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The Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates

The Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing the world he didn’t exist bring that over here salsas and vulgar yes isn’t it come on get me out of this Julie what
are you doing if it fits me I’m gonna wear to the lympus ball oh great prints
to the lympus ball while you’re out of your senses welcome sir you said you
know of the said Mary Abigail the infamous because Mary Vickers couldn’t
possibly do it justice Charlie you’re out of your mind you know you can’t wear
red to the lympus ball Canada I’m going to this is 1852 dumpling 1852 not the
dark ages girls don’t have to simper around in white just because they’re not
married near New Orleans they do Julie you didn’t salt every woman on the floor
from I said you’re and she’s very look how beautiful this place is
will you kindly get me out of this Julie you can’t be serious
never more serious in my life but Julie think of press that’s just
exactly what I am thinking The Matrix is a system neo that system
is our enemy when you’re inside we look around what do you see businessmen
teachers lawyers carpenters the very minds of the people we are trying to
save but until we do these people are still a part of that system
and that makes them our enemy we have to understand most of these people are not
ready to be unplugged and many of them are so nerd’ so hopelessly dependent on
the system that they will fight to protect it are you listening to me neo
or were you looking at the woman in the red dress I was again exposing one of
the most vulgar slick and seductive spirits in satan’s hierarchy known as
the Jezebel spirit the term Jezebel came from the Bible
from the book of the first and second Kings specifically Jezebel was known as
the evil and controlling wife of a passive king named Nuada who ruled over
the Northern Kingdom of Israel Jezebel had a very good witching an explicitly
provocative spirit about her hence the moniker the Jezebel spirit and they have the son of Omri reined of
Israel in Samaria 20 in two years and it came to pass that he took to wife
Jezebel and went and served bail and worshiped him and he reared up an altar
for bail in the House of bail but there was none like unto a hab which did sell
himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord whom Jezebel his wife
stirred up and thou shalt smite the house of Ahab thy master that I may
avenge the blood of my servants the prophets and the blood of all the
servants of the Lord at the hand of Jezebel and a Jezebel also spake the
Lord saying the dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel notwithstanding I have a few things
against thee because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a
prophetess to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to
eat things sacrificed idols and I gave her space to repent of her fornication
and she repented not anybody here ever been slut shamed what is a Jeroboam is for the most
mysterious creatures in all the Bible and we know that the fifth chair of this
is Satan this is the anointed cherub showed up in the garden to beguile a
notice carefully he comes as a serpent this serpent has something to do with
the fact that he’s connected with wisdom notice carefully God doth know the
serpent is the one that has been worshipped practically in every culture
on this earth jessabelle was a wicked vile creature
you’ll see that she would stop at nothing to get what she wanted Jezebel
was motivated by the same spirit by the spirit of Hell itself
and in her case it’s a feminine spirit is the spirit of Jessica Oh stormy Daniels brings her making America
horny again to to the trophy club for a one-night performance this Saturday
cashing in on controversy on the heels of Stormy’s national publicized allege
affair that fair according to The Wall Street Journal between adult film star
stormy Daniels and the now President of the United States reportedly happened
back in 2006 after the two met at a golf tournament Daniels whose real name is
Stephanie Clifford and the White House have denied the relationship but that’s
not stopping this club from promoting it this is the Twitter storm sensation and
on Friday in touch magazine published the full transcript of a 2011 interview
with Daniels in which she eagerly dishes on the tawdry details of her alleged
sexual encounter with Donald Trump Jezebel’s are demonically intelligent
and will keep information for years before using it against their victims
Jezebel only looks out for his or her own selfish ambitions Jezebel is only
helping today in order to gain the upper hand tomorrow starting a social media
campaign to help pay her legal bills she writes I need funds to pay for
attorneys fees out-of-pocket costs security expenses more than one hundred
and twenty six thousand dollars has been raised so far Stormy’s career as a
dancer may be booming because of her notoriety and to get inside 20 bucks at
the door forty dollars if you want a front row booth and a hundred dollars to
get into the VIP area where stormy Daniels was signed autographs for some
of the more than 150 people that came to see the self-proclaimed most famous
woman in the now that we understand the Past sense of Queen Jezebel and how she
seduced King Ahab into worshipping the false god bale and to murder
hundreds of God’s prophets let’s see how her spirit manifests through and seduces
millions to the day this demonic spirit is one of the most
common spirits and operation to date and it is a powerful enemy of the body of
Christ the modern Jezebel is basically a
domineering spirit working through the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes
and the pride of life it is very blatant in today’s media and
is promoted by the Antichrist spirit and top elites women are often more prone to
this sensual and erotic visitant while men are particularly blind and are very
easy victims to the subtlety of this enchantress now the spirit speaketh
expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed
to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils these seducing spirits use high-level
black magic and not only manifest through people but their effects could
be seen through commercials entertainment strip clubs pornography
and so on the Jezebel spirit is a very broad term for any seductive spirit
within a woman now let’s take a look at these manipulative spirits of seduction
in action so the image you’re looking at right
here actually came from a story that went national just several months ago
you know they always have the kind of jumbo Tron’s at these baseball games
because the camera was panning around it saw this group of young ladies and every
single one of them was sitting there with their phones taking selfies of
themselves not even paying attention to the baseball game and this went on for
several minutes they were all completely unaware that where they are or what was
going on they were so focused on themselves and on taking pictures they
had no idea they were even up on the jumbotron this is an example of the
selfie culture our world has hit a level of narcissism on so many levels it’s
unbelievable and at times when I see things like this I feel like it’s all
just about to bust so we have selfie culture we have massive narcissism all
around the planet right now and we also have spirit photography so now let me
show you this and truly I could share with you dozens
of stories similar to this one right here high school cheerleader 14 died is
while posing for selfies with friends on the beach during spring break after the
lob they were playing on rolled over pinning her underneath now this isn’t to
say anything bad about the dead but really it’s all about vanity even in
this case young lady was so focused on herself so focused on taking her selfies
as she was unaware of the danger she was in and she died because of it so I
stumbled on this news story and I haven’t seen any follow up at all but
spooky snap woman finds demonic face staring at her from her snapchat selfie Rachael Gardner 22 had used one of the
flower crown filters to make her selfie look extra snapchat worthy she wound up
getting much more in this picture than she’d bargained for so here’s the main
image this is the young lady right here in question and this was her snapchat
filter you can see the flowers and all this right
but the reason she freaked out is cuz after she took the picture she saw
something else which is right down here and it appears to be on her neck and here’s that image so we explore a lot of really strange
phenomena here on the channel and I get that some people are gonna automatically
assume this is a double exposure but when you read this story of the young
lady says that she didn’t do anything at all like that it was just the flower
image that she put over a picture and then this right here showed up
underneath and out of all the pictures of double exposure I looked out I saw
nothing else like this so keeping in mind the history of spirit photography
the actual experience I’ve had with spirit photography by accident what I
saw with Hell’s Kitchen and looking at this also keeping in mind
the selfie culture the narcissistic culture were in this is a culture of
narcissism deceit selfie culture and I know you guys have seen this especially
if you’re on Instagram there’s women all across the planet and men who do nothing
but take pictures of themselves all day long than on Facebook and they’re
constantly posting images of themselves and and this is certainly in my opinion
an example of self worship so keeping all of this in mind the idea of spirit
photography and how spirits can show up in photography also the idea of self
worship this a narcissistic selfie taken culture were in my question to you is
could this be an image of the Jezebel spirit when I first saw the image that’s the
