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The Mean Girls…

The Mean Girls…

Chicken Nuggets Crazy Hats And A Thousand Cats These Were the ingredients chosen to create! Now but listen i can explain you see uh? Yesterday there was a dinosaur in my backyard yeah a dinosaur and i had to fight it yeah, so That’s that’s why i’ve been gone? So as, you can see we’re all stuck in science class where we taking a test because we all failed hey HAHAHAHAHH IS saasd um this was a gift from my grandpa why that is the most ugliest necklace i’ve ever seen take it off or something oh everybody who always picks on me because of my necklace but it was a gift for my grandpa i don’t care if it’s ugly i like it look at her necklace she thinks she looks so cute with it ha ha ha all Right class are you all paying attention uh yes mr. Cheesecake oh? yeah, i’m paying attention all right you are all failures Well so we’re doing a test thanks to neo if you fail my class you Won’t be able to come in for prom so we can’t come to prom if you fail the test uh-huh! It’s not like you’ve got a date anyway huh i guess i guess you’re right about that hey i’ll be your prom date really Sorry ha ha ha i’d never date you i’ve never been asked to prom ever i Don’t know is it because of the necklace why why haven’t i even asked to prom ugly who said that you guys You guys don’t have to be so mean sorry we’re just telling the truth yeah sorry Haha! promise later this week and i still don’t have anybody to go with if i go by myself everybody’s gonna make fun of me Sure may i may i go to the bathroom for a bit yeah i guess you can use the bathroom they just don’t take a while look at her necklace oh my gosh she’s just take it off you guys was so mean i can’t get rid of this necklace it’s the only thing my grandpa gave to me Or he had to move It’s all i have to remember him by ah oh It’s it’s you i know you want to go to prom and all but nobody’s gonna go with you with that necklace on the ugliest thing that i have ever said in my entire life you really need to get rid of it Grabs necklace and throws in toilet wait no give it back no that’s all i have please oh? No what my necklace i i need a clean a i need a clean air right now before i get sturdy well who what said that hello Who are you you have awakened the great genie of the necklace? genie what you, were trapped inside my necklace for 400 years but, who are you sir i In order to thank you for setting my freedom i will grant you three wishes vicious yes i’ve heard about this before yeah, i’ve heard about this it’s just like aladdin you asked for three wishes and they come true right yes that’s Exactly what he is you are correct i guess i should test it out first oh genie My first wish is to have a ride back home because Every time i have to go back home i always have to take the bus and i always get bullied So my first wish is to have a ride back home your wish i rent whoa a hoverboard this will help you get back home without having to get in a bus So it’s true he really is a genie he just made my wish come true but i’ve seen this before i have to be careful what i wish for if you have any other wish just rub your necklace three times and i Yes, sir i’ll make sure to do that good Now i shall be gone whoa yeah he actually made my dream come true i Have a hoverboard now whoa i have a genie that means i can wish for anything that i’ve ever wanted but I’ve only got two more wishes left i don’t know what i would wish for Huh! think think think what is something that i’ve always wanted Oh, oh no i just realized i’m so late to class i’m gonna get in so much trouble Oh, no, i’m so dead i’m so dead oh no everybody left huh What are you doing here oh? i’m a little bit late to class aren’t i uh-huh yeah you’re gonna get in so much trouble you know that where did everybody go they went back home What then what are you still doing here uh i got intro for something stupid and i have to stay after school Huh, why am i talking, to you anyway nerd what if i wish for what if i wish for everybody to stop calling me a nerd ginny ginny i need you did you call me geneed i have another wish oh you thought about it tell me what it is and i will grant your wish Everybody in school picks on me i don’t even have a date to prom or anything are you always there made fun of because of my necklace i just, want people to stop You know why cheney? yes i i i wish for people to stop picking on me i Want them to stop bullying me are you sure about your wish yes i’ve never been so sure i’m i wish that i wish that everybody will just stop i wish that they would respect me and look up to me i wish that guys wouldn’t reject me anymore i just i just, want to be like them and you are sure about this wish yes your wish is my command your, wish has been granted ah Genie where did you go he said he said my wish has been granted i don’t see a difference though i still have my same normal clothes i still have the same necklace i I still look the same Genie you tricked me you tricked me there’s there’s nothing about me that makes me different ah Okay, so i’m back in school still look pretty normal but Okay, so iii did finish my homework and everything oh hello Hi you’re talking, to me oh yeah who else could i be talking. To uh sorry i just i’ve never had anybody Come up to me before and talk to me well i think people should come up to you and talk to you more often don’t you think yeah Y-yeah! Hey i’ll see you around huh yeah I’ll see you around huh? nice seeing you yeah nice seeing you too Whoa i’ve never had anybody talk to me before i’m very surprised uh Okay well at least i’m not late to music whoa hey Cutie hey oh my gosh hi uh-huh whoa! everybody’s coming up to me hi Hey it’s the most popular girl in school Hey cutie you got a date to prom yet, uh, no, no actually i don’t Hey, i’d love to take you to prom hey man