,
Mark had the need to find a way to train basketball on his own. Eric then made
the idea reality. My brother and co-founder Mark
played basketball all throughout high school, total MVP,
basketball nut. And what he used to do was he
used to watch YouTube videos, and basketball DVDs, and then
go outside and try to copy it. My background is engineering
and computer vision. We came up with this idea
of using your smartphone camera to track your basketball
dribbling. The testing process of the
technology was extensive. The founders had to travel
the world to get feedback from the best trainers,
pro players and top athletes. To create the
tracking technology was a very, very big challenge. Our app uses a smartphone
camera to track the Dribble-Up basketball live, and to do that took us
about a year. We went through all sorts of
different technologies and software,
and we got a patent granted on the tracking technology
for our invention. We actually invented the term
“dribble speed”. The dribbling speed is the
maximum speed at which a player can manoeuvre the ball whilst
moving in a given direction, avoiding defenders’ attempts
to intercept the ball. Rock with the right hand.
Rock it with the left. It gives them homework to do, so when they come
work out with us, we give them a baseline of what
we want them to work on, and then it gives them that
extra motivation to just take that ball home, and do the DribbleUp, and then
it gives them homework, so that when we come back
we can really see the level of improvement
from earlier in the week to the next week. The founders are already
looking at how to apply this technology
to other Olympic disciplines. After reaping great benefits
for basketball, football is now
in the spotlight, but what will be
the next ball they dribble?

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