first thing that popped into my mind I wonder if this young lady without
realizing it actually caught an image of the Jezebel spirit residing within this
is a spirit it can be anywhere at any time so as I read more into the story
this young lady the imminently denies that she did any kind of tinkering with
this she didn’t create that image on her neck there’s nothing like that you can
even see that the image on her neck definitely looks demonic it looks evil
right and it’s not exactly the same as her face it has a very sharp nose you
can see there and it’s got a really evil looking grin flashing it’s 10 even know
what a Incubus in a succubus is but you wouldn’t have to Ben Bradlee I had I
fell in love with him and realized that it wasn’t gonna work because he was
married and had children and so older I and he was 20 years older so I accepted
a job as the first anchor woman in America right here at CBS News there’s a
spirit which I believe is the spirit of Jezebel which I firmly believe is
demonic and far stronger than we may estimate in our modern age you talk
about being on a plane next time and try this technique there was turbulence yes
you grabbed his thigh and you said you didn’t let go even after the turbulence
ended but the original Jezebel the spirits first noteworthy victim queen of
Israel was devotedly religious but was at total enmity with God
she worship at the altar of bail worship of the flesh modern-day Jezebel’s may
indeed believe they are serving the one true God however the true hidden agenda
is self worship I had sex with Donald Trump there are new reports that came
out this week that beyonce is the new owner of a church this church is a stone
structure 7,500 square foot house of God
in New Orleans now the church was reported to be more than a hundred years
old and was listed for 850,000 it was also reported that the church was built
in the early 1900s but had been out of commission as a place of worship for a
while due to its members passing away actually worship beyonce san francisco
cathedral will hold a special Beyonce Mass Grace Cathedral announced that it
will host a mass devoted to Beyonce’s music and total accomplishment this
comes after the singer’s popular performance at Coachella at the Arts
Festival on Saturday night rising new-age guy
goddess mother earth movements why we see God portrayed as a woman Beyonce’s
mass if you’re interested is next Wednesday night in craziness to the
goddess herself beyonce san francisco’s Grace Cathedral
looked and sounded more like a concert than a church for a first-of-its-kind
Beyonce mass it was amazing it was one of the best spiritual experiences I’ve
ever had it was mine it was uplifting it was also really rejuvenating people
wrapped around the side of the cathedral an hour ahead of time to attend the
blockbuster Mass normally the Wednesday night vine service has 50 people in
attendance but would Beyonce in the house this service had 750 people we
live in a world today that is being dominated by a feminine spirit it is
being dominated by a goddess spirit that goddess spirit has begun to move itself
into the lives the families of everybody in this country throughout the world let
me warn you when you walk out that door you walk out into a culture that is
absolutely to everything that God says in that
Bible this is the kind of groundwork that is being laid it is the groundwork
of the goddess Gaea witchcraft weaken and all of this other stuff
that’s out there in the ministry today all over the world and all over this
country that people are getting on a regular basis when they go to the church
house instead of getting the gospel of the grace of God how that Christ went to
the cross and died for your sins because you’re a sinner you’re going to get
everything in the world other than that princess programming is the initial
stage of MKULTRA mind control princess programming starts at ages as
early as two to get little girls off track and to get them to look up to
princesses who are usually nothing but provocative damsels in distress princess programming leads women down a
dark path and invokes the spirit of Jezebel in them from youth it is most
effective on celebrities but can be even effective on the general population this type of programming can be seen
everywhere from the media to fashion to music and so on here you could see one of the most
occultic and symbolic fashion shows of this year you could see the blatant
undertones of severe MK ULTRA mind control in these beautiful and very
seductive models this type of imagery is going to have a massive effect on a
woman’s subconscious minds this sort of programming will certainly open up many
to the Jezebel spirit because many were heavily simulated into today’s over
sexualized agenda of the Antichrist beast system the head of Medusa is also a very occult
symbol associated with demons of lust and the Jezebel spirit according to
Greek mythology Medusa was once a beautiful girl who only idolized herself
from the beginning she had that Jezebel spirit in her all day she would stare at
her reflection in the mirror and only talk about how beautiful she was this
obsession later manifested into the demon that we now know as Medusa the
spirit of lust the spirit of Jezebel has many faces one
face the Hollywood elites love to use is that of the Medusa they
blatantly implant her into our subconscious mind they promote her so
the masses get engulfed and self worship through selfies and plastic surgery
hence creating more Jezebel’s because Hollywood loves to mock us and
shows the truth in plain sight the spirit of Jezebel is ugly and acts as a
snake the snake is a powerful symbol of temptation that dark Satan and lust the
woman with the snake can also represent a mythical goddess named Lilith who many
are cultists believe tempted Eve in the garden the lady in the red dress is Satan’s
secret weapon in the hierarchy of the Jezebel spirit she represents all of
your fleshly desires for sex money power and fame through her you will choose
earthly pleasures over heavenly ones or spiritual ones through her Satan will
win over your soul through temptation seduction lust and pride he has her
waiting for you at every corner the woman in red is merely an occult
symbol used by the Illuminati entertainment industry and media she
means something very different for each person
it could be a drug and addiction a dream money or a desire for something
forbidden she also represents a worldly trap that can be placed in front of you
and she’s also designed to derail you from the path of righteousness as you
saw the characteristics of the Jezebel are usually the image of the
over-sexualized woman many everyday women are so seduced by the media that
they even have the Jezebel spirit in them especially in my generation
Jezebel’s are easily spotted once you know what to look for she’s always the
woman that is at the center of all the attention attention is very important to
the Jezebel this is also the girl that you will have an overwhelming urge to
stare at and you’ll be tempted to look at her eyes hips or lips the urge to
stare is a very difficult to control when dealing with the Jezebel and if you
reciprocate they will be able to lure you with their seductive stare and can
pass on the demon of lust onto you and if the Jezebel is very powerful she can
demonically place a curse on you because you have given in to your temptation
watch for these signs of the everyday Jezebel little girl lost thought no one loved her thought no one
wanted her ran away from her castle she was embraced by the devil and his false
love and through that embracing became a different person became the harlot
became the queen of Lies that Jezebel that’s my life growing up I just
remember my dad just raging I’d come home and my dad would be really angry
stressed out and I really took it personal thought to myself that I must
be unlovable high school noticed that the boys were paying attention to me and
since I wasn’t getting any attention from my dad I gravitated toward any
compliment any pass that was made at me and met this boy in school that stole my
heart he told me if I slept with him we get married we’d make a life together
we’d have babies and it completely took my entire heart and gave it to this boy
and when I found out that he was sleeping with several of my best
girlfriends it was such a shock to me left high school heartbroken moved out
of my parents home the day after I graduated I remember waving at my mom when I was 18 and my dad and in the back
of the car knowing I’d never come back cuz I was done I found like a new thing
inside of me that if I had nice clothes if I went out to the clubs I could meet
different men that liked me and maybe I could meet a rich guy that would sweep
me off my feet and take care of me like a like a prince would and so my
girlfriend and I started going out to the nightclubs and we had a fake ID and
one night we walked in these men walked up to us at the bar and
bought us drinks Rolex watches designer clothes they looked at my girlfriend
these guys have money my girlfriend starts to like one of the
men I told my girlfriend get that guy’s money and I think what this really was
building inside me was this vendetta this deep-seated rooted unforgiveness
and I just wanted revenge I was going to prove that I could make it in my life
and money was going to be the answer my girlfriend takes off with this guy
goes to Hawaii she calls me up and says listen I’m gonna drop down Corvette and
I’m on my cell phone and you need to come out here I just
kind of went with it it was like an automatic walking into a dark doorway I
felt that I knew it this demonic something wasn’t right presence just
come over the lure of the possibility of having nice things and half finally
having money that I never had growing up finally being someone important overrode
all those feelings of any caution and it blew it to the wind and I went to Hawaii
