The living legend “Tsutomu Nakahodo” | Uechi-ryu | English sub | Okinawa Traditional Karate | Kata

What is “awamori” for you,sensei? My doctor used to tell me… It’s about the amount to drink A certain amount of awamori works good for the blood circuration He also tells me awamori is a kind of medecine I don’t drink so much, but my farther used to love awamori,
he was also doing karate Are karate people such as your farther’s age befor the world war loved awamori? At that time,there was not any imported liquors,only awamori was existing Are many of karate people loved awamori? Yes,a lot of karate people loved awamori It depends on how you drink It’s not good if you drink too much
For your health, If you drink like what I said
Awamori can be a medecine What kind of situation do you drink awamori with your company of karate? There is party sometime,right? like a new year party,
Imported liquors are not used in the situation Always awamori is used Master Yamashiro knows about awamori because he likes… So,for celebration or important day,Awamori is used That’s right We do “Cheers” by awamori I drink a little bit such a time I’ll keep on drinking a little amount of awamori My farther used drink awamori a lot,even finish whole bottle in one time It’s a story befor the war He was doing “Shourin-ryu” Then he changed to “Uechi-ryu” More than 60 years passed from the time Firstable,you train yourself by karate, Then,a little amount of awamori It’s good for your blood circuration as doctor says Everybody loves drinking a little amount of awamori I guess that some people are drinking for some other reason.. Could you tell us about “Uechi kusa(grass)” The founder of Uechi-ryu, Master “Kanbun Uechi”sensei went to Fujian Province of China, Train his karate for 13 years there, Then,he bring back his karate to Okinawa Now,Uechi-ryu is one kind of school of karate When master Kanbun-sensei was training in China Making bruises by matchs or “kumite” Using a kind of medecine made by Awamori and harb which called “Itadori(knotweed)” that live in Hokkaido You still see “Itadori” as a harb on TV But chinese “Itadori” had a different condition The leafs are little smaller Master “Kanbun Uechi” brought the chinese “Itadori” from China He grew them in Okinawa They were also used as medecine for bruises in Okinawa Awamori is not just for drinking but working in some ways to contribute to karate The second “Kanei Uechi” was also gowing “Itadori” in his garden He properly processed to big bottle Forigner karate guy used to be given when he’s got a bruise We used call the bottle “Coca cola bottle” Master paid 5 dollars to get the bottle So,”Uechi-kusa” was better than normal medecine We called “Itadori” “Iichi-kusa” in Okinawa It’s also called “Tora-no-tsue(tigar’s stick)”in scientific name But “Itadori” master Kanbun broght from china was defferent from Okinawan one We also called it “Uechi-kusa” That “Itadori” you see on TV recently That’s defferent from chinese one How do you make it by awamori? We use the roots of “Itadori” Dry them under the shade Use milk if it’s now Before,using human mother’s milk Just to ferment Then,put in the bottle Add awamori You mean, soak them in the bottole? Yes, for a while Using the big bottle keep on adding awamori Just like vintage sake Vintage sake is same, keep on adding later and later Is “Uechi-kusa” still used now? I guess Uechi family still keep bottles Some students bring back the roots from the family Making “Uechi-kusa” by thier own way It’s not difficult to make ,but takes long time Dry in shade,put milk,ferment, Dry in shade again… I feel a little tired today

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