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The Knotted Headband | Bangs or Fringe | Cute Girls Hairstyles

The Knotted Headband | Bangs or Fringe | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Hey, guys, it’s Mindy from
Cute Girls Hairstyles. And today I’m going
to show you how to do what I’m calling
the knotted head band. Now, a fan from Saint
Petersburg, Russia sent this idea to me and I
thought it was really clever and a great twist on a head
band for the front of your hair. So I’ve started–
tilt down so they can see– by parting
her hair on this side and then I’ve also parted
just from the side part to the top of her ear. And I’ve pulled all
the rest of her hair back into a pony tail to
keep it out of the way. You can see that
I’ve already sprayed, just with some
water, her hair down. And you don’t have
to do that but I find that it works
nicely for her hair because she has lots of
little baby hairs in the front and this helps keep them secure. You’re also going to
want a little alligator clip for this hairdo. It will just make it
a little bit easier, and I’ll show you why
in a little minute. So you’re going to start
by taking your comb and just running it
up and sectioning off just a small section. And that one didn’t
turn out very well, so I’m going to redo that one. OK, so just a small
section of hair, parting it into two pieces. I’m going to turn you,
just a little bit this way. And then you’re going to take
this left section over the top, reach your fingers
through the middle and pull the end through. So it’s as if you’re tying like,
your shoelaces on your shoes. And then just lay it flat. Then you’re going to
take your comb, section off another section, and
repeat the same process. Now if you have hair
that’s really fine or has lots of
fly-aways, you know, wetting it down will
work but you can also think about using some pomade. I have put just a little bit
of pomade through her hair. Will you hang on to those
front pieces for me? I’ve used this one. It’s Garnier Nutrisse Fiber Gum. But if you don’t have
that, don’t worry about it. Use whatever you want. You can try some hairspray. Anything that you have
in your cupboards already that you’re currently
using will work fine too. So third time, again,
left over right, reach through the
middle, grab the end, pull it down so
it’s tight and flat. And I’m going to have
her hold onto these. Now, this one’s a
little different. You can see that you have
three strands back here at this point. We’re going to take that first
strand that we worked with, the farthest one away, pull
it underneath the other two. And I’m just going
to clip the other two down flat against her head. And you’ll understand
why in five seconds. So again, I’m going to
part off a little section. You can see that this end is
now in my left section of hair and I’m going to reach under
and grab that front strand and pull it under and add
it into the right section. And then go ahead and just tie
a knot, like you normally would. And tighten it down. And then again, put this
back into the alligator clip. And I’m going to,
while I’m back here, I’m going to take that front
one again and release it and alligator the other two. And we’re going
to continue this. Seems kind of
repetitive, I know. Oops, sorry. Until we run out of hair, which
takes just a minute or two. And just so you know,
while I’m working on this I’ll just tell you,
this will work on short hair. My daughter that has
shoulder-length hair, I can do it on her hair as well. And it also will
work if you have bangs because your bangs
will just kind of knot into the hairs, which is nice
if you need your bangs out of your way for a day. So again, we’re going to
release that front-most strand, clip those two down, grab
another little slice of hair. Add that strand in. Find my front one. There it is. Hang on to those. You can do this on yourself. I have tried. It’s just a little easier if you
use another clip on the front, since obviously, you
won’t be able to hold it. Thank you. And release. And continue until
you run out of hair. One more. I think we’ve got a couple
more, then we’ll be done. You can see that
what happens, I’ll show you in just
a second, as we’re pulling those front
strands back in, it’s creating kind of
like little arches, like kind of a little
half-circle effect all the way through her hair. And when it loosens up in just
a second when we finish it, it creates a really
fun pattern that is really different than
what you see typically in head bands. You know, typically you’re
seeing twists or braids so this is a little bit
different, a little more unusual. And let’s see, OK. We’re going– you
may hear knocking at this point on the door. I can tell that my baby
has crawled up the stairs and has discovered where we are. And is wanting to come in. Think we’ve got one more. Nope, two more. So continue on. So I have been thinking
about either doing a hair-care tutorial
or doing like, my favorite products
of the month. Because you know, as you
learn and grow with your hair, you develop and discover new
products, which is kind of fun. And new things that you love. Whoops, almost did
that one wrong. Make sure it goes under
the strands, not over. And you’ll have to tell me
which one you would rather see. So leave a comment
below telling me whether you’d rather
see monthly my favorites or a hair-care
tutorial on how I take care of my hair
and my kid’s hair. Keep it healthy. So we’re down to our last one. Now I’m just going
to release the ends. And I’m going to tighten
them down first, just kind of tug a little bit. Now I’m going to pull
them down and I’m just going to put an
elastic right here. The nice thing
about this hairdo is you could really
be very creative. You could do this
all the way around. You could do it on this
other side as well. You could do it into an updo. And lots and lots
of different ways to play around
with this hair do. Tilt this way so they can see. Now I’m just going to
go back loosen these up, just a little bit. So you can really see
the arc part of it– tilt, tilt, tilt–
throughout the hair. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap. That’s what I’m hearing. I might stick a bobby pin
even in right here, just hold that little
piece of hair flat. And then just tuck that down,
put the hair over the top of it however you want. And you’re done. And as it dries,
just so you know, ’cause hers was wet, of
course, when we started. But as it dries, it also puffs
up a little more as the hair dries and smooths out, which
even adds to the effect that we’ve now created
with the little arcs and stuff and the
inner-knottedness. Is that even a word? I don’t know. But I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to leave us a comment
telling me whether you’d rather see a hair-care tutorial or
monthly favorite products and that kind of thing. So let me know and
we’ll see you later. Bye bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “The Knotted Headband | Bangs or Fringe | Cute Girls Hairstyles”

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  2. l loved this one it looks easy am gonna try it i am wondring what u use for ur hair i have thin hair what best product for thin and dry hair

  3. What a great hairstyle my friends are asking how do u do it please would u show us how to do the same hairstyle in a different form xx

  4. love this tutorial. Thanks to your YouTube channel, my 3 year old wears new hairstyles almost every day ?????

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