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The Karate Kid Part III – Daniel Wins! Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

The Karate Kid Part III – Daniel Wins! Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

Mr.. [Miyagi’s] over forget about You’re not must not. He’s okay. Lose my footing must not lose group. Yeah, right? You stay focused Dennis are you s currently still inside now time that out? [my] turn your life Come on. Get up get on the line get on the line loose No, no worthless your slump teachers nothing get up man, you know champion get up You’re stuck blue is no, you suck bad, and you’re dangerous crying shit. You hear me instead You’re dumb promote your karate to tell me and your features were shit He’s nothing ain’t nothing and you’re nothing I own you. [I] owe you lewis doh Where’s your little jap teacher now? Huh? He’s a modena. He’s a fake and he did you nothing you’re crying shitty yeah Today [I] Boy get the point below tonight Yeah my Dad

32 thoughts on “The Karate Kid Part III – Daniel Wins! Scene (10/10) | Movieclips”

  1. great movie but i never understood why we was afraid of this wannabe champ after beating a country's number 1 student in a match to the death.

  2. The martial arts I learned had me punching holes in concrete when I was 2. I would have beat Barnes to a pulp. Of course, I wouldn't fight in a tournament. Real martial arts isn't for show or sport.

  3. Daniel forgets easily the power he got in Okinawa. Needed to do kata at the final to summon it again. 🙂
    It's the same in Cobra Kai. Daniel easily loses his emotional control, but then he needs to keep calm to recover peace.

  4. As a kid, I didn’t notice the fact that Danny picked up an ice habit in Okinawa.

    But after watching it as an adult, man he was tweeking the whole move!

  5. Rumors say that they were going to make karate kid 4 and 5 in which daniel was gonna go to his home town where he left in movie 1 and open a dojo for all the kids he once knew

  6. Maybe Krees and Silver treated Barnes similar to how Krees treated Johnny at beginning of KK2. Just saying in case Barnes does come to Cobra Kai it doesn't mean he would be teaming up with Krees.

  7. For all the people saying Barnes should be easy since he beat Chozen one of the best trained students in that area of japan, I’ve been thinking about that a lot and I think it’s because they’re were no rules in this match, the chosen one was a death match, that might be why.

  8. Daniel venció a los dos cobras más rudos de aquellos tiempos, Lawrence y Barnes, eso no lo hace cualquiera….

  9. I cannot get enough of this scene..i love it ..ralph & pat..when pat slams down his hand…he's his parent , he's teacher , his best friend…tells daniel not to give in2fear…& daniel gives myagi his full attention …& responds with match point..but i get pissed that its over so quick ..they shouldn've ended it that so quick…my absoloute favorite scene out of all the kk movies

  10. The way they zone out and zone out/adjust the audio in this scene is such an amazing job of depicting the scene and fear, at first were more closed in on Daniel and feel the tension he’s going through just like when we’re in a fear mindset and all we can feel is that tension of what we’re afraid of but after Miyagi talks to him the scene like flows out and when it films Barnes and Silver you just kinda realize with Daniel that they’re just a lie, all the intimidation and taunting is just for show and all they really are is just hatred there’s like a deeper truth they’re covering up, you realize they might win but the fear they’re creating isn’t real, Daniel isn’t scared of losing the match he’s scared that they may be right and he’s nothing but that’s the lie

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