that very week took a vacation from my jobs and the first night that I was on
wake hickey Beach actually sold myself with my girlfriend to some Japanese
clients and I became a prostitute embraced by the devil and his false love
and a few months later I started dancing and one day I was on the stage and this
man walks in puts this a couple hundred dollar fan of money at my feet but I
danced just for him became the harlot and I let him know that I was actually
prostitute in my body I was actually selling myself to make extra ends meet
he looked at me and said you are so intelligent he gave me everything
life that I needed to hear from my dad and I decided that I wanted to move to
Las Vegas the queen of Lies the Jezebel I got off the plane and that night I
went on a couple calls I brought home a nice wad of money my boyfriend was there
and he told me to break myself what did you say to me he said break yourself and
that means give me all your money dump your purse on my lap
and I wasn’t having it and he proceeded to take me out by my hair he choked me
he threw me on the porch on my knees and he started kicking me my nose book my
ribs broke it was like I was looking at the devil the Prince turned dark and if
you try to leave I’ll kill you that man it’s like I died inside
and the next five years of my life I was at the Patman every time he hit me and choked me and
raped me and put guns to my head made me do things I never wanted to do
I started freebasing cocaine in one night I just decided that I was just
gonna get higher that I could that have ever been before because I just wanted
to erase all the pain I took the head of that Cup and I fell back I went
completely blind it’s like the whole room the light that was on in that room
turned dark and I remember laying there and I felt like this demonic presence
just come over me that I was completely alone and I got really really scared and
I just instinctively knew I knew that I was at death’s door I was in this dark
dark cave and I knew I do hope this over that’s what I said Jesus please I don’t
know if you feel but I don’t want to die the heavy ones came and the doctor came
up to me he grabbed my hand and he said you are lucky to be alive you have so
much drugs in your system little lady you should be dead God must be with you
and I knew that Jesus heard my prayer and I laid there and I had this peace
come over me that was nothing like had ever felt in my entire life and I knew
God gave me a second chance he got better and I started reading my Bible I
recovered and I looked in their church and people embraced me and God just
really started doing that inner healing and the Holy Spirit was just like
speaking to me telling me that I was beautiful that I was chosen and that I
was set apart that I was sanctified and I was a holy vessel for him
I started to stand on Jesus’s words that I’m home that I’m healed that I’m here
that I’m a virgin in him and that gives me peace God loves you no matter where you’ve
been no matter what you’ve done no matter how deep how dirty you feel that there’s reduction you are white as
snow if you accept him into your heart I lost
thought no one loved her thought no one wanted her ran away from
her castle but God met her on that dark road
he said you can come home now
I’m right here I never left him Redemption redeemed set free that’s my life has life you today we’re going to take a look at a
growing an increasingly significant problem in our society as we head
towards this hollow and plastic New Age of self-love and Antichrist and that is
the infestation of the Jezebel spirit of narcissistic manipulation and subversion
in the lives of a growing number of people and it’s traits can sometimes be
found also in men but this spirit according to the Bible is more common in
women and we can hardly be surprised at its increase due to the huge amount of
propaganda that encourages this type of behavior these trends in our modern-day society
are leading towards the ultimate agenda of the D masculinization of men whilst
nurturing a false and counterfeit masculinity in women the traditional
male is being shunned whilst propaganda to enable this type of behavior in women
within the realm of the Jezebel spirit and it’s trace is being pushed okay so
the idea of this video is to help people who find themselves caught in this
situation in particular this goes out to the men out there but as I said this
isn’t a flesh and blood battle primarily this is a spiritual battle so we’re not
talking about individuals necessarily but this may have come into your life in
a spiritual way before and ultimately here we’re looking at the social
psychological and spiritual paradigms of of this behavior you’ve got the the
Jezebel spirit the person being used by this Jezebel spirit well first and
foremost you enter into a relationship with them and that you form some kind of
tie you form some kind of tether with this individual and that can be called a
soul tie very often with this type of person it will be an extremely deep
reaching soul tie and that’s part of the whole thing so the the paramount reason
for this is that they put you into a safety or security box and that requires
your submission so in speaking of the modern-day agendas just hypothetically
here the Jezebel the lady the Jezebel woman here puts you as the man into a
box so you end up and she wants you to submit to her the reason she puts you in
the safe zone is so that she has a guaranteed supply in the narcissistic
sense is about psychological psychic vampirism
and it’s about having a an easy source of supply to be fed psychologically with
whether it be attention or whatever usually keeping you in that box requires
quite a few tactics and I’m not going to cover all of them here but I’m going to
show you a few of them and you might relate to them and one of them is mind
games so keeping you in a sense of confusion
playing mind games with you another one would be push and pull
hot and cold and idealize and discard so the idea of this so say with push and
pull and hot and cold is like needing a bit of dough so they’ll give you loads
of attention and take it away they give you loads of admiration and take it away
idealize then discard they’ll they’ll make you feel like you are the on top of
the world that you are number one in all existence and then they’ll take that
away in the next breath so it’s pushing and pulling it’s a form of keeping your
attention making you addicted and as I said it’s like needing a piece of dough
back and forth until they they make it into the shape that they want it which
is ultimately you fully focused on them and fully serving them and the ultimate
agenda the shape they want to make out of that dough so to speak is this
submission another form of keeping you in this box is gas lighting now gas
lighting is by definition selectively spinning information or events or
scenarios that happen selectively spinning them or emitting parts of them
in order to keep you confused so say you think you you think you
perceive something you’re almost adamantly sure that you perceived
something in a certain way that you saw it
and you’re 99% sure then they will spin that they will spin that to make you
doubt your very own perception in the end by the end of it to doubt your very
own perception to doubt yourself as much as possible to keep you in this box so
gaslighting is basically twisting the truth or twisting stories just to
further elevate this sense of confusion and bewilderment and disillusionment so
that you remain trapped just lost in absolute bewilderment another form of
keeping you in there is sexual temptation I mean it’s pretty
self-explanatory really sexual especially with guys not not just guys
but sexual temptation a big thing that may keep someone trapped in that box so
to them fully knowing all these things you know knowing what they’re doing by
the way knowing that they’re doing this you know everyone has traits of sin in
them but when we’re speaking about a narcissistic personality disorder this
is all that individual would be about when it’s a personality disorder
carrying on another form is to undermine or insult the reason being for
undermining and insulting well insulting obviously it lessens your self-esteem to
insult that to undermine would be to take away the validity of your opinion
even if someone’s going to undermine everything you believe in or undermine
everything of your character then you’re not going to have the same grounds or
strength to stand against this subversion of you into their box into
their trap so you lose your confidence you lose your strength to climb out and
that that further increases low self-esteem and insecurity
so another one would be too deep her sauna fie and to mirror so when you deep
personify someone again you’re taking away their character and if you’re
mirroring them you’re copying them so in a sense you’re extracting all that they
have you’re extracting who they are who they believe they are who they’ve grown
up to be that you and their talents or gifts or whatever you’re essentially
extracting that and stealing that from them you’re mirroring them so they’re no
longer unique they’re no longer a unique person and also another way that this
spirit will do it is that they will project themselves onto you or they by
mimicking you by mimicking your traits you actually would would start to fall
in love with what you see in the mirror if you catch my drift
you actually start you would actually start to fall in love with your own
traits that they are mirroring because someone who is totally consumed by this
Jezebel spirit or by narcissistic personality disorder they don’t really
have much to show for themselves as they are almost an empty vessel and
it’s a very strange one to comprehend and I’m going to do another video on
this afterwards in the future a bit more about how and why the the inner core is
