The Karate Kid 2010 – Hypnotized Chinese Martial Artist

: Hey, this is Marc Savard
along with my assistant Jacky from the Comedy Hypnosis show live in Las Vegas for six nights
a week. Tonight, the show is over.
People are gone home. The theater is quiet. And we’re just reflecting. Tonight’s show
was fun.: It was really fun. It was a lot of
fun.: What was your favorite part?
: Well we threw in a routine that was something we haven’t done in a while: deadly
martial artist.: Wao, wah! Haha. It was so
funny.: It was.
: And the lady, she was great.: She was great. She translated very
well.: Because of course, I don’t
speak Chinese and the martial artist does and they either heard a communicate.
Well, we don’t want to ruin it. Check out the clip.
Paparazzo. There’s a foreign language translator here.
Oh it was you, alright. The rest of you just continue resting.
If you wouldn’t mind, come on up for a second. I appreciate you being here.
I’m forever thankful. I don’t speak the language. I’m glad that you’re here.
How long have you been a translator.: Seven years.
: Wow! That’s awesome. Oh, that’s so great.
And if you don’t mind, if you could, in Chinese, go ahead and invite master guru Eric up for
a moment, I want to interview him.: [speaks Chinese]
: Now if you could ask him
how he’s enjoying his trip to Las Vegas so far and what he likes the most about it.
: [speaks Chinese]: [speaks Chinese]
: What did he say?
: He said that there are many beautiful women that have given him great pleasure.
: Oh, oh.
: That’s awesome.
Now he’s going to be doing a demonstration, a martial arts demonstration.
Just some kicking, punching combination, some deadly combinations.
Not simple things, pretty complicated. Six, seven, eight, or ten moves each or whatever
it is. I don’t know. I’ve seen his videos online, you know, the
whole kung fu master videos. And I think he is absolutely phenomenal.
If you could ask him why he does all that yelling, like the waa and stuff like that.
Why is it important to his heart?: [speaks Chinese]
: [speaks Chinese]: What did he say?
: He said it’s mainly for intimidation and to move the bowels in the proper…for
strength.: I see. No that makes sense. It makes sense.
Okay, now he’s going to be doing the demonstration. Let him get into his own and he calls up.
You and I call up the moves. I’ll call up the combination of the move in
English, and then you repeat it in Chinese so that he understands it and then he can
demonstrate that one. Is that okay?
Now tell him, obviously, that he’s going to be showing it with an imaginary opponent,
please make that clear because obviously he’s deadly. We don’t want anyone killed. You know
what I’m saying? And I’m sure he understands that. But just
to make sure.: [speaks Chinese]
: [speaks Chinese]: Yeah.
: Okay, good. Perfect. Why don’t you and I stand over here so that
we are not in the way and tell him to go ahead and get himself into the zone.
: [speaks Chinese]: Alright. I’ll call up the
move in English, you’ll repeat it in Chinese, and he will demonstrate the move.
Alright, here we go. We start off, ladies and gentlemen, we start
off with the killer dragon move.: [speaks Chinese]
: Ladies and gentlemen, the killer dragon move.
There it is, ladies and gentlemen.: Next, we’re going to show you the venomous cobra, the venomous cobra.
: [speaks Chinese]: Ladies and gentlemen, the
venomous cobra. There it is, ladies and gentlemen.
: Next is the psycho grizzly
bear with rabies bite.: [speaks Chinese]
: Ladies and gentlemen, once again, the psycho grizzly bear with rabies
bite. There it is, ladies and gentlemen, phenomenal.
: And then last, we’re going
to show you. You may have read about this in the news.
He was cornered by 19 men in a back alley and he was the only one who did not have to
go to a hospital. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call
the Shanghai multiple high hoax: [speaks Chinese]
: Cornered by 19 men in a back alley, this is what he did.
Ladies and gentlemen, master guru Eric.: Thank you so much. I appreciate that.
Now if you wouldn’t mind doing me one more favor.
If you could say one, two, three, sleep in Chinese so that I can work on both of you.
: [speaks Chinese]

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