i saw her first Hey you wanna come over for a sleepover? what it weren’t what the genie said what everybody likes me i’m no longer bullied of course or not yeah what would bully you yeah huh, come on guys we should really go sit down They really pay attention to class here hey hey hey huh can i sit down next to you hey no get up dude are you kidding me i want to sit next to her dude move get off my seat ah move i will sit with her they’re fighting over who gets to stay with me I’ve never had this before Usually nobody ever wants to sit next to me that’s very strange it’s almost as if everybody just likes me now yeah, who wouldn’t like you you’re the most popular girl in school i guess i am aren’t i Yeah, it’s so beautiful know what this is gonna be a good day, oh My gosh it’s time for prom i’m so excited i’ve i’ve got a date Hey beautiful hey i thought i was your date come on let’s go inside let’s dance Hi girl oh my gosh your outfit is so cute oh thank you you’re really sweet i hope you enjoy the prom hey, i’m gonna vote for you to be prom queen really yes everybody bow for her everybody is having such a great time in promise for the first time in forever For the first time in forever i have friends hey you want to come over for a sleepover tonight Huh, hey i’d love to Yeah, so i’ve got all the girls, to come over? I’d love to have a sleepover i’ve never been to a sleepover before you’re gonna love it oh? I’ve just got, to ask my parents though that’s fine Come back to the prom and we can talk Yeah, for sure hey alex oh yeah what’s up um i’m gonna go ask my parents if it’s okay if i can stay over at her house hey that’s fine beautiful go on I’ll see you guys around bye bye, see you i can’t wait, to see you later? Yeah it is around so excited I’ve got to call my mom hello remember you have aa does not agree remember and a number you have dialed does not yeah dad mom what I i need to go find my house all right i’ve just gotta get home wait a minute where’s where’s my house what this is this is my neighborhood but where is my house mom dad what My house is gone wait what i I can’t believe it but my house is gone what happened where’s my parents where are they what happened to our house no something is going awfully wrong Jeanne, jeanne where did my house go what happened oh you don’t know know what what every time you make a wish there is a sacrifice sacrifice what do you mean you wished to be loved by everyone you wished for popularity Yeah, but i didn’t expect for my parents to be gone That’s the sacrifice you had to make in order to have your wish come true oh? i want my parents back Where’s my family i’m sorry i can’t do anything about it Wait you have to do something about it you’re the genie my only job is to grant your wishes well that’s that’s right i’ve only got one wish left i don’t know what to do i shouldn’t have wished for this genie no please i i Want everything to go back to normal if i make another wish something else could go wrong what is a good way for everything to go back to normal without messing anything up i wish i’d never met you i wish we wish i wish that none of these wishes ever came true i just want to be back to normal i don’t care if i’m picked on anymore your wish is my command you do know that this wish Get people to bully you again yeah and i don’t care my family is more important your wish is my command oh what i’m back in the bathroom wait that means Wait does that mean that everybody’s back in science i need to go check go check science oh? what Hey the losers back uh-huh! what it worked i actually went back in time Wait, i’ve got to call my mom wow mom hi Hello mom i missed you What’s up you want me to pick you out from school, no, mom i just wanted to let you know that i love you okay? i’ll see you around i my mom My mom my parents are back mike huh Huh! My loser again and i’ve never been so happy before You know what i guess does that kind of teach me a lesson i should always learn, to love who i am and love what my life is like even though i’m getting bullied i should still love it because it’s me it’s my life and Ha i wouldn’t wish for anything else Right anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to hit that like button and also don’t forget Subscribe to join the dark side with me also don’t forget to check out this awesome Fan art right here thank you so so so much For the feiner and if you guys have ever seen me fed up be sure to tune in because i will put it in the Video but anyways i’ll see you guys next time and until then god bless you and i love you so so much bye guys

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  1. I am watching this in 2019 and ur voice is so much more difference what a difference I hope u keep up the good work tho love ur channel btw ?????????????

  2. Did you see when Alex got out of the bathroom the picture said Men


  3. I got bullied before everyone hates me.5 girls broke my arm and leg they pushed me down a deep Hill,tall and they picked me to???

  4. Is it weird that someone gets bullied because of being ugly but actually the person is actually really cute looking

  5. i get bullyed like 1-5 grade 1 like to stop bully and who is watching 2019 heyif you get bullyed be strong tell the teacher and dont be scared and dont be shy tell your family waht do you felling guy´s be strong and never give up thank you guy´s

  6. 2018 or 2017 Alex’s background in her vids: boyish and tomboy
    2019 Alex’s background in her vids: all pink and cute xD

  7. Bacon girl in thumbnail: i wish i was pretty like them..
    Me: Okay, Excuse me? You call THAT pretty? This girl need some MILK like who calls people like those PRETTY!??

  8. 1.Your beautiful just the way you are guys
    2.Dont bully someone because Thats not sweet
    3.Your sweet And always be 😀

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