so empty from you years of abuse or or however it’s come about that they are in
desperate need to feed their inner core which is complete emptiness and finally
the ultimate goal of this Jezebel spirit is to steal kill and destroy and all of
these things round that box there all of these things are pushing in on you all
working together at once and you can you can just imagine the torment that people
could go through if they’re totally surrounded by these emotional control
mechanisms and black males and then Jezebel is forming a stronger and
stronger tether so tie and bond the more you go through
this and you become more and more addicted to that you become more and
more dependent on that and in this situation you would be in complete
disarray tossed and turn to every corner by this emotional manipulation so you’re
getting further and further trapped in this box and this there’s two main ways
that this narcissistic spirit thing would work
one is through covert manipulation and another is through overt bullying so it
could either work through covert manipulation which would be they would
wear a mask a cloak of light and it would be to everyone else they would
seem like the sweetest person ever the nicest person ever that really popular
you know all that kind of thing and they would often seem like the victim
themselves the Jezebel would make make everyone around it think that it is the
victim and you are the bully it’s another form of manipulating others
perceptions it’s all perception deception so the Jezebel gets bigger and
bigger and you will get smaller and smaller but what is actually happening
is is actually forming a web around you through all of this it’s like an
emotional maze this is like an emotional net that is forming around you when
you’re caught in this and if you don’t cut the tether this is all being fed in
its demonic way this is a spiritual thing
so it’s forming a an emotional net around your web and there’s a very good
reason for that because the Jezebel spirit is referred to as the black widow
spider that feeds on its own mate so you’re you’re rich I mean look at it
it’s pretty creepy when you think about it because it’s literally can’t
you in this web here and it’s a black widow spider that will come to steal
kill and destroy so this is dangerous and not only that but this is a complete
distraction from God because you’re caught in the in the this demonic web
and net here and you need Jesus Christ to set you free we need Jesus Christ to
set us free when we face situations like this
because this is a demonic attack and it literally has built the web you know
like we even speak about the the web of the Antichrist that’s growing and
certainly in this time we are seeing a rise of this Jezebel spirit behavior so
I’ve written under the Jezebel there black magic spell casting and projection
the Jezebel is an illusionist the Jezebel is a con artist the narcissist
is a con artist an illusionist they project an illusion of something they’re
not they’re wearing a mask a cloak of light and it is pretty interesting so
I’m told the word glamour actually goes back to an old English which is to do
with black magic so it’s casting love spells is casting
spells this is a spell cast this is a wand
it’s spell casting you into this trap is making you infatuated and addicted to it
you’ve allowed it permission through the backdoor through its covert means and it
is garnered these this hold on you through its tactics it’s very very
sneaky so as time goes on in this unhealthy
relationship you see that you you in this relationship shrink and Jezebel
increases she gains more and more control over you through these covert
means and these soul ties are a big part of that sort of saying you know making
you believe that you need them to survive you need them when an
actual fact is the other way around because they’re actually they’ve got you
in their web and feeding off you in that way and emotionally manipulating in that
way in so many ways that they make you believe the opposite everything is
opposite everything is upside down remember they propagandize themselves
like a political agenda like a political party they make you believe the
propaganda that comes with it they permit this they permit themselves to
cause harm when it’s someone who is completely consumed by this they’ve
permitted themselves to cause this harm to you you must toe the party line or
all hell will break loose if you don’t comply if you’re in this and you refuse
to comply with exactly what all of this is about if you refuse to comply then
you could have a narcissistic rage on your hands you could you could set off a
time bomb so you have to toe the line you have to toe the political agenda of
this entity in order to find any any sort of security feeling of security or
peace in this paradigm you have to toe its line and you have to believe it’s
propaganda and you have to comply with what it’s doing because it’s all about
treating the Jezebel like it’s God so when it’s got you in this web when when
it’s got you trapped in this in it’s safety box what is the next agenda what
is the Jezebel wants then is it satisfied with that No
because the Jezebel wants admiration from legions of people it isn’t true
love this isn’t a true love paradigm it’s a very unhealthy mentally sick
paradigm that’s been created here so it’s not about your you being the true
love of the Jezebel is about keeping you in the safety box and then it goes to
the legions of other people if the person is truly
being controlled by the Jezebel spirit then they will want more attention
they’ve got their supply from you that’s built them up great they’ve got their
little lifeline they’re going to your little box in the web and then they want
to turn to the legions of other people for further feeding further attention
and again this is a form of witchcraft remember this is black magic and spell
casting and projection this is psychic vampirism this is about the cloak of
light so they want to be looked for example look look but don’t touch
look at me but don’t touch they want to be admired they want attention they want
to be drooled over they won’t worship it’s a sense of grandiosity they want
further validation they’ve got you in the safety box and now they want
validation from others they were they want people to think you can’t have me
they want to dangle themselves and for others to to want them but they can’t
have them because they’ve got a partner but that doesn’t excuse seeking to be
yearned after in that way they want to be wanted they want a narcissistic
supply from the legions of people they want to engage in psychic vampirism they
want to feed off of that attention this is demonic activity using people using
this person as a shell as a puppet literally just using them like a puppet
so what this ends up has is the the person or you stuck in this net sees
that their attention the attention that should be given to you that you deserve
in a mutual relationship the love and attention you deserve in a mutual
relationship a hundred a hundred between you both this attention that she should
be giving you is going is being dispersed in some spectrum to the
legions of other people and what does that do that further adds to you the
self-doubt of the person who’s trapped that further adds to the low self-esteem
why am I not good enough for this Jezebel why am I not good enough for
this person I’m in a relationship with or a marriage with so then that further
adds to the spiral the downward spiral of being undermined having insecurity
low self-esteem losing yourself to them and push and pull because you know they
go hot on you they go they idealize you then they discard you by going somewhere
else and you witness all of that so it all ties into this energy grid and what
they stuck in this giant web of a black widow spider that comes to steal kill
and destroy its mate and some do some still think this isn’t spiritual is this
even possible on a human level to this extent and the ultimate thing is of why
it’s spiritual – is because once that this person sadly is stuck here once you
are stuck there you cannot really even see God anymore because you are
surrounded by demons and you’ve given permission you’ve allowed yourself even
unknowingly subconsciously to open gateways for this to happen it won’t
change pray for the person but you need to get
out you need to sever this tie you need to sever it because this person if they
are an all-out Jezebel spirit if they are controlled by that then the the
whole thing that you fell in love with in the first place was a mirage in the
desert it was never real it was just a projection and I know that that is that
can be so so painful to realize and to to process in your mind that that what
you fell in love with was a lie and it wasn’t even really them you will
mourn the loss you will mourn the loss of what you thought you had you will
mourn the loss of who you thought you knew through these things through these
wilderness experiences where we go through all manner of trials and tests
we learn that God truly does love us more than anyone in this world and no
human being is worth idolizing none at all because God is the only truth and
weak if we truly seek Him he is he will be our best friend and the love of our
life Jesus himself but I say unto you that whosoever
looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already
in his heart and if thy right eye offend thee pluck it out and cast it from thee Jezebel
also like to operate alone and most know exactly what they’re doing on some level
but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed
then when lust hath conceived it bringeth forth sin and sin when it is
finished bringeth forth death blessed is the man that endureth temptation but
when he’s tried he shall receive the crown of life which the LORD hath
promised to them that love him God bless each and every one of you I hope you
enjoyed this I openin expose you

100 thoughts on “The Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates”

  1. My brother Michael was given a year to live. He served in the U.S. army. He was retired. We were very, close. We told each other about everything including personal relationships. He met a female barber, he lived in Kansas to be near the V.A. Hospital.. She was working on total seduction. She took HIM out to lunch or dinner. He was raised opposite of this, but fell to her Agenda. She found out that he had his home paid off, he had several cars. She made him feel Very important, he had driven himself, to Dr. Appts. He NEVER mentioned her. Ironically he wrote on a piece of paper that she was predominantly a friend. He shared with me that he had sclerosis of the liver. I have a 16 yr. Old and smaller grandchildren young an a daughter who is equally almost like a Jezebel until she became pregnant, being that we are believers, She returned to her 1st love Jesus.
    This woman knew the dr.s gave him so much time, so he lived life in the moment. He DIDN'T realize She was A Jezebel Spirit & even was all too familiar with this agenda, & found out he wanted to be cremated. I had just met her by telephone just 1 1/2 wks. Prior to his last Dr. Visit. He passed up a liver transplant due to no availability of any of his grown kids to be there, I had just moved & was in no financial position to take care of him either. He got drawn in by her, but wasn't entirely stupid, until he was bedridden in less than a week & 1/2 his dr. Gave him 6 months to live. I had yearned to go be w/him & didn't have the financial means. But, I received a call from the hospital that he was in 'pallative care ' I didn't know what that meant, but asked they were telling me he had less time & She went out and bought rings herself to "Claim" they were engaged! It was NOT true! That's what a Covert Narcissist is. They make up GRANDIOSO stories, leaving you in a state of confusion. I spoke to the holy Spirit & I was asking God to help me have extreme wisdom in dealing with her. She used his own medications on top of perhaps heroin & She overdosed him, & killed him. My Nephews 33, 28 & niece 22 did not believe me that she did this, & refused an autopsy. The insurance (life)called & said they were going to investigate but, my estranged Nephew refused to believe me, & it happened in Feb. 2018, although I'm in Ga. She was found out to be a registered nurse! Prob. Lost her license but he had no idea, my Brother. Even perhaps that she was a nurse. Talk about my brother, best friend, father figure These Jezebel spirits seek EVERYTHING they can receive. I need justice for Michael. He was NOT at a threat of dying. She made it happen.

  2. I’m learning to check my motives all the time. There’s a real addiction to seeking approval from others. It’s starts very young. Relating to the girl giving her testimony, I too hear the voice of God reminding me I’m His child. No need for approval from things of the world. My Grace is sufficient. My story is long, so I’ll spare you a lengthy response. This world will make you feel pretty, special, beautiful, sexy but it’s only a minute. I want to be pure and beautiful for God in heaven. My relationship is with Him first. The thought of God spitting me out because I’m luke warm is more devastating then receiving approval from things of this fallen world. I pray for all of us who struggle with self worth. Men and women alike. It’s in God we can find peace. One must die first and be reborn. Even if you have to kill your worldly desires weekly, daily, hour by hour, minute by minute it’s the only way. It gets easier, through Christ who strengthens me. God Bless.

  3. jasabel or isabel was the wife from the unclean King in Jerusalem how not belive in the profeth elija and want to kill him; how was live in the desert. Elija was told the king all how not belive in me and break the LAW; will die and the enimals eath them. it was happend and in the end babilon will also die. All how not belive in me go to hell. I was 7 years in the dessert for Gods Word and they just want me to rope sexuel or kill me about my profeties becouse they mother is the big BITCH jszabel how not do Gods comandsmand ( apocalipse 17 and 18) and hate the profets. the biggest bitch are Vatican and the Police and the satanistic kazars how hate God how send me becouse they worship satan and they all sinners and not want to repend. God see this jazabel bitch Nation all…and when babilon will fall they not become salvation just suffering in hell ; what they give me for God.amen amen

  4. I've tried to fight this spirit but to no avail. I remember some time back this year I decided I was going to pray about it and get rid of it for good. I looked up a prayer on YouTube and I started praying along with the lady till I slept. I remember having a terrible nightmare that night, I dreamed that I was walking on a low bridge that ran across the ocean and these mermaid like creatures with sharp claws were trying to pull me in so violently, one of them managed to grasp my t shirt and I fell in the water but something kept pulling me back onto to the bridge. I will never forget that nightmare it was so terrifying, I woke up and I was shaken,sweating and paralyzed.

  5. so glad i, ended the relationship with my former boyfriend.
    definitely, a covert narcissist played minds alot.
    these people are vacuous and evil .
    emotional vampire is appropriate term to describe them.

  6. The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings n Lord of Lords, Jesus said, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be damned…Mark 16-15-16…
    Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of Sins,
    and ye shall receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost….Acts 2: 38-39…You Don't Want To Go To HELL…"He that believeth on me "JESUS", as the
    scripture hath said, out of his Belly shall flow Rivers of Living waters…thats the….. "Joy of the Holy Ghost Fire".."And that Repentance
    and Remission of SINS should be preached in his Name among all Nations, Beginning at Jerusalem"Luke 24: 47…
    I am the Door, by me if any man enter in, he shall be Saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The Thief cometh not, but for to Steal, and
    to Kill, and to Destroy; I am come that they might have Life, and that they might have it more Abundantly.I am the good Shepherd; the good
    Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. John 10:9-11 Isaiah 40:11 Hebrews 13:20-21

  7. Thank you for this! At the end when you break This is down in the Web drawing. This drawing and description is everything I felt about my dads mistress and now girlfriend. She has a black widow spider on her foot.

  8. I pray more Godfearing men may rise up and may marry Godfearing women, that they may preach the gospel and get many children.
    Jesus be with them.

  9. This doc was sooooo much better than I expected and has really opened my eyes to certain things in my life, thank you Jesus

  10. 37:55 through to 58:00. Thats me in the box. Every single part of that applies to me word for word. That was my last relationship. Been single 5 years now. And being alone hurts at times. But never having to be in that box again feels good. She did that to me. All of it. She left to her legions and ditched her own kids as well. She truly was the Jezebel from hell.

  11. She can hold a 'beyonce mass' in HELL, When She Gets There…….Will Have Alot More Than 750 in Attendance……
    Katy can be the 'alter girl'……

  12. It makes sense that a narcissist is actually a possession of Jezebel. My ex-husband is just like described in the video. He did all those thing to me. I am still struggling to regain my self-esteem.

  13. It seems the countless controversies coming out of Hollywood and politics may be Jezebel come to collect the Devil’s debts… All those that sold their souls to Lucifer for fame, fortune, and political power are now seeing that it’s time to pay up!

  14. I have to deal with the jezebel spirit every day at work. Its crazy the stuff that goes on its like everyone has a spell on them. A girl who i work with has this spirit and because she hates me everyone that is under her spell hates me too. Almost everyone i work with holds up the goddess symbol in my face

  15. hello this was a really good video thank you. is there a link to the video of the ladies testemony who was saved from prostitution? Thank you xx

  16. Spiritography is real. My niece snapped a phot of a kitchen to send to me with her phone. There was a demon on top of a cabinet. I saw it she saw it and it was NOTHING in the kitchen that the image could have double exposed off of and the image was translucent and was half inside and half outside the cabinet. The part that was inside you could see the cabinet through its body.

  17. This explains the Jezebel spirit and the narcissist personality. The psychopathic and paranoid schizophrenia disorder wasn't mentioned. Could it be SATAN ? I wonder if bipolar and sociopathic should be added to this psychosis.

  18. this why our father & grandfathers gave our mothers & grandmothers a beating from time to time they knew what was up, those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it.

  19. 26.01 female jezbel not taking responeablity for her own actions and blaming her father and you wonder why the our founding fathers would have never passed the 19th admendment because they knew better .

  20. I have a deep loathing for this spirit as well those who gain their power from it, sadly that is most women of all ages these days who are controlling and manipulative.

  21. Wow, amazing break down. I was going through this with an ex for 5-6 years. The gaslighting, depersonifying, mind games with the false love, admiration and attention. And in my lowest moments during the relationship I would seek God… was his way of bringing closer.

  22. the devil is in women sense the garden he is in women to bring down man because he knows man is in power over the whole world

  23. SHAKING MY HEAD Jezebel is not a spirit. She was a person, a king's, daughter, a sorceress, NOT a spirit. There is NOTHING in the bible about anyone EVER getting, "possessed" by the "spirit of Jezebel". God will never give you a temptation that you cannot resist.

  24. 2 Kings 9:30
    And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a window.

    Proverbs 6:25
    The Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.

    How. To recognize a Jezebel.

  25. So our whole system including all our wonderful lawmakers are run by Jezebel. SPLC comes to mind also and groups like this.

  26. @7:25, Spy Kitten TV discuses Satanic Agenda involved with the Jezebel Spirit, full video

  27. All the attention in the world will not meet our need. Mankind needs the love of God demonstrated in Christ Jesus. We need to repent of our sins and trust Him for eternal salvation.

  28. God bless you,you have my gratitute.I had this unhealthy relationship i was stuck trying to find whats wrong and i finally untethered the connection and i mourned the loss.But it clearly makes sence,God bless you!Stay Vigilate,And Stay Woke!!

  29. The Bible never speaks of a "Jezebel spirit". Jezebel was one who led Israel into promiscuity and idolatry and murdered the prophets. This is not, as many portray it, limited to women, nor that women are all potential "Jezebels". False religion was what Israel lusted after, and many male leaders led them into idolatry many times. So when people say there's a "Jezebel spirit" that men must be on their guard against with women, they distort the scriptures and commit the very sin they think they're exposing.

  30. Yes this is so true! Men do have the spirit. That’s why it’s so vital to really get to know someone before having sexual with them! U may very well find ur self sleeping with the devil!

  31. brother im convinced my brother inlaws wife has a jezebel spirit attached to her ive seen a glimpse of it her actions speak of it what do i do? i put on the gospel and she runs i speak of CHRIST KING she scoffs is this proof or am i being paranoid

  32. That selfie at 11:30 ……. you can see her mouth is shut under the flowers … the image on her neck is showing teeth ….

  33. The rise of the "feminine" everywhere……………..Mary/Isis/Sophia/Venus/Mary Magdalene, etc. to conform to the New World Order (NWO) in order to denigrate men and their place in the home linked to the destruction of the family nucleus in society.

    If people would get rid of their pride, pretension, arrogance, laziness, stinginess, selfishness, emptiness, neediness (which are due to a lack of love & self-esteem/worth), etc. and were willing to accept Jesus Christ (the Saviour of humanity) His healing, His love, His will for their lives, they wouldn't battle with/rebelling against themselves – which is in fact battling with/rebelling against God – and they actually would give meaning to their lives instead of chasing after the wind doing endless nonsense/stupidity/evil towards themselves and others.

    Once people are "born again" (of the spirit of God) and are truly repentant of their sins and are seriously serious with God, they should use the scriptures, prayer, fasting and take authority of who they are in Christ in order to get rid of their demons and the latter would have no leg to stand on i.e. legal right to remain. People (Christians or otherwise) are confusing demons and complete possession; there are linked but the degrees vary.

    God gives people more of what they want and when it's not Him, He makes sure, by organising the events in people's lives a certain way, people will get what they wanted – but will be judged for it! God isn't a liar (Numb. 23:19), He's always made very plain & simple what He requires of people through His word The Bible, it's not complicated; people complicate everything on purpose. He gave us free will; people should use that will rightly.

  34. The Jezebel Spirit exists because it is tolerated and allowed to exist. Love the woman, shame the behavior. I refuse to respect narcissistic behavior and call out what a woman does as separate from who she is. I do not tolerate people playing the victim. Taking a selfie while talking to me is something I will not allow anyone to do. I can't stop them from taking the selfie but I can stop the conversation.

  35. My dad raised me because my mom worked and my dad raised me to not be a female that he called a harlot that just use men. I had to raise my sons as a widow and teach them what my dad taught me. I understand now why my dad raised me because God knew I was going to raise 3 sons as a widow. The main problem men have is women so I had to make sure my sons knew my dad's experience with women as well as my own so they do not make bad choices in relationships.

    I read the bible since the age of 6 and it mostly talks about it is better to stay away from an immoral woman. These women will use you then drop you like nothing because they have no fear or respect for God or people. These women do not even respect their own selves.
    The bible says these type of women are unstable.

    I remember my female friends in high school went through guys as if these guys were nothing which to me was horribly wrong. In their 20s these females had sex like it was drinking water and did not care about the guy. These women now have many children with different men not married, angry, hate and mad at God for their own choices. God says do not have sex without being married. I listened to God and His way works. When I did not listen to God it did not go right for me.

    I made great choices before I became a widow at the age of 24. After my late hubby died I was depressed and did things I should not have done which I do understand that God allowed me to go through these things. When I was in my late 20s for a few months God was not in my thoughts I did not read my bible and did not pray as I used to. I understand now people that go against God because they do not have God in their thoughts and only because God is allowing this so they can go through their trials to find Him.

    I am grateful it was only a few months because I only needed that one thing to turn my life around that scared me so much I started to read my bible and pray as before. After this horrible event in my life, I read the bible cover to cover several times and prayed every day. Some people need to get tormented by the devil over and over before they realize God’s way is the only way no other way will work. God knew what I needed to change from my wicked ways to do what is right, so I do not cause anyone to stumble.

    Because of my experience with my female friends, I told my sons to watch out for females explained what my dad told me and they listened. I have 3 sons now in their late 20s early 30s still virgins finished college and have great careers now.

    My sons are now in the position to look for a wife that really fears and respect God they're many out there and they know to stay far away from a harlot. My sons seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and they know God will keep them from an immoral woman. These God-fearing women you will not find in a club, bar, or anywhere because only God can send them your way. Proverbs 18:22He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord. Proverbs 19:14 Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the Lord.

    Do not have sex with a female without being married because this will mess your mind up. As the bible says women can have sex without an emotional connection without love who is God. Men have a deep connection and cannot get the female out of his mind no matter how hard he tries females can damage the mindset of a guy. This will be bad for the woman that God has for the guy. The guy's mind is messed up from the females he had sex with believing nothing will come of it now he cannot trust anyone.

    The females in the bible had multiple sex partners which demons went into these women and when you have sex with these females their demons will come on you and haunt you. Mark 16:9 Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons.

    Proverbs 22:14 The mouth of an immoral woman is a deep pit; He who is abhorred by the Lord will fall there.
    Proverbs 5 My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    Lend your ear to my understanding,
    2 That you may preserve discretion,
    And your lips may keep knowledge.
    3 For the lips of an immoral woman drip honey,
    And her mouth is smoother than oil;
    4 But in the end she is bitter as wormwood,
    Sharp as a two-edged sword.
    5 Her feet go down to death,
    Her steps lay hold of hell.
    6 Lest you ponder her path of life—
    Her ways are unstable;
    You do not know them.

  36. Dang this is my ex boyfriend. We just broke up but It am over it. I don’t have any feeling about him anymore because I do see exactly who he is. It took me a while but once you get over the cognitive dissonance and see that they aren’t who they pretend to be it makes them repulsive. I pray for anyone watching this channel that they are able to let go. Once you do, you will feel like you can breathe again and your energy will come back. God Bless🙏🏼

  37. If you read the Bible and other information about Jezebel she was crazy over sexual pleasure and she loved to control people!!! No when we look at the world to day. Women and men both possess this spirit. And it is in total rebellion to God and the belief of The Father. In the time of Jezebel they were worshipping other gods and never recognized The Living God. It was a total matter of control for her. And she died a horrible, horrible horrible death. So in this case Men as well as women can have the same characteristics as this spirit she possessed. I am careful how I treat others because this spirit is VERRRRRY sneaky and it will take over and control anyone who allows it. TRUTH!!!!

  38. That preacher is amazing. Mean truly such powerful voice suck powerful sermons and scariestchannelonyoutube listen to all his videos he’s awesome to so thankful that people are hearing the truth not conspiracies this is real people evil is everywhere antichrist is alive and thriving taking over devil is god of this world the people today are ready for anything to look up to god said either with me or against me you either have the Holy Ghost in you or an unholy ghost in you I’m so thankful these channels keep me from giving into porn keeping me from thinking negative from cussing thinking nasty this truth channels really are helping people god is proud also Steven bancarz is amazing to be is so intelligent and is taking people out of this new age deceiving garbage he got my wife out of it with the grace of god that gave him the power to speak so great and really helped my wife and I’m thankful how she Christian

  39. I have personally been a victim of this spirit. It is very powerful and u underestimated the possibility of it happening to me. However I found myself deeply in love with a beautiful woman who had no intention of walking with Jesus Christ in the way the bible instructed. And in the end. I had done things that purposely forced her away from me without even trying. The things I did. If she was meant for me. She wouldve undoubtedly stayed. I didnt beat her or anything like that, but in my godly wisdom I did things to expose her infidelity. Rather than repent, she broke up with me. Therefore, it wasnt meant to be. With her, my spirit was constantly vexed, even on good terms. And it was the HOLY spirit, telling me she wasnt the one for me.

  40. I think the jezebel spirit can really take a hold of men also, through things such as seeing women as sex objects, allowing sex addiction to be their driving force, forgetting morals and values. To separate the Jezebel spirit from a woman and from a man, simply consider the boundaries of safety within being virtuous and righteous and pure and faithful, and gaining self control to have boundaries of what you see on TV, and who you date or marry and being faithful to one person.

  41. I think the Jezebel spirit really takes a hold when the woman allows herself to become a sex object, and her driving force to get attention through sex appeal and lust of material things, promiscuous lust, and controlling others. ''what will it profit us to gain the whole world but, to lose our soul.' The man and the woman is made up of many things and allowing God to be the driving force in our lives gains that self love and self control.

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